Just take your little setup out and have a blast. About the author Longboarding always looked fun, and, with a growing commute, I got into it as a means to have fun and get to work a little faster. They were only able to get them because they ordered in bulk. Pantheon Longboards ran into the same problem when working on their own completes where the 43º baseplate would be perfect. The baseplate angle with the rocker is about 50º. Landyachtz Drop Cat Seeker 33” - Complete Time-tested maple construction and super low ride height come together with a futuristic rocker profile to create a board that lets you travel through time to sample the very best of what they have learned over 20-plus years of designing boards. Is it comfortable to stand on for a while? The Ember is lower, but just a bit. I bought some 165mm Paris V3 trucks with 50º baseplates and some V2 43º baseplates. 36 comments. A really good place. 994. This means my toes overhang a bit on the back on this board. This was when I felt like this setup had found its identity, where I could carve out a niche for it as a nimble, but not unwieldy small RKP pusher/cruiser with some light and slower freeriding potential. 4.5 out of 5 stars. best. Complete Boards from Landyachtz Landyachtz designs their trucks and wheels to fit perfectly with each individual deck. level 1. The wheels bit into the neck. Would you still recommend this for me? Landyachtz Drop Cat 33' Illuminacion Longboard Deck - illuminacion at Tactics. Low price guarantee + … It can help you get used to the increased agility of a more narrow platform and the increased grip that provides. Secondly… Landyachtz doesn’t make 165mm trucks. Get stoked with our Drop Cat 33 Illuminacion skateboard! I haven't ridden any really rockered boards. This compact, directional drop-through longboard comes in at 33″ long by 9.625″ wide. A truck with 165mm hangers and a ~45º baseplate is an incredibly popular combination for freeriding. … On more than on occasion, I did this enough to pull my rear leg off the board. In fact, I find myself reaching for it more often than my Pantheon Ember, the ultimate city commuter, just because it’s better for freeriding. You can literally step on and groove away an inch of the ground, in comfort. I’d recommend this more for commuting and lower speed freeriding, or perhaps if you really need that short wheelbase and wedged trucks for narrow and often unpredictable city streets. Hey how do you get up curbs and small obstacles like that with the drop cat 33? The Landyachtz Drop Carve is one of the most legendary longboards of all time. A great carving or commuter board, the Landyachtz Drop Cat makes an excellent choice. She exclaimed, “You looked like you were having fun!” You know what? Set this Landyachtz Drop Cat Seeker 33" Drop-Thru longboard with 181mm Bear "GEN 5" Grizzly 52° trucks, 70mm Mini Monster Hawgs wheels and Beasto Bearings. It was done for a reason, and that reason wasn’t to mock the tall folks grabbing this little board. Since I broke my wrist last year, I’ve favored toe slides. Longboard news and reviews, to build your own quiver! Landyachtz have really good products that create really good experiences doh! It's fantastic for pushing, commuting, and some slower free riding. Dinghty Blunt Garden ... Landyachtz. So you can likely figure out how we got here, since I couldn’t order the baseplates and hangers separately in bulk. They have 43º baseplates. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … This longboard is offered in two sizes, 33" and 38". It's a fun board, you're going to love it! Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Measures 9.625" X 33" Bear Grizzly 180mm Black Longboard Trucks Hawgs Plow Kings 72mm 78a Ocean Teal Longboard Wheels Landyachtz Signature Grip Tape, Abec 7 Bearings Comes Completely Assembled and Ready to Ride! I still haven’t been able to confidently put my left hand on the pavement, and usually opt for a squattie when sliding heelside. Paris makes great trucks, solid all-arounders that work for all disciplines. I plan to ride it with the stock Bear trucks at some point this year or next to do an updated review, but I think it's a really fun platform. In fact, I could likely go up to 72mm, easy, even higher if they’re offset. I didn't realize it before talking to a brand representative from Loaded either! I've heard you can flip the hanger on the 852's to get a more stable feel. Due to inventory shortages, Drop Cat 38 Seeker completes will ship with Ocean Teal Plow King wheels instead of the Black ones pictured until further notice. However, I had question. Shop with the experts - Vandem Longboard Shop is the UK's best place to buy longboards and longboarding parts, stocking the best longboard brands we can find. Posted by 3 months ago. The 2020 Drop Cat 33 is a bit different than its 2019 counterpart. Drop Cat 38 vs 33. What is it like to ride? I began to really appreciate the platform again. https://quickquiver.com/2019/10/10/landyachtz-drop-cat-33-iluminacion-review/. Saw you mention the O'tang knuckles, they're made FOR Paris trucks but not by them. USD 219. I’m 5’10”. I had to go with some 63mm wheels I had on hand to test it out. If you keep your weight forward, it’ll surprise you with its stability. I didn't go with the stock Drop Cat setup, so I wanted to go into detail about the deck, how the parts I used feel, why I chose these parts over the stock setup, and what that stock setup entails. Ask your questions in the Daily General Thread As far as distance, the most I've done on this is about 7 miles in one ride. Skate the future of rockered longboard decks, with Drop Cat from Landyachtz. This, surprisingly, wasn’t violently unstable. The standing platform is shorter, with longer, narrower necks. So I made a Paris V3/V2 hybrid setup (more on that in a bit) to create a 165mm, 43º Paris truck. One of the things I didn't realize about the stock Drop Cat trucks when I bought this setup was that the Bear Grizzlies are old-school. Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Iluminación Review! Drop Cat 38 Seeker. No, I wouldn’t consider it bad. Could you elaborate on this maybe? That’s like two toes! Close • Posted by ... and I'm wondering whether the Drop Cat 38 is a good board for carving, cruising, ... A place where people come together based on their interest in Landyachtz longboards, where news and anything involving Landyachts can be shared. The board is fairly low because of the curve - basically a double drop so it really is easy to push. They should put them together and sell it, right? Still, I’m also taller than average. 71. You could always get a more dedicated downhill board in the future if you wanted. I was walking back up a hill once after I blasted down it, bouncing between heel and toeslides. The lower angle means you have to commit and lean more for your turn, giving you a less twitchy ride for speed. ... Join the landyachtz … But who knows? 33 in. But on a drop, especially one as low as this, I can sometimes drag my toe along the asphalt. Help Me Find A Board. The rake defines a lot of the characteristics. This is a great platform for just having a little fun joyriding. The baseplates arrived about a week after the complete trucks, so I used those for a while on the Drop Cat 33 Seeker. Sort by. Landyachtz. Features: 9.625" x 33" dimensions Premium Canadian maple deck Drop-thru style Bear reverse kingpin trucks (Black) 72mm Hawgs Wheels 'Plow King' wheels with soft 78a durometer for maximum grip Bear 'Space Balls' Abec 7 bearings for effortless speed Landyachtz logo graphic on … It's become my primary commuting board, replacing my Dinghy and Ember. Drop Cat Seeker. I was actually going to try some slippery Butterballs next, but I can try to work in some time on Caguamas or 70mm Hawgs. It’s still grippy for quick turns thanks to the 165mm hanger, but still initiates and slides easily. I felt like I could put my feet anywhere, and I felt more comfortable than ever on it. Landyachtz Longboards Review – A beginner’s guide To The Brand.