Straw Games

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Using a plastic straw to explore angles, shapes & a bit of human biology.

00 hours 40 mins

One can explore angles, geometric shapes & also the movements of our body through a plastic straw. 

Activity Steps: 

Well, almost!

One can observe how the food pipe facilitates swallowing by that expansion & contraction movement.

Encourage the learners to find out more interesting uses & demonstrations of a plastic straw.


savithar's picture

We have used straws for many activities including epl, craft, art and of course science experiments but these ideas are really interesting, will improvise in my classroom....

RajkishorePatnaik's picture

Thanks Savitha! I feel that is an interesting way to deal with plastic menance. Arvind Gupta has many games & toys with straws. Please do share your experiences as well. Share images of what the learners have done. Thanks again.

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