Achieving Excellence through Education

Education provides essence and nourishment for human development. Process of education begins at an early age and continues till end. Education is a source of great strength in everyone’s life. Our sustenance in society depends on education. It develops a platform through which we get opportunities to prove ourselves before society. In the initial phase we have to put lot of efforts to establish and make our identification in the society. Later we are recognized by society for our worthiness. Good education is a great means of empowerment which is required for accomplishing specific objectives.


It is the education which helps in confidence building, develops inner strength, boosts self-esteem and leads to future excellence. Education makes us sensible enough to differentiate between right or wrong, logical or illogical.

It is the power of education which help us to achieve our goals and we don’t depend on luck or destiny. As we move ahead we find our objectives and with the power of confidence we keep working towards achieving them. It is the power by which we can enhance our inner strength, abilities and can show others what exactly we are. With the help of education we can impart our excellence through different works in society and can create advances cultures and build a healthy society.

In today’s world, ‘illusion’ is the main problem which is affecting the youths. Our young generation is very eager to accept new things without understanding the truth and its affects their own life. Sometimes this leads to depression among youth. They keep on ignoring their responsibilities and duties which leads to inability to develop personal views and opinions towards excellence. Here, education only guides us in forming our own opinions and views and prevents from getting affected by mere illusions and others’ opinions.

Education is a way towards the improvement in life. First we have to focus on our improvement and attaining excellence and then we are having power to change society to better one. Building long term success is the most important commitment to ourselves and it can be done only by taking responsibilities.

We must have focus on creating a big picture in our students mind. One of the best way to achieve excellence is by learning about great achievers and their great work. By reading and learning about achievers we constantly get motivation and inspiration. It doesn't mean that failures are to be forgotten. Contrary to that one must celebrate failures and learn from it

To improve the value and quality of education, educational leaders need to set discipline standards and codes of conduct for students to follow. Discipline is the most important key to education it is the value of all values in attaining education. Without proper discipline no one can achieve excellence in education. Next to discipline is sincerity. How successful you can become in future depends on the level of your sincerity. A sincere student is always having a thought of what needs to be done and at what time for her development and growth. She is a good time manager and knows the value of her time. 

Education is the great value and contribution to the society for making the whole world a peaceful and successful place to live in.



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Dear Educator,
Well written and i wish to add to what you feel about Education.
As educators, we have to religiously make efforts to instill courage in the young minds. It is possible only if we are courageous enough to stand for what is right. Even today aren't we coming across a number of educated youth not willing to take risk in choosing the path less travelled. Do we think that we have achieved the goal of education what Swami Vivekananda and Tagore believed in? I appeal to each and everyone involved in Education either directly or indirectly to work in this direction and prepare younger generation towards a world which often opens its doors towards challenges unknown and unpredictable for mankind.
" You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore."
- William Faulkner

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