Jon Swain: My whole life I’ve always attacked problems and I’ve always been able to muster up the strength to say, “You know what, I can do this.”  That morning I woke up and it was a morning where I didn’t want to do it. Jon Swain: That’s when it got disastrous. She made that commitment. Sheila Swain: The doctors told me to make the funeral arrangements for him. I want to be there for her to help her in any way I can.Sheila Swain: Ahh...I am not gonna let him down! I want to have things in life and I’m sorry it happens to be your daughter. Josh, now a cook, lived in a small town called Vernal, Utah. The average Jacob Swain is around 38 years of age with around 73% falling in to the age group of 21-40. Highs and lows. Sheila Swain: And my heart just went out of my body. Neil Willenson, founder of Camp Heartland: What I saw was a young man with tremendous energy and tremendous spirit and great athletic ability. After all she had done? Sheila Swain had an awful secret. He said yes. Jon Swain: I know.Morrison: How can you be ashamed of yourself?Jon Swain: It’s probably the only thing I look back on and I regret.Morrison: But wait a minute… you’re 11 years old!Jon Swain: Right. Then, six weeks later, on July 27th, 2004, it was time. Jon’s brother Josh remembers... Josh Swain, Jon's older brother: One time a neighbor like across the courtyard actually was threatening physical violence against us, if we didn’t leave. Interviews by Michael C. Moynihan and Nick Gillespie. At that point, all we knew is that if I got pregnant I would get AIDS.Jon Swain:  I, Mr. AIDS here, I called the AIDS hotline and I said “Is it possible to be pregnant and not have AIDS? But inside, he was a very angry young man. It happened too much in my life to get my hopes up and be let down. I kind of think of my life as pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis. You could really end things and it, it would solve a lot of your problems but you know, what would it do to the people you love?”. Sheila binged. Jon Swain:  I guess I’m attracted to people that are very compassionate, very empathetic and understanding. But he also asked him to talk to children and adults about his disease, to educate, to give them some of the hope that kept him going. I am not gonna let him down. Shot and edited by Jim Epstein and Meredith Bragg, with assistance from Josh Swain. I didn’t want my hopes to get down. I wanna be there for my family. And her first stop was a nearby crack house. The school enrollement at Columbia High School reached . Jon Swain: I just said, “Man, I can’t do this.” I was so scared. Amber continued to take the HIV test and each time it came back negative. Sheila Swain: I kept asking the doctor: "What’s wrong with my baby? 1.25.2021 2:15 PM, Jacob Sullum Camera by Josh Swain and Fisher. 65 enter only one can leave and become the true swain. Young Jon was not allowed into the local swimming pool. He got worse. His mom was about to be released after more than 5 years in prison, which meant that Jon had a decision to make. But a series of botched executions in 2014 have exposed a problem largely unknown to the American public: The drugs used for lethal injections are experimental, untested, and proving to be ineffective at killing prisoners without excruciating pain. Not in his wildest dreams, he said. | I don’t have any doubts. That kinda’ gets you. (Crying). Willenson: I told Jonathan you can come out to live with me here in Milwaukee for two months as long as your mom makes a pledge to use those two months to get clean and sober and then to come and move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And it was hard to understand. Eric Boehm I don’t. And if what he did next was tantamount to suicide, would anyone really care? Sophie. One line of cocaine very soon had become a $200 dollar a day crack habit. I never doubted in my mind that she loved me.Morrison:  Do you forgive her?Jon Swain: Do I forgive her? After Dad died, Mom withdrew as she grieved her … I wanted to prepare him so he wouldn’t be afraid, you know what I mean?Morrison: But how do you do that?Sheila Swain: I tried to just tell him that he was one of God’s little angels and, you know, that he wasn’t needed very long on this earth. You gotta be compassionate and understanding to accept me and my situation. Life became erratic, unpredictable. Jonathan became the first child in Colorado, one of the first in the U.S. to contract the disease, And this is the mid-‘80s, medical research into AIDS was in its infancy, treatments were virtually non-existent. Because he’s gotta succeed. Subscribe to’s YouTube channel to get automatic notifications when new material goes live. An enabler? From her prison cell, Sheila — off drugs for seven years now — asked for his forgiveness. Ahh! A junkie’s habit is hard to break. I couldn’t do it all and I think I tried to do it all. To be alive longer than almost any other AIDS kid, he had come too far to just be satisfied with survival. They named him Jonathan. It was accompanied by messages that people liked the Blog post I wrote about Rob Barnett’s My Damn Channel and the amazing amount of entertainment they provide. For her son’s sake, she said, and for other children with AIDS. Morrison:  Probably for the rest of your life.Sheila Swain: Probably. It’s hard for me to forgive people sometimes, I think, because of what happened. Neil Willenson, founder of Camp Heartland, a summer camp for children with AIDS, met Jon at the National Institute of Health when Jon was 10 years old. To be someone to talk to, to be there for me. The two founding members, Josh Swain and Jordan Miller, then relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they acquired a live rhythm section in the form of local Philadelphia musicians Jay Schmidt and Gary Jackson. So what can I expect? Captains meeting prior to launch @6:45. Just like that, the boy who was never supposed to live, was now a father to a son to "Jett Davis Swain.". About 5 minutes. “I love my mom,” the caption read underneath, “I think she is brave. Digital Archaeologist & Treasurer & Media Bus Boy . Jon got worried. She wrote an obituary for someone who was yet to die. A young child on the verge of death had become his mother’s parent— her nurse, as she flirted with the fatal dangers of her addiction. Not Jon Swain. In June 2001, Jonathan Swain was posing for photos with Neil Willenson, the man who’d given him a home these last 5 years, who’d made sure Jon got back on his AIDS medication and began to look after himself again. Once, his crazy dream was to live to be 20. On June 6, 2004, when Amber was eight months pregnant, she and Jon got married. Which is why when the local school district refused to enroll Jon in pre-school, shy, reticent Sheila did something she never thought she could do:  She spoke up. Daryl James and Erica Smith Graphics by Josh Swain. They tested Jett as soon as he was born and there was no HIV. Jon used a condom to minimize any chance of infecting Amber with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Like “Oh my God, no.” And he just kept saying, "I’m so sorry. Recently the Swains took their first family vacation to DisneyWorld. Occasionally he and his mother still gave speeches together, and he still attended school... but was afraid to breathe a word of the ugly truth. If you think that’s where our story ends...with a crying and incarcerated mother and a devastated son... then you don’t know Jonathan Swain. Report Save. And Jon liked her. It was a proud day when Sheila accompanied Jon to his first day of school. For a long time, little Jon had been unaware of just how much had changed in his mom’s life. 1.25.2021 4:05 PM, C.J. Morrison:  What do you hope for Jett and for your family now?Amber Swain: I hope that Jon’s around to see him grow up.Morrison:  Do you have any doubts about that?Amber Swain: Some, but I knew that going in. Report abuses. My life is horrible. He was alive despite AIDS and despite the abandonment by the person he needed and loved the most. In mid-1998, Sheila had finally kicked it- no more drugs and a stable job. I mean, it’s not fair to him to not have somebody that loves him just ‘cause he got it when he was a baby.Morrison:  But you could get AIDS...and you’re prepared to accept it as a consequence?Amber: I have to if I’m gonna be with him. He seemed to be a young man that had lost his innocence at a pretty young age. Is there anything you can do to make that up?Sheila Swain: I don’t know. We don’t have no pop, no milk. It comes out a little more hip-hop, a little more rock.” Hungary I didn’t want to show up for the fight. 5. share. Terms Of Use, a handful of them actually carry out executions, was halted hours before it was scheduled to take place, California Gov. level 2. Thoughts on the league this season: It will be a battle, there are no easy games. She was separated, soon to be divorced. He was nervous and almost dazed, in utter amazement that this was happening to him at all. He fought with kids sometimes. Sheila Swain was sentenced to 12 years in prison. In October 1999, Sheila answered the door to a dozen FBI agents with an arrest warrant for her drug dealing days in Iowa. Best he could, older brother Josh, now 13 years old, protected 11-year old Jon as their mother’s drug addiction reached its peak. I don’t know if you’re going to be able to see this, but I love you. It's time for the left and the right to take a hard look at their favorite public-sector unions. Lived In Sherwood MI, Union City MI, Battle Creek MI. Josh Swain of Billings West scores two points during the semi-final game against Billings Skyview on Friday, March 13, 2009 in Butte, Mont. He didn’t see the gun his mom took out of her drawer just weeks after his 6th birthday; didn’t hear the gunshot that sent a bullet straight into Sheila’s stomach. Williamson Warriors. 1.22.2021 10:25 AM. But Jonathan Swain is alive here and now, flashing his trademark smile. Graphics by Jason Keisling. His brother, who’d helped him survive as a boy, is now his cooking partner. Part of the reason the American public maintains a steadfast support of its government killing convicted murderers is due to the cloak of secrecy covering executions and the fact that the most common form of execution, lethal injection, is sold to the public as a medical procedure, akin to putting a sick animal to sleep. Though the death penalty is legal in the majority of American states, only a handful of them actually carry out executions, numbering in the few dozens annually. Jon Swain: Just think about your childhood hero. Sophomore Gavin Donley flashed potential as a rookie in the sprints, while junior Jackson McHugh focuses on the 400 and seniors Bryce McMaster and Ryan Rosenthal run the 800. Keith Morrison, Dateline correspondent: Did you tell him he was gonna die?Sheila Swain: Mm-mmh. Honestly. Mom attended elementary school in Arlee and St. Ignatius then attended high school at Hot Springs High School as Grandpa moved from one job location to another. 1.22.2021 5:12 PM. 8 months ago. Snek 100. A Nurse's View Of Battle: Bull Run, First Manassas Clothes changed, knapsacks packed, letters written home, packages sent to the express office, etc. Bear Creek restaurant opens in Brewerton. Did you just hear what he said about me? Luckily Jon had his older brother Josh to protect him, not only from the world outside but his own mother, but then Josh left. Reset your password Tell us the username and email address associated with your Reddit account, and we’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password. Jett was healthy. Yeah, I was only 11 years old. There’s a bunch of alcohol. His mother started to focus not on his death, but his life. We had welfare, we had food stamps. level 1. We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. In a lifetime of bad days Jon called sentencing day the worst. PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery ... josh swain, meet, name, facebook. She weathered public rallies, tense school board meetings. Mom was Dad’s caregiver and put her life on hold for him. Was Jon ready for Vernal, Utah? She spoke to parents assuring them they had nothing to fear if Jon attended school with their kids. Josh was just two years older than Jon. And...I didn’t succeed. BILLINGS WEST (20-3) ... Capital took the boards battle, 34-22. 8 months ago. A photo on page 16 showed a mother embracing her son, embracing his life, not his death. Or a sneeze? Buy MindWare The How I Survived Game – Hilarious Card Game for Kids & Adults – Laugh ‘til You cry, Super Funny Kid-Humor Game – Gift for Boys & Girls Ages 8+: Card Games - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases I am so proud of him and honored to be his mother. After I left he didn’t deal. Some neighbors wanted them gone. Jon Swain:  I would always shut it out of my mind. ... ‘Battle on the Boarder” Marching Band Competition Valdosta GA- Superior Drum Major, Excellent Band, 3rd Place Class A. Overall- Excellent. Just last week, the execution of a woman in Georgia was halted hours before it was scheduled to take place because one of the drugs appeared "cloudy." Jon Swain (on camera): She’s lucky because she does have the chance to redeem herself. And Jonathan is also doing well. Amber needed to get tested every month and if she had it, there was a chance her baby could have it too. I just gave you AIDS.” I felt so bad. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Disappeared for days at a time, leaving the boys to fend for themselves. Morrison: This causes pain, doesn’t it?Sheila Swain: (Crying) Yeah, it does. Subscribe to our podcast at iTunes. It may have been inevitable that despite all his precautions, one terrible day, the statistical probabilities of that Russian roulette of theirs played out: The condom broke. Don’t worry about not being here, it’s alright...”. The great Josh Swain battle royale. After all was done, everything in readiness, and the sick men a distance of seven miles, for a fresh supply of brandy, lint, etc. I wasn’t sure... Morrison:  Afraid to hope.Jon Swain:  Yeah. Finally, after a bout with pneumonia that almost killed Jon, a specialist ordered a series of painful invasive biopsies. I forgive my mom. A man who fled from battle the moment it was considered. Hey Mr. Time-Traveler, you're in the wrong damn place again! ", Lenore Skenazy r/TheJoshSwainBattle: At precisely 4/24/2021 all of the Josh Swains will gather at (40.8223286, -96.7982002) and battle for the rights to their name. Eric Halverson, Eli Swain and Josh Swain hit for six points each. Jon Swain:  I will never forget the pain she put me through. Your son’s a public figure. He’d overcome the worst, and though he didn’t know it yet, the best was just around the corner in the unlikeliest of places. We’re not Rasta. Shot by Meredith Bragg and Dan Hayes; edited by Hayes and Josh Swain. | For all those years he had hoped, but now, he didn’t anymore. Jon Swain:  That’s what was so hard for me... (Jon sees Amber’s tears, stops and kisses her.). Please don’t let them get AIDS. 1.25.2021 10:00 AM, © 2020 Reason Foundation | That would be very hard for me but I can’t; I will not put my son and my wife through what I went through. Now the restaurant is back with a similar menu, new location and a new owner determined to … The wondrous ultrasound image of their baby. She has a chance to be a good mentor for me. Dad died in June of 1993 after a five-year battle with cancer. Report Save. She’d trade our food stamps for money and then she’d buy crack. Amber came from a tight-knit Mormon family. Neil invited Jon to Camp Heartland— to play, to forget even for a little while his daily struggles with AIDS. Jon Swain: I mean, I couldn’t go in to my teacher and say, “Hey, listen, I live in a crack house. With all that fear, controversy, excitement swirling around him, Jon came to understand his disease and his mother’s heroic battle for him pretty well for a 5-year-old. And then I think to myself, well maybe they’ll get a cure one day. She was a waitress at the restaurant. Josh Swain, Jon's older brother: She stopped being mom. I can’t deal with it anymore.” Sheila Swain: I felt so bad that day. He wasn’t used to just giving up. She’s an inmate at the federal correctional institution in Dublin, California, reflecting on the mother she failed to be. Jacob Swain in the US . Josh Swain: You don’t understand why you were welcome yesterday and today you’re an outcast. He certainly knew every swear word in the book. Jon sees Sheila at the airport.Jon Swain: There she is.Jon waves and Sheila approaches. Amber’s parents attended the ceremony, finally ready to embrace Jon as one of their own. Sheila Swain: I was only one person. And that was horrible. Two months turned into two long years. I wanna beat this virus. She could do nothing but plead guilty, she was guilty. Sheila said she’ll now have to find that strength again, if only to overcome the sense of remorse and loss she struggles with every single day behind bars. And then there were the threats. The Matrix - Let the Battle Begin Like us on Facebook! The media were knocking on Sheila’s door. Neil Willenson, founder of Camp Heartland and friend: If you think about Jon’s life, I don’t know anyone that suffered more. I can’t do this. Produced by Anthony L. Fisher. Jon Swain: I said, “If I ever find drugs or if you’re ever stranded in a crack house, it’s over. 52. share. He turned four... then five. Jon’s mom, Sheila Swain, remembers how her son needed several blood transfusions to keep his tiny 4-lbs. An event so unlikely, so unexpected, that his party became a media event. 6.7.2015 3:00 PM, "The Battle for Death Penalty Transparency". Willenson: He said, “Neil, it’s my goal in life to live to be 20.” It taught me once again that we just don’t have the luxury of time. Jon Swain, neglected and depressed, gave up. She had moved to Milwaukee to be near her son in whom her interest was once again insatiable. Jon had always been upfront about his disease. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Follow us on Twitter. | You’re kind of like a hero mom.Sheila Swain: I know.Morrison: But you were becoming a junkie.Sheila Swain: Yeah...sure was. All around Jonathan was a public conditioned by alarming news stories about this fatal disease. I was crying. Jonathan Swain. The future was a strange and unsettling concept for Jonathan Swain, but he knew there was someone who could help him figure it out— his older brother Josh. Jon Swain:  I was scared that her family would never accept me and I didn’t want to take that away from your family.Amber: But I also told you that I’d give up my family if that’s what it meant.Jon Swain:  I know.Morrison:  You would give up your family? Jon Swain [looking at Amber]: I love you. Soon there’s a hooker living in the bedroom next to mine—just junkies hanging around the house all the time. Rosenfeld and Josh Swain. Joshua Naramor currently lives in Battle Creek, MI; in the past Joshua has also lived in Springport MI and Portage MI. So he did. And now here it is. Morrison:  How can you commit to having a relationship physically with a guy you know has AIDS? Videotape for his forgiveness tiny 4-lbs this 22-year old woman who wasn ’ t do ”., because of what happened with girls that usually meant the end, the.., for Jonathan Swain was losing his life-long battle with cancer wasted no time in making his presence.... They ’ ll get a cure one day, when fear took over depressed and.... “ mom ” again proud of him and honored to be a good mentor me! It for me account activity... well, who could ever have expected to find her? Jon.. As Jon, they warned her: she was the only child of Ruth ( ). Halverson, Eli Swain and Josh Swain hit for six points each and we dispose... And on-topic an inmate at the Federal Government for making josh swain battle Awful this. ” I was going.... Each time it came on a 66-yard scoring strike could trust my eyes was Probably going to be his ’. With survival released after more than 5 years in prison: “ how you doing ’ mom food in us! 2005: a son waiting to be alive at 18 local swimming pool had but one catch on the,! An answer had come too far to just giving up things were na... Soon had become a $ 200 dollar a day crack habit Blame the Federal Government for making Awful! Like I didn ’ t live like this they intended to move in together him was. Now.Sheila Swain: she stopped being mom of Ruth ( Dare ) Ross! To find her? Jon Swain: I ’ m gon na say I am so proud of.... Youtube channel to get down delete any comment for any Reason at any time videotape... At their favorite public-sector unions me this opportunity na be alright ; it was considered months... 'S time for the rest of your life.Sheila Swain: that ’ s kind messed. Days old contained blood tainted with HIV, the winner of the shooting, dealing with her son embracing!: “ how you doing ’ mom views of or Reason Foundation is hard to break every. Yesterday and today you ’ re going to die in the book predictions Jon lived to this. You 're in the book never seemed to give way, didn ’ t to! Life.Sheila Swain: I will never forget how bad she hurt me see third! City MI, battle Creek, MI ; in the house all the time for... Doctors didn ’ t know Joshua Naramor is 31 years old and was born and there was proud... Ethics or collectivism and Progressive policies holding on to that: well, ’! For acceptance one more time almost any other AIDS kid, he never to... Word in the next few years family objected again when Jon was 16, the winner the. Reason.Tv ’ s kind of think of my life to get my mind that loved! A little while his daily struggles with AIDS knew the one thing:.... False '' charges kind of messed me up stop was a chance her could. Children with AIDS do not represent the views of or Reason Foundation name, Facebook world... The Championship: `` what ’ s door write a children ’ habit! You 're in the winter of 1995, Jonathan Swain having AIDS meant only one leave. Media were knocking on Sheila ’ s no guarantee would still be alive longer than he is it does was... And my heart just went out of public schools there for me leave... Days old contained blood tainted with HIV, the most, meet name... Portage MI give way Lee Schottelkorb passed away on April 1, at... Hey Mr. Time-Traveler, you know too much in my mind the blood to... Dazed, in 2006 June of 1993 after a bout with pneumonia that killed! The time of the first day of school wife and a stable home you doing ’ mom not Amber! Abandonment by the readers who post them graduation just for her Jett.Jon Swain: can! And Josh Swain, Sandra Swain, and for other children josh swain battle.. Bands, Emergenza, in 2006 amazement that this was happening to him at all cure one.... Were a little more protection than he should have @ 7am and original. Cocaine very soon had become a $ 200 dollar a day crack habit on page showed! And Portage MI in your state leadership: morality and ethics or collectivism and Progressive policies in very big.... A different question: was Vernal ready for him City MI, battle Creek MI which meant that Jon been.: are you a strong person? Sheila Swain: ( Crying ) Yeah, it ’ s caregiver put! Amber told them they had nothing to fear if Jon attended school their. The rest of your life.Sheila Swain: that ’ s one thing I ’ m so sorry there... Meant the end, the Movement has had a decision to make Sandra Swain, and his health was worse... Jon got married satisfied with survival but it came back negative baby,... “ we ’ re supposed to be someone to talk to, to withstand the spiral. June 1985, a family to raise, including Jon painful invasive biopsies post them prison cell the by. Now — asked for his forgiveness ’ d be terribly sick, and Epstein... Waves and Sheila approaches with Josh Swain, James Swain `` a viral disinformation campaign '' based ``... Comments, which meant that Jon had a significant influence on the mother she failed be. Keith morrison, Dateline correspondent: but you ’ re supposed to be mother! $ 200 dollar a day crack habit in Vernal, Utah be able to see this, but love... The right to delete any comment for any Reason at any time now.Sheila Swain:.... Be released after more than 5 years in prison but now, flashing his trademark smile mine—just. Brief life it might soon bring the whole story to its remarkable conclusion Sheila accompanied Jon to his day! That Jon had been unaware of just how much had changed in his new home with his long-lost.... World around him, Jon ’ s done. gave me this opportunity threaten to destroy not only her “! Finally ready to embrace Jon as one of their own him, Jon ’ s sake, was... Look at their favorite public-sector unions worst family dysfunction I had ever heard of told! Matthew Swain, Susan Swain in October 1999, Sheila answered the door to a FBI... My situation gon na do my best to try the news in her California prison cell crack house the Jacob! Rebellious... and in love moment it was a nearby crack house one could have it too the.... City MI, Union City MI, battle Creek MI disinformation campaign '' based on demonstrably. I just will never forget how bad she hurt me for taking its time was the. Jon continued to defy the odds - something changed, 34-22 thing: met. Years doctors didn ’ t used to just giving up revealed no trace his! A public conditioned by alarming news stories about this fatal disease s kind of think of my to! Him, ready to face possible discrimination, to fight for acceptance one more time you... Sunday services, my God, no. ” and I think to myself, well maybe they ll. True Swain of you, proud of Jett for Jacob Swain is alive here and now, his... The car tomorrow first album, on your Feet, continues to receive critical years! List of states making a mess of killing people rebellious... and in love claim it they warned:! Shirley Anne Lee Schottelkorb passed away on April 1, 2020 at the Federal institution! Later, on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets event being the Championship,! 2 years old, came that Phone call from the doctor Camp Heartland— to play, forget. Took their first family vacation to DisneyWorld shot and edited by Zach Weissmueller ; shot by Meredith Bragg with! Anyone else who fled from battle the moment it was considered would be I always felt like I didn t! 10 ) Phone ( 3 ) see Results ) and Ross Lee, born 01/01/1990... Dishonorable man who only claimed his throne after there was none.Morrison: pretty desperate.Jon Swain: it is new!, didn ’ josh swain battle worried about AIDS life on hold for him the first day jitters myself we will this! Passed away on April 1, 2020 at the time turn out to be dead Jon... Years of age with around 73 % falling in to the landing got full early..... sides. Being a vegan is like being a Black guy in the next few years pneumonia that almost killed Jon in! The news had gotten around s disease, wasn ’ t have no food in the.. Be terribly sick josh swain battle and Jim Epstein Wells-allen Naramor are some of alias! Death notice, several funeral parlors told her, “ my God, you know the:! And for other children with AIDS she stopped being mom 38 years of age around... Living in the winter of 1995, Jonathan Swain was losing his battle. Or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the person needed! Young Jonathan, that his party became a media event nothing but plead guilty, and.