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What's in the toothpaste that we use everyday - Can you make some on your own? With the things found in your kitchen? In this exciting activity children will make toothpaste with materials commonly available in a kitchen. This helps them understand the different components in a toothpaste and what role they play. This is an integrated activity that can be used in a science classroom to bring some hands-on fun.

00 hours 30 mins

The objective of this activity is to get children to look at chemistry or science as something that all of us do. Toothpaste is something all of us use everyday in our life. We take it for granted, however there is science in there too. Here is a simple toothpaste to be made by mixing baking soda and coconut oil.

  1. Help the learner recognize that science is part of daily life.
  2. State a few reasons for using toothpaste.
  3. Specify the main components of a toothpaste and what role they play.
  4. Know Ingredients to make this toothpaste and make it by themselves.
Activity Steps: 

First ask children, do they brush their teeth? Why do they do it? What happens if they don't? Do they know how toothpaste is made? Keep it interactive and simple. Toothpaste has 3 main roles - kill germs, prevent bad breath and maintain whiteness of teeth

Tell them we are going to make some toothpaste right now - do they think it is possible? Is it fun?

Divide them into groups

Give each group a plastic bowl and some ice cream sticks

Show them baking soda and ask each group to add 4 spoons of it - Inform them that the baking soda is a crystal salt and so acts as a mild abrasive and helps in cleaning the teeth and keeping it white. It also helps in removing bad odour.

Next ask them, is their normal toothpaste powdery or not? How can we make it a paste? Most commonly children say that they can add water. They would be surprised to know that one can add coconut oil also. The advantage of coconut oil is that, it is also a disinfectant - That means it can kill germs. They may also use glycerin, because of it's sweetness they may like to use it. Ask them to add 4 spoons of coconut oil

Let them mix it well.

(The next 2 steps are optional)

They may add few drops of peppermint essence for fresher breath and a few drops of honey to make it sweet while brushing

They may also add half spoon of salt - it acts as disinfectant and abrasive for the teeth

Ask them to mix it all well and their tooth paste is ready for brushing.

Ask children if they had fun - Help them tell the uses and the ingredients, ask if they liked it - any improvements they can think of.

They can take the toothpaste home, and it can be used for up to a week for brushing


Ramki's picture

Baking soda and coconut oil enough to make toothpaste?
After mixing how long should we wait to use?

Ananthi's picture

That's right - it is really simple. This version of toothpaste however, doesn't taste or smell as good as the shop bought ones do - You could add few drops of honey for the taste and few drops of peppermint essence for the smell. It can be used immediately, no resting time needed

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