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Touch Screen computing devices like mobile phones, tablets etc are so common these days. Generally we use stylus pen to write on them. What if you don't have it and you want to write on it properly and you are uncomfortable writing with your fingers. Similarly if you want to teach someone using your mobile device and use it as a whiteboard and you don't have the stylus. You can make a very simple stylus pen using what you already have at home. Its working principle if explained can start discussions on electrical conductivity, capacitance and the working of a touch screen.

Materials required: Old pen, cotton bud, copper wire or aluminium foil, water

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Now take any touch screen device and write on it. Ensure that your fingers touch the copper wire while writing.

Watch the video on the same steps below:

Points of discussion alongwith this activity:

- Ask the students to find out the reason behind its working principle.

- Ask the students to write without dipping the cotton bud in water or without making any contact with the copper wire

- Discuss Electrical conductivity and how human body is a good conductor of electricity

- Discuss capacitance and how a touch screen works on this principle


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