Making a Moon Dial

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When will you see what phase of moon? Would you be able to see first quarter in the early morning sky? Would you be able to see third crescent in the western sky?

00 hours 40 mins

The Moon dial will help you understand the rising and setting time of moon's 8 distinct phases.

Activity Steps: 
Procedure : 
  1. Take a print out of the given template on thick drawing sheet for making the moon dial. (It is there in the attachment)
  2. Cut picture A & B along the dotted lines. 
  3. Make a window by cutting along the dotted line in the ‘time’ box in Picture B 
  4. Place B above A. Place them one above the another so that the centers match. Use a pin to fix them together so that one would be able to rotate the two. 
  5. Your Moon dial is ready . Hold your moon clock so that the direction finder portion has the words horizon right side up, or make sure the house and tree are upright. This portion of the moon clock represents the ground at your feet. 
  6. To know the rising time of a given phase, rotate the dial so that the particular phase is in the Eastern Horizon. The time shown in the window indicates the rising time of that phase. To know the setting time, align the desired phase with western horizon. The time shown in the window indicates the setting time for that phase.

​The above activity is republished from this awesome handbook for teachers, 'Basics of Astronomy through Role Play' written by T V Venkateswaran & Anshumala Gupta (a Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samithi, New Delhi publication). You may combine the above with another toy on the phases of moon, this time from Arvind Gupta.



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