5 Ideas for Teachers to Improve their Presentation Style

Humans are visual creatures and we can easily learn things when we see it. This is why it is important for you as a teacher to innovate your teaching methods using the advantage of technology. In fact, you’ll see a lot of changes in the field of education in current times. Not to mention the use of smart boards, online learning and paperless schools.  One of the most practical and effective ways to present the lesson is by the use of SlideShare or PowerPoint. Using these presentation tools, you can easily incorporate images, videos, audios, and texts.

Use Media Tools

There is no such thing as a boring subject, but boring teachers - yes plenty - of course, you are one of the many who wants to make the subject interesting and this is one of the big benefits of using presentation. You can include images, videos and audio clips that can make students to keep their attention. Videos are great for introduction, while images and audios are effective when you discuss the sub-points to emphasize the things your students should keep on the mind.

The solar system for example, you may begin your lesson with a video based on a big bang theory. Oh, by the way, make sure that the volume is up so they can appreciate the video clip. You can pause the video one planet to another and discuss a bit about it including the size and the axis. You may also want to include a video clip of answering why Pluto is no longer considered as a planet.

Let Kids Be Kids

Let them enjoy the class by starting with a game. A simple game would do that is somehow related to the lesson you are going to discuss. You can show how the game is done by presenting them on a video or images. It is wise to always implement classroom management when starting the lesson with a game. Most of the time, children became overwhelmed when it comes to game.


There are plenty of group games to make the class more exciting and interesting. You may begin with assigning a group leader. This activity allows the children to learn not just the lesson itself but rather the importance of leadership and teamwork. Human knots for example is an ideal game (sure you also loved it during your childhood days). Select 5 to 8 students as they crossarm themselves from one player to another.


Many professionals would agree that students need to interact with the class from time to time. It does not just test their capacity to learn, but it gives the opportunity to build their self-confidence. Therefore, when doing some presentation, it is highly recommended that the lesson or the presentation you’ve created are not just about talking. You can include questions to answer from your slides or perhaps activities for them.

Again you can assign your children into a group. They may answer the questions on the screen by groups. Then make sure that all of them will be called from time to time. You can encourage each group that they will receive a certain prize.

Try New Techniques

Creating slide presentation may take some time to do so. Of course, you want your presentation to be interesting and beautiful. However, how can you do all of these, if you are stuck with your records and you got plenty of things to do with your lesson plans. To make things less complicated, you can use some design tools to make your presentation stunning.

Aside from Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you can also try presentation tool like Canva.  Canva allows you to use new techniques such as typography and other elements to enhance the images and the entire presentation itself. The tool is clicked and drag which can make your job so easy.

Add some humor

In order to avoid boredom, why not add a bit of humor to your presentation. Again, humans are visual creatures and from time to time, we got bored especially if we are just seeing plaintexts. Feel free to add humor to your presentation. Or, why not include stuff that easily catches the attention of the students. Including cute puppies, for example, they will definitely love it.

What Not To Do

• Kids always anticipate witnessing something new from their teacher and not just the lesson perse. Therefore, do not create a slide with plain text and discuss things out loud in the class. The use of slide presentation does not make any sense when you don’t make the most out of it.

• Of course, don’t forget to proofread your work. It can be embarrassing if you have some spelling or grammar error on your part. If you are teaching elementary grades, they may think that you’ve included the right things. But, if this happens, you can skip the slide you made or correct the spelling or grammar on the spot. But, make sure not to make the same mistake again.

• Another thing that you should bear in mind is not to overdo your slide presentation. It can be irritating to the eyes when you use multiple colors in one presentation and include a lot of images which are somehow irrelevant to the lesson.

• Finally, don’t use font styles that are difficult to read.

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