Meat not taken will be donated to local food programs. We hunt on a private reservoir in Venus, which is a small town located in Central Florida. We know the land so well that we can guarantee that you will see hogs to hunt on your trip! We conduct our alligator hunts using private land gator tags. Each hunter is guaranteed one alligator in the size-range they reserved. Florida Alligator Hunting Options. Cousin Lisa here! Daytime and nighttime alligator hunts are available seven days a week, year-round. Using a muzzleloader requires pinpoint accuracy for a successful hunt. Gratuities are not included in our rates. draw weight. Friends and family can participate in the excitement of your experience as “non-hunters.” for only $30 per person, non-hunters get to take photos, videos, and be part of your adventure—they just don’t kill anything! We are a fully guided Central Florida Hog Outfitter with a 99% success rate. Ways to Hunt Gators. You will receive a booking confirmation email with important details about your experience once your reservation deposit is made. Exotic hunts, Osceola turkey hunts, Hog hunts, dove shoots and guide service in central Florida. Exotic and Native Hunts. from the famous Cocoa Beach. Your hunt is over once every hunter in your party has had the opportunity to hunt an alligator. Home; Hog Hunt; Gator Hunting; Turkey Hunting. 3 day/night bow or rifle. In the mornings, Osceola turkeys can be very vocal and eager to gobble on the roost but have a tendency to be quiet and stealthy once on the ground as there are many predators in the Everglades looking for a turkey dinner. 4-6ft Gator Hunt $800 7-9ft Gator Hunt $1,500 9 Plus Gator Hunt $3,000 10Plus Gator Hunts $4,000 11Plus Gator Hunts $7,000 Our hunts are private to you and your guest only! John was a great guide and guy to chat with. Guests under age 16 years must be accompanied by a person age 18 years or older. When the sun goes down, the swamp comes alive with eyes and sounds of the wild. Get hands-on attention from your very own experienced guide. We cover a range of hunt areas and would love the opportunity to provide you with a trip of a lifetime. All of our hunts are hosted on Central Florida public waterways offering our guests classic remote Florida landscapes and a truly challenging and … Trophy Hammock Outfitters is situated in the heart of a 40,000 acre working cattle ranch east of Lake Wales, Florida. If it doesn’t work out, we have plenty of loaner weapons to use. You can share weapons with your party members. Florida Alligator Hunting. August 15 - November 1. We welcome all experience levels starting with hunters as young as six. Visit our. Alligator season will start in August and end in November. In addition. This hunt comes with the Thermal Night weapon with FLIR thermal scopes, and all ammunition. JandG-Testimonial; Reviews from Vets; Tribute to RC; Video; 863-655-2454. Everglades Adventures offers year-round alligator hunting on over 75,000 acres of private ranches in South Florida as well as seasonal hunts on public waters. This allows the outfitter to hold all the gator tags. Growth rates may vary from 2" up to 12" per year, depending on the type of habitat in which the alligator is living and the sex, size, and age of the alligator. Florida Trophy Gators inc. will perform basic skinning of your alligator. We hunt public as well as private land in central Florida. This hunt is also fully guided and we offer a 100% opportunity rate at a wild feral hog. If you are unable to come sober, please don’t come. It is important to carefully read your booking confirmation email and follow any special directions provided. You can Frog Gig or take a Custom Airboat Tour. Now the alligator is on both the rod and the float line from the crossbow. This means that you may take your trophy alligator with any method of take you desire. … I will gladly walk you through the steps over the phone or assist you in anyway if you have trouble getting this license. Osceola turkeys spend most of … We provide sport hunting for alligators which is available year around. We offer a 1 on 1 guide service for those looking for personal. Learn to Fall Turkey Hunt Videos; Fishing; Lodge/Rental; Contact; Photos; Hunt For Vets ; Quail Hunting; Hunt Club ; Night Time Fishing; Duck Hunting; Exotic Hunts; Small Game; Reviews. An alligator’s skin is like bullet-proof armor. This ensures that you have the highest chance of success, and the best chance to take an exceptional gator! However, your guide’s primary responsibility is to keep you safe while you go in for the kill. Partnering with Trophy Hammock Outfitters, the premier hunting guides of Central Florida, specializing in safe guided hunts on a 40,000-acre working cattle ranch, your party will create lasting memories hunting wild boars and gators! Daytime Alligator Hunt: 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM. COST $1750.00 (Guaranteed Opportunity) This hunt includes one full day of alligator hunting for one person Florida resident or non-resident, necessary licenses and tags, transportation to the different ranches, guides, one alligator (six to eight feet) and meals. East of Orlando and 15 min. Book the best rates for Central Florida hog and alligator hunting with our top guides here at Westgate River Ranch's guided hunting experience! You must drive the spear between the skull and backbone, severing the spinal cord. To use a bangstick, grip the aluminum pole nice and tight, then load the bangstick with ammo. Using a crossbow is similar to most other bow hunting methods. .243 and 30-30 rifles are popular choices. We provide professional guiding services for Florida's Public Alligator Hunts.For the outdoor enthusiasts who love hunting and fishing, Elite Outdoors is the guide service that goes the extra mile to provide you with a memorable and successful trip. Our hunting trip guides and outfitters are rated #1 in the state, and will help you hunt and bag your dream boar or gator! We Know Wild Boar Hunting At … Please feel free to give us a call or email us to inquire about specific dates and availability. Fully guided wild boar hunting. We do not recommend this experience for squeamish hunters and guests. There is so much to learn about alligator hunting, especially for first-time hunters! We offer unique and one of a kind Bowfishing, Charter Fishing, Sightseeing and Hunting tours. We have all types of hunting tours available but specialize in wild boar hunts. Our seasoned guides utilize a truly unique, effective, and proven hunting method that allows you the opportunity to choose the gator you want to hunt. We are in the process of adding content on this page so if you are interested in a trophy gator hunt please Males can grow to approximately 13'+ in length and attain 500+ pounds. If any of our staff feels you are disruptive or disrespectful, you will be asked to leave. Let West Shore Outfitters take you on a personally guided alligator hunt. We offer guided hunts as well as guiding and assisting you to fill your tags. Ammunition. There were 8-10 hogs 60 … About The Hunt! Kick up mud in a buggy, hang tight in a pickup truck, or glide along narrow canals on a boat. You can’t go wrong with the thermal night hunt because all you have to do … Gator hunting is available year round through a private land harvesting program developed by the state. He has top quality fishing expertise, patience and professionalism which allows him to provide his customers with the most out of their fishing adventure. We recommend you read this entire page for the most detailed information. It will just be you, your guide, and anyone else you bring with you. Your head, hide, and meat is typically ready for pick up the following day after your hunt. The license is issued instantly. We hunt on a private reservoir in, , which is a small town located in Central Florida. This price is for 3 days of hunting or 1 alligator whichever is first and guaranteed fresh 10 pounds of meat. We go to where the big gators are. We have a 100 % success rate with two nights of hunting, with our clients taking many gators between 10 and 13 feet. Gratuities. A non-resident or resident Florida Alligator Farming Agent License is required to hunt. If time allows, We are happy to accept last minute reservations. Our guide, Blaine, was AWESOME! Thank you, … Professional meat processing. A bangstick is a long pole with a pin that activates a bullet on one end. Some hunters combine wild boar hunting, fishing, or another of our exciting experiences with their alligator hunt. Florida Alligator Hunts. You’re welcome to bring your weapon. Every guest must be reserved prior to arrival. In 2011 we held … Once pressed, it will activate the bullet and kill the alligator. Public Hunts. Elite Outdoor tags are very limited and get booked quickly. No alcohol of any kind is allowed to be consumed on or prior to your hunt. Daytime and nighttime alligator hunts … Since 1988, the FWC has offered hunters the opportunity to take part in its annual statewide recreational alligator harvest. Its one of the ways to keep hunting when deer season has passed or not quite come back around yet. With access to several ranches containing hundreds of these reptiles, you can be confident in our ability to lead you to a gator of the size you desire. The Florida state record for length is a 14 foot 3-1/2 inch male from Lake Washington in Brevard County. For a more savage kill, your guide will hold the alligator’s mouth closed, allowing you to slit its throat. Experienced hunters with a keen eye are welcome to use a spear on a fully guided alligator hunt. Snagging not only ensures your success by preventing the alligator from swimming off, but it also is a humane way to hunt. Our one on one Guided Alligator, Hog and Osceola Turkey Hunts will … You only need enough penetration to get the point thru the alligator’s hide. Alligator hunting rates can be found on the rates page of the website. Visit our. We hunt public as well as private land in central Florida. $275 per hunter. Tags are only for public land hunts. **We can always set the hunt date later but once we sell out of tags they are gone! Everglades alligator hunting takes place on both private and public land, as alligators inhabit the swamps and waterways across the state. We welcome all experience levels starting with hunters as young as six. Gator hunting packages will take place on several private ranches and water impoundments in south central Florida. He spends countless hours fishing in his spare time to guarantee his customers with the most out of their … Our 6 to 9 foot alligator hunt is $1,500. On these hunts, you will see Florida's wildlife as it has been for thousands of years. Okeechobee Outfitters and Florida hunting guide service will take you on a hunt whether it is stalking hunt for wild hogs, sitting in a blind waiting on Florida Osceola turkey hunt, or maybe traveling high speed out on a air boat for a Florida trophy alligator hunt, Okeechobee Outfitters and hunting guides are sure you will go back home with a true Florida hunting adventure … Our per hunter rate includes the harvest of one alligator. Central Florida and South Florida Hunting Outfitters. If you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet, Clay Gully Outfitters offers an incredible hunting experience for the whole family. We guarantee each hunter will see and have the opportunity to hunt an alligator in the size-range they reserved. Camouflage is welcome, but not necessary. Our guarantee policy does not apply to poor shots. Over the last several years we have had great success at fulfilling tags with a 9ft average and have taken many gators over the 11ft range. By Florida law you may use rifle in daylight hours only and crossbow, bang stick, bow, spear and pole at night. You will see well over 100 gators in a night. Morning hunts are recommended in the summer as it tends to get warmer later in the day. For bangsticks we recommend a 357 magnum for smaller alligators and a 44 magnum for the larger ones. Just about any caliber handgun can take down an alligator. Yes—and naked too! If you’re in a hurry, Florida Trophy Gators inc. has a variety of trade-in programs for alligator meat and hides. You will be able to sight in weapons at the hunting grounds. Every hunter must have an Alligator Farming Agent License. This allows the outfitter to hold all the gator tags. Feel safe! A hunter needs to shoot behind the skull to sever the spine from the base of the head. Hunting alligator with a knife is best for hunters who are strong, fast, and in good health with a thirst for blood. Olde Florida Outdoors is an exclusive alligator guide service dedicated to helping YOU harvest a trophy gator. There are a number of ways to hunt Gators and we will customize your hunt to meet … Gator Done Outfitters, a Alligator Hunting Guide, has partnered with one of the best reptile Taxidermists in the world. Weapons are kept on-site. The license is issued instantly. We offer daytime and nighttime* alligator hunting seven days a week, year-round. Learn More → Bowfishing. Alligator Hunting . Add a hog to a gator hunt over 7ft for Only $225! With Gat'or Done Outfitters you have the opportunity to hunt some of south central Florida's most beautiful land. Reservation deposits are non-refundable. Guests should be in good health. Our experience includes a professional guide, loaner weapons, skinning, and we guarantee you’ll get an alligator in the size-range you reserve. The license is issued instantly! We provide Alligator Hunting … We accept all major credit cards for reservation deposits. … Hunting trips with an authentic Alligator Hunting Lodge in Orlando FL are conducted year round on thousands of acres of the most populated gator country in the U.S. Gator Done Outfitters is a Alligator Hunting Lodge that takes you (the hunter) on day and night hunts in Orlando FL with your weapon of choice in pursuit of the largest gators in the state. We offer a variety of hunting packages so that our hunters are able to customize their adventure. 2 bedroom suite with full kitchen – a 35% Discount! Hunts typically last two to four hours and are perfect for guests who have limited time and are just looking for a few hours to kill—literally! Our hunting guides are 6th generation Floridians. Receive basic skinning of your alligator from Florida Trophy Gators inc., the number one alligator skinning, processing, and taxidermy facility in Florida. Our public water's hunts are conducted on public lakes, rivers and wetlands throughout the state designated by the Florida's conservation commission as harvest units. You can expect to see 5 to 25 alligators a day that range from 5 foot to 13 foot plus on your hunt. Hunting gators with a handgun requires incredible accuracy. We hunt just 25 min. We do not harvest alligators under 9 feet in total length because we are only after the gators that are a danger to cattle and livestock. The rate to hunt on these tags is $1800. We offer unique and one of a kind Bowfishing, Charter Fishing, Sightseeing and Hunting tours. We are well known for hunting the Florida "Giants" with an incredible success rate. Reservation Requirements For booking your hunting dates or information call 1-239-850-3063 or Email A $100 to 50% deposit per person may be required for your booking dates. 10-12 Foot- $2,500. Yes. Exotic and Native Hunts. Hunters will be able to sight in weapons at the hunting meeting location. © Ron's Guide Service, All Rights Reserved. Grandpa wasn’t kidding when he wanted to use a muzzleloading gun for alligator hunting! Our alligator hunts typically last 2 to 4 hours. The type of vehicle or vessel we will use during your hunt is at the discretion of your guide. Alligators are cold-blooded and require several hours of cooling time before skinning. Very professional operation. operation and are limited to 10 bookings per season. Okeechobee Outfitters hunts … Nighttime alligator hunting is for experienced hunters only. We pre-vet them all to make sure you always have an exceptional experience. 13+ Foot- Call For Pricing. Florida’s Best Hog Hunting and Alligator Hunting Outfitter. Some experiences may not be appropriate for guests with health conditions. We’re looking forward to your visit at Ron’s Guide Service. No experience is necessary, as your alligator hunting guide will provide you with all the instruction and equipment you’ll need for a successful alligator hunt, but if you want to bring your own equipment your welcome to do so. A “gator bow” only needs enough power to get the point under the hide of the animal, so most any compound bow in the 30 to 70-pound range can work great. One day of hunting includes 1 morning hunt and 1 afternoon hunt. experience and an adventure of a lifetime, we are not a commercial . Learn More → Deer Hunts. Our experience includes a professional guide, loaner weapons, skinning, and we guarantee you’ll get an alligator in the size-range you reserve.