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Unless a class is kept interactive, it is very boring & dead. To make my students open up and be forthcoming, I need to give them space. (a space!)

(All day)
Activity Steps: 
Nothing radical.
I just pasted an empty chart in the classroom. Students were asked to pen down any questions related or unrelated to my subject (science) that stayed unresolved in their mind.
Within a day or two, half the chart was full of questions.
Their doubts were varied & interesting. Sample these.
  • How to find atomic number and mass number?
  • Meaning for orchids
  • Tamil name of Chital
  • How to study?
  • How to identify a cheetah, a leopard & a jaguar?
And in a week's time, i had to paste another chart!
Not only that, even the reluctant last benchers opened up and came forward to participate.
What a beautiful query they put!
'Why doesn't flame glow downwards? Is it not attracted by gravity?
Now, as a teacher, i have to do my bit of homework to keep their enthusiasm alive by providing answers or helping them find it themselves.
For a teacher, what else is a greater satisfaction than this?
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