Understanding Capacitors through Simulation

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Understanding the working of a capacitor is difficult if done only through theories and problem solving. Some real experiments with capacitors can help the student understand its working more easily. If we supplement that with simulation showing what is actually happening like charging/discharging, changing capacitance etc., the learners will be able to grasp the concept more effectively. Even if we lack necessary amenities to do real experiments with capacitors, simulation can help a lot in understanding capacitors in an interactive way. You can access more simulation models from the PhET website.

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Activity Steps: 


What all you can discuss with the above simulation model with your students?

1. Charging and Discharging of a capacitor

2. Change in the value of capacitance

3. Relationship between capacitance and its charging/discharging

4. Capacitance

5. Stored energy in a capacitor

6. Time required for the capacitor to charge and discharge

7. Electric field between capacitor plates

You can add more points you think you can discuss with your students in the comment section.

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