The Conjecturing Classroom

I first came across the idea of a conjecturing classroom during my teacher training (PGCE) in the UK. We were watching a video clip of 6 and 7 year old students in a mathematics class. The classroom looked ordinary, children sitting in rows, a bit of chatting and minor disruptions, books and pencils and erasers strewn across desks, the teacher at the front without any spectacular resources, holding an unfussy whiteboard pen. Nowhere were the exciting new ideas I had heard during my course thus far, such as creative ways of organizing children and resources, the magic of group work, the use of manipulatives, etc. It looked like a mundane, regular class. Then the teacher began with this: “Who can remember Lucy’s conjecture from yesterday?” Several hands sprang up and the teacher wrote a version of what they were saying, on the board, in quotations: “Every number can be written as the sum of consecutive numbers” and above that she wrote “Lucy’s conjecture.”

I was blown away...

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