Children who are Unable to Learn

Even though this could be an issue for debate, it can surely not be denied that the teacher definitely has a significant role to play in whatever children learn at school. And a teacher would always like the children to be able to learn various skills and perform well. But another aspect in the process of teaching-learning is how much co-operation the child gets from his or her socio-cultural context, the environment at home, his or her upbringing, the parents’ co-operation and discussions with friends. In the process of learning as well as construction of knowledge, both these points – the role of the teacher and the socio-cultural-familial context - have a significant role to play, though the level could vary, and in some circumstances also be in equal measure. I would like to underline some of the main points in this context. This is my personal view and so I would like to proceed on the basis of a small incident in which I was involved.

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