Scrabble like game for your EVS class

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Use this board game to reinforce your learners' understanding on food webs & food chains.

00 hours 40 mins

Make image sequences that make sense in the context of food webs & food chains.

Activity Steps: 
  1. You have a two paged attachment. Page 1 is a grid. Take a print out of it on an A4 sheet.
  2. Page 2 has 64 images. Take a print out of the same on an A4 sheet but glue it to a chart paper. And then cut the individual images to a make a stack full of them. They are your 'pictocards'. (For more clarity, you may do #1 & #2 on an A3 also.)
  3. Just like playing cards, shuffle the pictocards randomly. You are ready to play the game. In the 1st turn, divide all the pictocards equally & randomly among the players. Remainders can be left behind.
  4. Unlike Scrabble®, here your task is to create meaningful sequence(s) of food chain(s) by using the pictocards on the grid either horizontally or vertically. Try to use as many pictocards as you can and count your score and jot it down. If you have used 4 cards in this turn, pick 4 from the stack.
  5. The next player tries to make a meaningful food chain from the pictowords you made in your previous turn.
  6. Aim of the game is to finish off the cards and to score high!
  7. On the grid, a beautiful food web should emerge.

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