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Remember, the lead child character in the film 'Taare Zameen Par' Ishan. He made a flipbook, the most basic form of animation. Have you ever thought of getting into the 'why' of animation with your students?  The science behind them is rather simple and very easy to demonstrate. Make your art work comes alive! All you need is a paper and a pen and see the beautiful merging of art and science.

(All day)

1. Understand the science of animation and moving pictures

2. Learn how to animate using paper and pen

Activity Steps: 

1. Take an A4 size paper and cut it into two halves as shown below:

2. Fold it into two halves

3. Draw a simple picture on the inner Page

4. Put the outer page over the inner page and trace the same picture with a little change

5. Take a pen/pencil and fold the outer page


6. Move the pencil on the outer page so that it flips over the inner page

Use the below video for more clarity:

You can then move to a little complex way of flipbook animation which once made looks amazing. Use the below video to demonstrate and make a flipbook with your students:


Points of Discussion:

1. How does our eye see objects moving in this flipbook and similarly in videos i.e. persistence of vision?

2. Our eyes and illusions.

3. The history of moving pictures and animations.

4. What is 2D and 3D animation

5. Computer animations

After this you can make many animation based toys like Thaumatrope, Phénakisticope, Zoetrope, Praxinoscope, Zoopraxiscope with your students. 

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