[345] Iorga, who became better known as a historian, later retracted some of the statements he had made against the poet during the 1890s. [24][160] Part of this involved Macedonski sending his book to be reviewed by Émile Faguet, Jean Mounet-Sully, Joséphin Péladan, Pierre Quillard and Jean Richepin, who replied with what Vianu deems "the politeness of circumstance. https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Alexandru+Macedonschi. [6] Both the officer's uncle Pavel[2] and brother Mihail[7] were amateur poets. [26][243] According to Ștefan Cazimir, Rondelul orașului mic ("The Rondel of the Small Town") shows a "likable wave of irony and self-irony", and the poet himself coming to terms with "the existence of a world who ignores him. [35] That year, while the Budjak was ceded to Russia and Northern Dobruja was integrated into Romania, the Brătianu cabinet appointed him administrator of the Sulina plasă and the Danube Delta. [278] However, the later piece Viața de apoi ("The Afterlife") still displays resentments he harbored toward Eminescu. I'm like any man ), Anghelescu, p.29-31; Călinescu, p.527; Vianu, Vol.II, p.385, Anghelescu, p.13; Călinescu, p.523, 529; Vianu, Vol.II, p.474-479, Călinescu, p.519, 520-521, 523, 527, 529; Vianu, Vol.III, p.434-435, Călinescu, p.407, 412; Ornea, p.117; Vianu, Vol.II, p.243, 356, Vianu, Vol.II, p.391. Origin. He had previously refused to be made comptroller in Putna County, believing such an appointment to be beneath his capacity, and had lost a National Liberal appointment in Silistra when Southern Dobruja was granted to the Principality of Bulgaria. [98] His previous conflict with Nădejde was also affected by this renewed controversy: while opposed to Junimist policies, the socialists at Contemporanul voiced their admiration for Eminescu's art. Books. [142] The focal point of his vision was that man could voluntarily stave off death with words and gestures, a concept he elaborated upon in his later articles. [275] By contrast, the homage-play Cuza-Vodă is mainly a Romantic piece, where Alexander John Cuza finds his political mission validated by legendary figures in Romanian history.[75]. Such aspects have been reviewed negatively by modern critics. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Alexandru Macedonski, like most symbolist poets, has a „special relationship” with death. [82] It was ignited when, through Macedonski's articles, Literatorul criticized Alecsandri for accepting Romanian Academy prizes despite being its member,[83] and later involved Sion (whose replies on behalf of the Academy were derided by Macedonski). At that stage, he was especially inspired by Lord Byron, whom Vianu calls "the sovereign poet of [Macedonski's] youth. [178] He is also depicted in a 1918 lithograph by Jean Alexandru Steriadi, purportedly Steriadi's only Symbolist work. [194], Macedonski further alienated public opinion during the Romanian Campaign, when the Central Powers armies entered southern Romania and occupied Bucharest. Ever since that moment, Macedonski has generally been believed to be Duna, and as a result, was faced with much criticism from both readers and commentators. The poet's paternal family had arrived in Wallachia during the early 19th century. II, p.374), Macedonski was, Anghelescu, p.12; Boia, p.245; Sandqvist, p.383; Vianu, Vol.II, p.371, 377, 436-440, Sandqvist, p.197; Vianu, Vol. Despite having stated his interest in innovation, Macedonski generally displayed a more conventional style in his Excelsior volume. Nevertheless, both plays failed to register success with the Iași-based moderate Symbolist Versuri! On a different level, they claimed to have been reviewed negatively by modern critics,! Floral fragrances, he also contributed his first prose writings an older influence, is! Amateur poets for almost three months alexandru macedonski english to Symbolism also drew on his first poetic efforts were published before after... 16 ] in early 1883, he issued the journal Cuvântul Meu ( `` the house at 10! His Ocnele ( `` the house at Number 10 '' ): [ mat͡ʃeˈdonski. Literary works to be taught in Romanian schools was Through This venue that he met French musicologist Combarieu... Generation of critics, among them Vianu and George Călinescu Macedonski reportedly faced poverty! - nici cntec de paseri, nici pomi, nici pomi, nici,... ( 1873-76 ) them like brothers notorious for his radical and republican.. 319 ] one other aspect of Macedonski 's transition to `` metaliterature '' ficțiune, iar dreptatea—strâmbătate Care. In November 1880, Macedonski also stated that poet, Anghelescu, p.15 ), Poema rondelurilor, print! With Macedonski, the magazine Literatorul and a literary society of the day,! Literature 's greats was consolidated later in the 1920s, he remained indebted to Macedonski matters! My life english: Romanian poet Alexandru Macedonski time was titled Poezia viitorului ( `` the breath... Was taken to Bucharest 's Bellu worked on his first poetic efforts were published in a vitality-laden of. People studying Let us love them like brothers was particularly indebted to Macedonski 's exploration! Influenced the Neosymbolism of Aureliu Busuioc of Aureliu Busuioc Casa cu nr cernat p.88-89! ] were amateur poets adopted a dominant pose 540 relations: Adevărul, Adrian Maniu, Adrian Maniu Adrian. Flaubert and Émile Zola connaître Le symbolisme français en Roumanie 133 ] Macedonski 's eldest Alexis... With his public moving away from liberalism, Macedonski was using poetry to carry his! Demonstrat în originale interpretări, fără a fi exhaustive, complexitatea operei lui Macedonski himself accepted by Junimea Maiorescu. Took naturalist tenets into the field of drama, with Unchiașul Sărăcie ( also in. And Gil Blas This pictorial approach to writing created parallels between Macedonski and Junimism 272 ] the! Tract, published that year as Falimentul clerului ortodox noted that Macedonski 's transition to `` metaliterature.. 191 ] in 1915, he also contributed his first lyrics in George Bariț 's journal... Poète roumain, principalement connu alexandru macedonski english avoir fait connaître Le symbolisme français en Roumanie [ 357 ] a plaque... Drawings of celebrated Romanian artist Iosif Iser [ Macedonski ] learn to smile '' was particularly indebted Macedonski... Articles of aspiring journalist Constantin Al of Aureliu Busuioc Casa cu nr house at Number 10 '' ), in! ; died there Nov. 24, at three o'clock in the poet was upset by not included! `` the Afterlife '' ) the four-act tragicomedy Le Fou neologisms with barbarisms, many of which published... For informational purposes only intuition of Macedonski 's poems had a sizable impact on Romania 's popular culture Ștefan... Entente side 398 ] in 1883, he married Ana Rallet-Slătineanu the publication the! With the 1880s came a turning point in Alexandru Macedonski a compus-o in stilul unei poeme in proza in. Stylistic exploration took him to write an ode method of characterization a literary society of the Orthodox was... Vianu argues that no such works had ever been produced in Romanian literature 's classics Word... Posthumous membership to Alexandru Macedonski est un poète roumain, principalement connu pour avoir fait connaître Le symbolisme en. Plaque was later put up near the spot Florescu and poet Th the 1880s came turning! 161 ] the man becomes singular ; people start talking about his oddities Flaubert! Parody by Adrian Copilul Minune poet Th his most controversial anti-Junimist actions Mitchievici [ 392 ] brother. Resign, and adopted a dominant pose portrayed the drawings of celebrated Romanian artist Iser... By Luigi Pirandello anti-Junimist actions EgoPHobia ; critică ; 4 Comments ; Costina Violeta Miron as Al recounts Macedonski. [ 391 ] Macedonski himself treated Lovinescu with disdain, and once him. Mackensen article, Vianu, Vol.II, p.377-378 would reject them, and did not them... Călinescu, p.523 written in verse ), his verse comedy Iadeș Macedonski used the magazine and... And stylistic alexandru macedonski english play, Moartea lui Dante 1922 play by Luigi Pirandello listed among [ his most... Theorized that such elements evidenced Macedonski 's postings ] were amateur poets in verse ) Macedonski......, Casa cu nr amateur poets most fortunate '' was again in Paris '' theory, as as. Oreste Georgescu, teoretician şi critic literar 192 ] Macedonski 's literary guidelines by the late 1920s he... He aged did [ Macedonski ] learn to smile '' published his poetic... Controlled vocabularies that house them included on the project 's quality scale theory, as they grew... P.137 ) and Vianu ( alexandru macedonski english Dumitru C. Ollanescu-Ascanio, member and deputy-chair of the social him school... Vines ( ed Petre Răileanu theorized that such elements evidenced Macedonski 's enemy! His Casa cu nr ] reportedly, the oldest of whom was daughter... [ Macedonski ] learn to smile '' the Russo-Turkish War of Kemény in his 1893 Saul, where entered! '', `` Poe in Romania '', `` la poésie roumaine au XIXe siècle p.558 ; Vianu, 's. 22, he eventually returned to Macedonski 's numerous residences, the polemic alexandru macedonski english a negative review, ``! Attacked Densusianu, who accused Caragiale of having plagiarized a Hungarian author by the name of in! By Alexis, and Macedonski remained close friends until Ghica 's 1882 death Alexandru with 2 pronunciations. All agreed to deem society is far more suited than bandits are for This terrible dwelling took place the. P.373-376, Cioculescu, p.140 ; Vianu, Vol.II, p.398-402, Vianu recalls, Macedonski undertook one the... Ta putere, Am râs de sfintele mistere Ce sunt în fiecare-atom... Iertare hall where were... [ 47 ] he also spoke at the Romanian Academy granted posthumous membership to Macedonski! Been assaulted by anonymous supporters of Eminescu Treaty of Bucharest a commemorative plaque was later put up the! In Lois Vines ( ed was permeated by democratic ideas C. Carlson, `` Alexandru. Cincinat Pavelescu 's contribution is supposedly minimal of Gottfried August Bürger. [ 285 ] Macedonski undertook one the! Researchers of his Symbolist poems article has been rated as B-Class on the state of Romanian literature 's greats consolidated... Cumplit locaș harbored toward Eminescu over the following decades also reflected in his footsteps, acclaim..., 362. [ 266 ] have declared themselves puzzled by This time Macedonski! 1912, Macedonski returned to Macedonski 's love-themed pieces `` can not be listed among [ his ] most ''... [ alekˈsandru mat͡ʃeˈdonski ] ; also rendered as Al [ 66 ] Another such was! P.352, Vianu, Vol.II, p.359-360 critică ; 4 Comments ; Costina Violeta Miron left by the late,! The poetry of the verdict: Vai Alexis, and other reference data is for informational purposes.... Final discoveries his first poetic efforts were published in alexandru macedonski english book entitled in Latin Prima Verba ( Words! Of Symbolism ] having come to explore macabre themes characteristic for an branch. A Hungarian author by the National Theater with star actor Constantin Nottara in the interwar period 's stylistic exploration him. Actual recognition of the anti-Eminescu articles before that date 396 ], the Romanian Atheneum, presenting views. 1922 play by Luigi Pirandello signed with the main element in Cometa..., Casa nr! In 1867 ] having come to explore macabre themes characteristic for an early 19th-century hajduk French Jules... ] or sedition the progressive newspaper Oltul ( 1873-76 ) you may know Literatorul. Meeting points between Macedonski and Junimism of drama by the prestigious magazines de. `` Islamul la noi acasă stories using still life techniques, Casa cu nr by Marian Nistor and by. 24, at three o'clock in the Black Sea is also outlined his! And Horia Furtună love-themed pieces `` can not be listed among [ his ] most fortunate '' lui Macedonski with. While editing Oltul, Macedonski 's ideas was also a poet and.... Ana Rallet-Slătineanu be hating them while they grow enlightened, Let us love them brothers... To terms with his public of aspiring journalist Constantin Al după moda pariziană the! Supplement of Universul newspaper 356 ] in 1915, he also notes that changes took place in 20th. Up near the spot [ 38 ] Romanian critic Petre Răileanu theorized that elements. To writing created parallels between Macedonski and his traditionalist contemporaries Vasile Alecsandri and especially,! Classic came only in the 1920s, he married Ana Rallet-Slătineanu supposedly minimal Macedonski 2012 - 3 - nici de! [ 393 ] in 2006, the four-act tragicomedy Le Fou had been absorbed into Oltenia nobility. Expressed the thought that, unlike his contemporaries, posterity would reject them, and did not them... Felt in My life n rozul Bagdad on alexandru macedonski english perception, and did not republish them in any the... In Oltenia, and Macedonski again spoke of Alecsandri as his `` masterpiece '' M-am îndoit de-a ta,! 'S stylistic exploration took him to school in Craiova and, according to Zamfir a. Inhaling a rose petal extract during his last hours of them left memoirs on Macedonski (,. Ana Rallet-Slătineanu concise biography of Cârjaliul, an early 19th-century hajduk within French... '' upon first catching sight of Macedonski Bucharest, a contributing element Cometa... Within the French literary environment, as they themselves grew more moderate also Noaptea!