Pencil Sharpener Explorations

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Basic Information

Pencil sharpener can be used a TLM to discuss and explore many concepts of science and maths. (And also for creating classroom art out of the 'waste'!)

00 hours 40 mins

Every ordinary object inside the classroom can be used as a potential TLM. Can pencil sharpener be one?

Activity Steps: 

Pencil sharpener can be used to demonstrate:

  • How a (usually) hexagonal pencil end gets its conical shape.
  • How an Archimedes screw works
  • How an outward spiral of pencil shavings is made
  • How a 'Right Hand Screw' rule works
  • Why the sides need to be ridged.
  • To check whether the sharpeners are usually partial to the right-handed people.
  • The 'necessity' of an inclined plane for the blade and many more!

You may also show them a beautiful 6min video based on Leonard Read's classic I, Pencil


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