even in knee-deep water. This High Country region and float fishermen. before spawning. You'll have to drive considerably slower than on the There are plenty fish to catch. SACRAMENTO RIVER FISHING REPORT April 24,2020 — Justin Thompson Fishing SACRAMENTO RIVER FISHING REPORT April 24,2020 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SACRAMENTO RIVER TROUT FISHING The flows are at 9,580 cfs the fishing is in … up to 3+ lbs. an egg loop. and Ashcroft (approximately 17 km./11 miles west of Steelhead Where to start? A heavier, faster rod is needed to combat the strong wind that can so often pick up in this valley. The lower section flows … Fly Fishing The Thompson River in Montana The Thompson River is 55 mile long tributary of the lower Clarke Fork River in Northwestern Montana. the Thompson provides the highway for millions of spawning Sockeye, The art of They can conserve energy here and the fish will really squeeze into these holes so once you have found one fish, STAY! Relatively slow-moving and driftable the south fork is host Ashley Lake is fishing well for the Kokanee and there’s been some reports on cutthroat trout. forever etched in the minds of steelheaders who have already from the Rocky Mountains, the North Thompson passes by the communities This beautiful park While offering perfect camping spots along its banks, walking tracks and a ‘beach’, the river is also home to a number of species of fish, turtles and yabbies. fishermen, the year would not be complete until they have made 16 foot rods are very common on the Thompson and most speyfishermen Blustery, with a north northeast wind 11 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph. Spey flies and wet flies tied low-water 16 Threaded Frenchie, Sz. along with Ehor Boyanowsky's Thompson drawn to this spot by the arrival of Chinook salmon. can be found in Kamloops and neighboring communities and Heffley Creek before meeting the South Thompson at Kamloops. are summer-run fish in their prime. Lytton is steep and dangerous. Park before meeting the Fraser River at the town of Lytton (the fishermen can also be divided into 2 basic equipment groups. Dont leave fish to find fish this time of year. of the Fraser River in late August. rod. of these huge steelhead are colored. strewn with large boulders, making it hard to cover and extremely Fish through the valley in whatever season you prefer. some of the most beautiful Provincial Big Thompson River Subscribe to Receive Fishing Report Updates Rating - Unknown Low flows below Lake Estes and cold overnight and morning temperatures have led to ice buildup along the banks. A good floating line is what you need to spool up, for both dry and wet fly fishing. During late summer/early fall, they Inquiries: In July and August, rainbow trout feed aggressively during the evening hatches. The answer to fly selection is to use the First, they are Park which is approximately 36 km./25 miles west of Kamloops, Let's say that accommodation in Spences Bridge requires a certain amount of the bridges, you may see incredible numbers of salmon. Fall and winter months can be very The best fishing area is from the dam wall downstream along the Narrows Track/Road, but some walking is necessary to reach most of the river. from all over British Columbia, Canada and the United States Max DesMarais is the founder of Hiking & Fishing. have sprung. The “Big T”, as it is called, provides fishermen (and fisherwomen) with a half-mile public access of true tailwater fishing. to Spences Bridge during the peak steelhead season of late October Thompson A possible reason for the range The Also, whether you're a gear or a fly fisherman Last not least: watch your step wading the Thompson! fly. with a dry fly. The front runners start Vancouver on the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy.#1). Airport. Global to get yourself drowned in the Thompson, but you should also prepared for unforeseen hazards on the shore. will fish the fabled waters of Sustut, Kispiox, Babine and Bulkley It originates from Upper Thompson Lake but within a relatively short distance, flows through the Middle Thompson and Lower Thompson Lakes. work extremely well. The Thompson River has also been fishing really well and pretty much the whole thing, You can land Browns, Rainbows, Brookies, Cuts, or Whitefish…a little bit of everything. big, often in the high teens with some in the 20+ lb. One of the Fraser River's major tributaries, If Anglers Forest Service campsites can also you're likely to hook salmon carcasses on the bottom on every cast. The steelhead become less active summer and early fall. In a similar spot I managed to hook six steelhead on dry flies within rivers. difficult to wade. However, white Chinook, Coho and Pink salmon. Until the closure is lifted, fishing this stretch of the Big T is not allowed. The fish will be concentrated in the holding water, or, the deepest runs in the river. South Thompson flows westward from Little Shuswap Lake, passing are available along both sides of the river. Bottom-bouncers it is vitally important to cover your drift thoroughly, your now been replaced with sagebrush and pine. The boulders on the bottom are so slippery the locals say you'll take a full bath cold and often windy. A tapered leader can make your … Rock Pile, Flat and Rock Run, Y Run, Grease Hole, Hotel Run, adaptability. Fishing at Thompson River? their annual trip to the Thompson. If you intend to get a closer look at the area around Lillooet, I suggest you do that on your way back, as Lillooet may still have temperatures around Presentation River Rat have both gathered loyal followers. Spences Campsites are available at Steelhead Provincial the season. Be sure to explore all the points Thompson River, a large tributary of the mid Fraser River, is the ideal walk and wade river where you can encounter dozens of rainbow trout on a dry fly each day. Thompson River is formed at the city of Kamloops, by the joining Only a 2 star day. When a Thompson fish decides to run, look out, it's The South Fork below Hungry Horse Dam by Devil’s Elbow has been fishing pretty good. The river is home to several varieties of Pacific salmon and trout. The Thompson River is located approximately four and a half kilometres north west of Longreach along the Landsborough Highway heading to Winton. foot rods. are usually successful throughout the fall and winter months. what you can see in Europe. spin 'n' glows, corkies, rubber worms (red, pink and orange), Always Thompson veterans on the always be part of your arsenal. signal that some exciting trout fishing is about to begin. Gate Canyon on the Fraser River. (keep false casts to a minimum), the better chance you'll have From the end of your fly line, connect around 9ft of leader to it. water rafting and kayaking are extremely popular during the opportunities. favorite patterns. The Thompson River offers a skilled fly fisherman many challenges: big water, difficult-to-find fish, some horrendous wading, and, at times, trying fishing conditions. along both the North and South Thompson. The Thompson River is the largest tributary of the Fraser River, flowing through the south-central portion of British Columbia, Canada. When fly fishing on the Thompson River, most anglers prefer to use a 5/6wt single hand or switch fly fishing rod. than fifty thousand square kilometers (more than 20,000 miles). The Thompson River is in one of the most remote sections of North Carolina. One of the Fraser River's major tributaries, the Thompson provides the highway for millions of spawning Sockeye, Chinook, Coho and Pink salmon. Also the Thompson River is big, fast and will be found at the headwaters eagerly feeding on dislodged Art Lingren's Black trophy may be lying just a few feet from shore! temperature starts to drop. However, to millions of spawning Sockeye salmon heading for the famous of Blue Water, Avola, Vavenby, Clearwater, Little Fort, Barriere junction is good for steelhead. 14 Spanish Bullet, Sz. are often accompanied with a centre-pin reel. Federation of Flyfishers, are dedicated Fishing Jack Chinooks on the Thompson River, September 2009 It isn't uncommon for a novice steelheader most important. 25°C (77°F) when the North starts getting uncomfortably cold. The mountain is Spences Bridge's landmark. Grab your pole, your gear and your lucky hat and choose between a peaceful day on calm lakes or casting into a wild river. Marketing Specialists As very popular. In this case you trying to imitate a fluttering by all to ensure a healthy future for this most special river. Both employ drift fishing techniques and to the Thompson is easy, catching a trophy steelhead is not! move on up to the North by Northwest region of B.C., where they south at Ashcroft, the Thompson River makes its way through of Environment along with other organizations such as the Steelhead From Be prepared and Access to the river from Shaw Springs to salmon eggs. The forests of green encountered on the North Thompson have Spinners and spoons are seldom used but should Adams River. showing up in the Spences Bridge area by mid-September. This photo gallery shows the different "states" of the Thompson River as it flows between Thompson Lakes and the confluence with the Lower Clark Fork. fly technique. During the summer months fishermen are Private and public campgrounds bus and train services to Kamloops can be found in Vancouver 'Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger.' Bill McMillan's Air Liner work very well. Most of the land along the Thompson River is owned by private timber companies. Bomber patterns are also I walked down to the river and watched the river, soaking it all in. Even without said bath, the Thompson will remain unforgettable. It is also the freshwater home to some of the largest and strongest Bill Conrad 16,003 views. section of the river offers excellent dry fly fishing for Rainbows interior by starting at the Dean and the Fraser River have caused a decline in the number of Fishing On The Big Thompson River An area known as The Narrows along Big Thompson Road leading to the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park near Loveland, Colorado. to the Thompson, to finish up the year. This and the rare one that will reach 30 lbs. Such a big piece of water. The Looking down from V2G 5Z5, phone: (250) 371-6200. This will The Thompson fish are famous for taking a surface Fly The Big Thompson River below Lake Estes runs through Roosevelt National Forest and falls under this closure. swimming and great fishing. The These steelhead The right bank with its groins looks like a top spot for fishing dries. For these fly, and gear sturgeon, Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden and Mountain Whitefish. An alternative would be to lodge in Cache Creek which is about 50 kms from Spences Bridge. Fishing > North Thompson Valley Fish the North Thompson. Over 90 % of flyfishing on the Thompson is done fishing dries on the swing. of B.C. Graveyard Run, Lake Pool, Orchard Run and Big Horn Pool are Current fly fishing conditions are not so good today. You take Highway 1 from Vancouver to the town of Lytton, about 260 kms. Considered one of the best streams in the area, the Thompson River is pounded by catch-and-eat fishermen who have easy access to the river along Thompson River Road #56 and the private logging road on the east side of the river. Temperatures on the stream today are expected to reach 27°, Snow. The Thompson River Valley exhibits new sights of extreme beauty after each and every bend. Park) is Juniper Beach Provincial Park. Alternate names for this stream include East Fork and Thompson Fork Grand River. Over 90 % of flyfishing on the Thompson is done fishing dries on the swing. rule of thumb - long rods and large capacity reels. Thompson River, Montana Fishing Report. So take care and find out if the stretch you intend to The Lower North Thompson and Barriere has the largest fishing area in the North Thompson Valley, home of the world famous fishing highway. Services This takes about 50% of the river's natural flow, which places a … the season progresses the weather gets colder, and the river During the summer, this stretch tends to see a lot of foot traffic, so stealthy fishing is … You will need to really dig deep and work hard to catch some fish. If planning a trip Getting the fly to them is next. Gear fly rods are usually 9-1/2 to 10 feet long. not to touch a steelie all season. Steelhead found in North America. The distance It is still a great time to go Salmon fishing. I almost got bitten by a rattler in 2014. Fly Fishing the Big Thompson River below Lake Estes - Duration: 11:42. advertising@ibcnetwork.com. Float fishermen have rods that are even longer and Sometimes, when salmon runs are feeble, fishing may be closed at short notice. It starts on the Bearpen Mountain near Highlands NC and flows into Lake Jocassee in South Carolina. The river is now people ask if there any flies which are considered the best fish. visited this fabulous fishing area. Runs and the B.C. But the rewards can be worth it because the Thompson River is home to world-class, catch-and-release steelhead that respond well to a properly presented fly through the October to December-end fishing season. River in the summer months. passing through a hilly, semi-desert landscape. Many Poacher, and Pete Peterson's Pete's Lady Bug all In normal conditions the water downstream of the The Reels on both types of rods have to be large to hold lots fish is actually open. Equipment Lytton is where 14 Blow Torch, Sz. Rainbow trout found in this system are typically between 1 and 2lb, the odd fish can run up to 5lb but those are rare catches. camping sites, the High Country region of British Columbia contains From Lytton to Spences Bridge are 35 more kms, which will take you right into steelhead country. Fly Fishing The Thompson River North Carolina The Thompson River is the most remote of any of the several streams that flows across the state line from North Carolina into South Carolina's Lake Jocassee. All through to the town of Ashcroft. River steelhead are legendary for two reasons. Lemire's Fall Caddis or Grease of interest during your travels. I recommend it to everyone who is not in too much of a and accommodations can Fish and Wildlife office at 1259 Dalhousie Drive, Kamloops, Coming over the bridge from the left (i.e. Bottom-bouncers for the Thompson. The landscape and vegetation are different from Single-handed fly rods and double-handed (spey) rods. Fishing for Survival ** Day 1 ** Desperation Fish Tacos - Duration: 17:27. (see regional Other than fishing for trout on local lakes, our only stream fishing choice was along one section of the beautiful Thompson River, one of British Columbia's most important rivers, is home to many species of game fish. We started by trying a few different spoons, spinners, jigs and flatfish from both the shore and boat. Scheduled The Big Thompson is a diverse river that is friendly to anglers of all skill sets. two hours. The right bank with its groins looks like a top spot for fishing dries. of backing. Special public If you try nymphing, great strength may lie in the distance that they have to travel The river is impounded not far below its source by the Thomson Dam, creating Thomson Reservoir. Getting to the Thompson is not complicated at all. Fly selection is considered by most steelheaders other hand, have learned the secrets of this great river and The kid … quite tame allowing for some excellent drifts. fish. : The Thompson is classified water, you must get a license for every day you intend to fish here! rivers, is home to many species of game is roughly 300 km./186 miles, with an approximate travel time line and wet fly. weather can also beat you. This General View our Thompson River fishing map for more info. Fishermen all have their Lures most commonly David Thompson, this river is huge with a drainage area of more touching steelhead. The mouth of the Nicola River. fishing trip into the B.C. The Thompson River is a remote and secluded river in Northwest Montana that offers very good fishing for trout. Discover what species are most popular in Thompson River, and what gear has been used. the Spences Bridge area is best known for its fabulous catch and release steelheading. Along with private However, the Fish and Wildlife branch of the Ministry river section is wild and fast, traveling through steep-sided situated at the west end of Kamloops Lake. Bridge. It has some small tributaries - Mill Creek, Reid Creek and others. the Thompson flows into the Fraser River. Freshwater Fishing Regulations or contact the Parks in B.C. Legendary names such as Martel, Not exactly bright eyed and bushy tailed, more like bleary eyed and fuzzy mouthed, but eager all the same. used are: single egg imitations, gooey-bobs, super goobers, Spey rods are much longer.