Android App for Arvind Gupta Toys

Naresh Dhakecha gives you and your students a reason to brings apps in to the classroom!

Arvind Gupta, the toy maker extraordinaire, has been creating contentment for children for last 3 decades. The toys tease the teachers to build content around them. Trash has never been so well toyed with! Yes, you have heard this inspiring story many times over.
Everything is said about his toys, but not by everybody. That's why Naresh Dhakecha's initiative deserves praise from all the stakeholders of learning. 
Naresh is a teacher in Amreli, Gujarat. He has made a free android app that consolidates (at the time of publishing) 1019 toys from trash classified in 21 categories. This app tells you all you need to know about making those toys.
Yes, we know in many schools mobile phone usage is prohibited. Naresh's app welcomes you to break that taboo in school & for a purpose! And for the parents, it means a never-ending fun time with the children! 
True to the Arvind Gupta spirit of reuse, recycle & rejoice, Naresh Dhakecha invites you to create more toys on your own!


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