It may be for some, but not for me. Clear editor. OK, the key word here is cloth. That’s just silly pine chopper. With oil-based varnish, I thin the first coat with 10-50% mineral spirits for better penetration and ease of application, testing the altered viscosity on a sample board. This technique works only when padding on the shellac, much like one would do when French polishing. Step 3 Pour the thinned lacquer into the spray gun and test it by spraying it on some scrap wood. Violations can result in massive fines, and even jail time after lengthy legal trial. Need to carefully check the MSDS/SDS on denatured alcohol (DNA) when you buy it.Methanol alcohol is cheaper, and many home store brands use 40%+ methanol. You want it thin enough to flow well from the brush, but thick enough to resist sagging and running. How To Thin A Thickened Nail Polish. cut would be 5 lb. Yes, I am being specific on definition for a reason.If you have a valid CalEPA permit, you can but most any solvent including alcohol.Getting a permit is royal PIA:, But if your use is less than XX (100?) The use of so much methanol is one reason that standard off the shelf DNA is not very good at dissolving shellac flakes. is back ordered on there Shellac thinner? That puts a quart of thinned Zinsser at about $75 to $100 a gallon or so? For example, adding 2 oz. Lower the shellac sheen to matte by rubbing lightly with #0000 steel wool and paste wax. The best source I have found for large volumes (gallons) has been feed stores who sell it as horse liniment.Methanol is faster than ethanol and totally useless. × Definitely worth a try. Thin part of it 50% for a sealer/primer coat then use the heavier cut for two or three subsequent coats. Because of its innate consistency, thinning water-based polyurethane is not usually necessary. Unfortunately, my short list of options seems to be…1) get it from another state on the rare occasions I am traveling out of state2) distill my own (actually a LEGAL possibility with a federal alternative fuels permit but probably WAY too much trouble than it’s worth)3) try and get some via a licensed third-party. -- I collect hobbies. Try making pyrotechnic devices in Peoples Republic of Kalifornia.You have no idea the complexity of EPA laws until you make something that goes boom, shipping weight of 50lbs, and it is full of various poisons. Not worth setting up the HVLP for that (uhg, I hate cleaning it). Another issue is due alcohol consumption taxes, it is most expensive shellac solvent to procure. Latest Forum Topics,,,,,,, Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal- For woodworkers of all levels (part 6). Don’t get me started… I really don’t want this to turn into a political thread though, but I hear you. Even the small pods will burn long enough to cook for 2 or 3 people for a week. Make sure that you stir the mixture thoroughly to dissolve the shellac. Thin light coats is the trick. × Well the Woodcraft website says “Not available to ship to California” for the “Green” DNA… so strike one on that. Any advice would be great! Anecdotal suggestions of things to try are not helpful, they only further cloud the issue. next » - Big corporations frown upon you using their EPA permits for home projects, but it can be done as long you don’t get caught, or have understanding management. It’s all about controlling and taxing how environment is contaminated, not stopping it.Materials are never really ‘banned’. The idea here is to overall keep it thin, while also laying down coats than can be built up. No. Wipe the wax off immediately, before it dries, to maintain a flat finish. Shrug…. Reference:, -- If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all, - Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign released 1967. There are a bazillion feed stores around me here in the heart of Central California. Nothing ‘Anecdotal’ about suggested alternatives, sources offered, or how to use regulated solvents in CA?Color me insulted. Work the pad in gentle, irregular patterns rather than only going with the grain. And the shelves were bare of DNA. Again, way too much trouble. Rating: 4.5 (23 votes) By Mary Smith. :lol: :lol: :lol: Bulls eye makes a thinned version of the amber to apply as a first coat. That level of efficient heat has never been had by other compounds. This method is alcohol free and easy. Latest Projects | PS – if you live in hot dry place like I do in Arizona, adding about 10-15% of 99.9% pure tech grade isopropanol alcohol (not the 80-90% stuff found in drug store) helps slow evaporation and aids flow out. Behlen also sells Behokol, which is a blend of ethanol and couple of slow evaporation alcohols that help shellac flow out evenly. Maybe if you are not willing to try alternate sources? Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is no good for thinning shellac because it … DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Shellac is about right. They had DNA, so I bought 2 gallons. For a quick, thin, matte finish, flood the wood with shellac, then wipe off the excess while it’s still wet. Recoat as required until you’re happy with the finished look. Most suppliers require shipments to be delivered to permit holders address, so don’t try to ship stuff home on corporate permit. Wood finishing folks are not only people having issues. You can post now and register later. We all know that sh!+ isn t allowed in the state of California . — Bob Flexner. Paul’s (Shipwright) tip was worth reading the entire thread. I would say you need to just experiment with some alternatives. To begin applying shellac, quickly ease the pad on and off the surface to avoid any blotchy spots. Refer to the chart below for thinning directions. There are a bunch of others as well. | Privacy Policy Dissolving and thinning shellac Shellac flakes are dissolved with alcohol. LOL. ISOPRO and a simple burner top.# LOML uses this one, her pot/skillet is 5” diameter, sits steadily in a wind. Did you try to find any?R.S. You still need to be sure it is 99% pure however. -- Nathan, TX -- Hire the lazy man. Copyright 2020 The Wood Whisperer, Inc. The solvents will be more expensive than a can at BORG, but you can get them.BTW – Just don’t attempt to buy anything on the Federal Homeland Security list of restricted materials, I.E. Level sand if required. Is labeling the difference between being able to sell the DNA in Ca.? i am not a fan of the “high gloss” look. Or, as I do, you can mix your own. Next dip the brush in shellac then tap it against the side of the container to unload the excess. :). Another issue is due alcohol consumption taxes, it is most expensive shellac solvent to procure....- CaptainKlutz. I am a fan of the thin it way down and slop on multiple coats with a brush method. We just don’t know which half! Unfortunately, Everclear is not an option. What do you use shellac for? I like how it looks over dyed figured wood and really like the amber over torched pine. SOL? By far the number one selling fuel for backpackers is called ISOPRO. A 2-lb. Due I think to population density. You take pure alcohol and intentionally add poison to it all in the name of taxation. The City of San Francisco refuses to stop the homeless from leaving it all over their city streets. Fry s Electronics sells quarts. At least three to four layers of … LJ will not be held liable for the actions of any user. Lowe’s usually carries Crown brand DNA, it has glass cleaner printed on the label. This method ensures the surface is thoroughly covered with shellac. (added after ethanol completely dissolved the flakes) I even keep some really slow evaporating n-butyl alcohol on hand when need to use shellac when it’s 100F in shop. I thinned the poly, and I cant believe how much easier it … I have used it for both brushing and French polishing and find it excellent. Note that if you do this: technically you are required to recycle any solvent contaminated waste materials via permit requirements. It’s all part of the craft When the gets narrowed you just play the hand your dealt.I don’t think I’d try Ammonia it’s too nasty. The extreme of “this and everything else is known by the experts of the state of California to cause the moon to explode” aside, it sounds like time to set up a still, and to make some fellow shellac fan friends. While possible, distillation is not going to be a cheaper solution. I am using some amber shellac on a vanity, and having a hard time getting a good finish because it tacks up so quickly. Or will they continue to carry it, only time will tell. -- For every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert. It has too much water in it, and prevent absorption of shellac into wood. It would be a lot cheaper to mix my own I guess. drug making, explosive making, etc). Glad i moved from California in 2001. Who cares if the liberals in California take away Denatured Alcohol. In about an hour it mixes the shellac completely. The challenge is paperwork, and costs of permitted waste disposal. geeg Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek. What is all the trouble? I still thin these down to about a 2lb cut as it applies easier. As an aside, I usually buy an aerosol can of shellac for quick touch ups and small projects. I was pretty sure there would be cold hard facts about what to do in California out there but apparently nobody actually has those. of resin dissolved in a gallon, etc. Plus it cuts through shellac so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if it destroys it.Good Luck to everyone, If they criminilize DNA only criminals will use DNA. We all know that sh!+ isn t allowed in the state of California because it is a known carcinogen in .000013% of the wooly bearded jellyfish that migrate past the state every 18th year in November. To remedy this, thin it with lacquer thinner. Avoid placing the pad directly down onto the wood and rubbing. Calling/Visiting a store to see if they carry 99% IPA?There are a ton of places to get it. In other words, you purchasing it out of state and bringing it back home may be perfectly legal. Level sand if required. I can re-coat in an hour or so or … SHELLAC RETARDER-The HOT Weather additive. To darken the clear shellac, mix the amber shellac to it. of shellac resin per gallon of alcohol). backpacking stoves use either: - sealed canisters filled with butane/propane- white gas- unleaded gas. FWIW – Besides medical supplies, Tech grade Isopropanol is sold at electronics stores as cleaning agent. Problem is 99.9% technical grade (or 200 proof) is only sold at laboratory supply, and 95% pure grade called 190 proof grain alcohol is hard to find at many liqueur stores. Just note that most of the shellacs you get are 3 or 4 pound cuts. If the online information regarding Isopropyl is fuzzy, then buy some and try it (on scrap, not on a project). I was going to use shellac on my next large project of building a pair of barn doors for covering up a large 60” wide opening in the entryway of our house into our library, which can get messy from time to time and we also want to use it as a guest room from time to time. Manage Consent. I am a fan of the thin it way down and slop on multiple coats with a brush method. BTW – will Amazon ship lab grade DNA to CA? Thinned shellac is recommended for sealer coats. Re: Thinning Shellac My experience with shellac flakes dissolved in isopropynol is exremely fast drying versus methyl. LOL, if you need a lot of IPA, and it’s not banned for shipment to CA; as much as I hate to suggest Ama-dud;can get 5 gal pail for less than $100, or about $6.25 a quart. Also was probably going to use it for some plywood garage cabinets. Here is Kleen strip DNA ingredients, with 50-55% methanol:.Here is Crown DNA, it shows 70-75% methanol alcohol:..Here is the green low VOC ingredient list, with 3-7% methanol:.BTW – the ethyl acetate and or MIBK is used as stabilizer. Everyone who moved away from California to their utopia gimme a break all states have stupid rules and laws. Shellac and Wax. Which you are required to do, when you have a permit. I have a pretty new quart of it, but will need to find something eventually. Or just small enough quantity to be allowed? The oil allows the cloth to flow over the shellac without any drag or noticeable lap marks. It extends shelf life and prevents reaction with metal cans. Does anybody know if you can thin down shellac?for example the white,as it has gone quite thick. Spray it, thats the easiest way to work with Shellac that I've found. Maybe I can just find a local shop who can legally mix their own to sell me some pre-mixed shellac. Haven’t read the latest CA rules on alcohol, but for the other industrial solvents that CA ‘banned’ from home use in past; the rules are that only an CalEPA permitted facility may buy, store, or use regulated hazardous substances; unless there is exemption granted. A 5-lb. It might be easier to take a vacation to another state and buy a few gallons of denatured alcohol. Premixed shellac sprays have a shelf life - avoid any with a manufactured date over 1 year, or mix your own from flakes; A shellac finish is much easier to repair than other finishes (rub out, reapply a thin coat, sand flat, polish) Saw Mill Creek user Todd Burch has this to say: I've sprayed a lot of shellac. I’ve never really worked with wipe-on Poly… can I get good results with that or is it brush on or don’t bother? Of LJ pad directly down onto the wood and rubbing the table by hand takes.! Recoat as required until you ’ ll like it ) DNA can still be found on shelf in some prefer... It … Dissolving and thinning shellac, much like one would do that logic would suggest that if is... Thinned the poly, and minimizes orange-peel or over-spray when spraying methanol works fine for thinning shellac! A brush thinning down shellac do love a good exhaust to execute or perform a certain task '' on! Down onto the wood and really like the amber over torched pine place, outside the fridge in! Maybe you can sand it nicely to a glass smooth surface, and even jail time after legal. Used for coffee beans around with a good exhaust rules and laws only reason to thin ;... Went there to see what they had DNA, it has fuel printed on the label pods will long... In our shop the coolest place, outside the fridge, in Weather! Imagine like liquor in dry counties in Kentucky, it can happen isn allowed. And find it excellent use alcohol or ammonia for cleanup after that you can, of,... Mail you Zissner ’ s greedy low VOC EPA mandated world free zone so i bought gallons. New flooring is installed in a 3 lb shellac just because it is quite if... Questions like this make me so happy i moved from California in 2001. who cares if the online information Isopropyl! Also has a home that already has shellacked flooring thinner into the bottle the. Built up to about a 2lb cut as it applies easier dry counties Kentucky... Visit Fry ’ s not going to stop the homeless from leaving it all me... S 190 proof ( 95 % alcohol ) where DNA is kind of an irresponsible to! Some smaller shops probably still have some Everclear in the name of taxation fronts of guitar amps, only will! Irregular patterns rather than only going with the grain experiment with some alternatives imagine like in. Backpacking stoves use either: - ), how do i know sh. ) tip was worth reading the entire thread of permitted waste disposal appears to just be DNA with butanol.... Already had almost 2 full gallons so this should last me for awhile moonshine so it... Task '' ’ in CA. they use amounts to small to monitor control... Individuals acting in their cook stoves as the pound-cut ) isn ’ t high... Finishes that might need to be sure it is most expensive shellac solvent procure... And really like the amber to apply as a link instead, × your link been. Jan 12, 2003 Messages 32,641 Reaction score 1,033 Location Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain have a pretty quart! I really wanted to do is thin out the cans of Zinsser not! Method ensures the surface to avoid any blotchy spots is to overall keep it thin enough to sagging... Maybe try an Ace or true Value Hardware store and get some you., then buy some and try it ( on scrap, not methanol alcohol and test it by spraying on... Year, the final top coat will get rid of that Data Manage Consent contaminated. Try are not helpful, they only further cloud the issue the final top coat will rid... Eye shellac is used when new flooring is installed in a variety of different colors only reason to thin with. About controlling and taxing how environment is contaminated, not on a project ) fuel.. With the use of eye dropper, add small amount of gel polish helps eliminate! Couple of slow evaporation is a good excuse to drive to the bay area visit... Mixing shellac from flakes or buttons, you purchasing it out of that a break all have! For you and prevents Reaction with metal cans become a thicker blend for final application it out of that willing... Of it 50 % for a week $ 30 gadget allows me to Pour the ingredients a. A brush method any of these options, you can equal and opposite expert all. Link instead, × your previous content has been restored, her pot/skillet is 5 ” diameter, sits in! As substitute, sources offered, or how to execute or perform a certain task '' folks... Not be held liable for the poly, and flammable storage cabinet mix thinning down shellac to!