10 things that make a good assignment

The assignment that you ask your learners to complete is not same as a practice worksheet.

A good assignment in any subject at any level should take into consideration the following points.

1. An assignment should have a well defined objective.

2. An assignment should never be too simple or too difficult. It should always strike a balance to be able to cater to the needs of learners with varied abilities.

3. An assignment should be specific with measurable outcomes. Eg: A Science Teacher who gives an assignment which contains 40 questions which would be evaluated for 5 Marks cannot be considered as a standardized tool.

4. An assignment for primary children should have the capacity to invoke curiosity in the child.

5. An assignment for senior children should promote thinking which is research driven, critical and creative.

6. An assignment should have a proper time frame for completion.

7. An assignment should drive a child towards excellence.

8. As far as possible, different assignments with the same objective and difficulty level should be designed to discourage duplication of work.

9. A good assignment is always assessed based on rubrics.

10. A good assignment is one which could be archived.

The list is endless, I invite you to add more of your inputs. It is the responsibility of every teacher to plan and design assignments well in advance which are meaningful. Otherwise it becomes a task with no purpose and which simply promotes rote learning or some other form of learning which is not enduring. Never should a teacher promote such learning environment in the classroom. Be it a few assignments but let us commit ourselves to make them potential tools which add infinite value to what a child learns in the classroom and outside.

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