Just because a bike feels better with a lower oil level doesn't mean, comprehensively, that it was the right thing to do. WP Inverted Fork Oil Change -by Steven Iveson [Additional comments by Jerry Riedel] Having just changed the oil in the forks from my Daytona I might be able to lend some insight. Lightweight construction; More comfort when using harder set-ups; All adjustments made externally; No sealing surface so minimum drop of pressure after valves opens ; Unlimited opening up of WP Cone Valve so harshness reduced; No shims, therefore no loss of damping because of bent shims; HQ coating; read more. Always use aluminium protector-plates, when clamping our products or parts in The bottom plugs have compression adjusters that control oil flow through the base valve and adjust compression damping. Contact Us Call Us . You're reviewing: MOTUL FORK OIL 2.5W 1L Your Rating. SKF Fork Oil & Dust Seal Kit 1 Leg 48mm WP Heavy Duty Twin Lip 48x57.9x9.5. Pus the oil contained within the WP air fork’s outer chamber is purely for lubrication. Brand Designation cSt @ 40C cSt @ 100C Viscosity Index Type : HONDA: Fork oil 5: 17 : HONDA: Forl oil 10: 35.2 : YAMAHA: KYB 01: 15.6: 3.45: 150 : YAMAHA: G5 Filter by Category. No sealing surface so minimum drop of pressure after valves opens, Unlimited opening up of WP Cone Valve so harshness reduced, No shims, therefore no loss of damping because of bent shims, You feel more confident and you have more comfort, You feel more grip traction of the rear wheel, you accelerate faster, Your bike rides higher in the stroke when navigating repeated bumps (no "packing down"), The TRAX technology is used by factory racing teams in Enduro, MX and Rally, The rider experiences much less physical strain, Increased control and a more comfortable driving experience, Individual adjustability of the rebound movement, More grip and traction of the rear wheel and therefore improved acceleration, SUPERTRAX is used by factory team riders in Enduro, MX and Rally, This is the damper for the most demanding track and street riders, The good ground contact makes you feel more confident, you can brake later and accelerate more quickly, Braking later and accelerating more quickly is not just important on a race track, it also improves your riding flow on nice curvy roads, This suspension puts your engine power where you want it - on the road, This damper is based on the big valve technology and ensures the best handling you could ever wish for, It can be fully adjusted and with its great adjustment potential, can be completely rebuilt and altered according to your requirements, Friction-optimized bushings and high quality seals. Likes 2,397 Location Pennsylvania. Read full description Print preview View package contents. Fork Spring Information Standard Preload 15 mm. Philip Administrator. They were in limited U.S. models in 2014 and are on most 2015 KTM full sized dirt bikes. The oil is not readily available in north America so most just automatically switch you to 5wt which is fairly standard. The air chamber is already there in the fork’s design (which is adjustable), and air offers incredibly progressive resistance. SUBSCRIBE. The tool can also be used on MTB front forks. It is today a wholly owned subsidiary of KTM AG. Went in, removed 20ml oil and it got better but to soft, filled in 15 and ended -5 but the fork still felt really strange. WP To KYB Conversion (Fits WP 4CS / AER / Xplor Forks) (WP To KYB Conversion) Choose Your Spring Rate From One Of The Two Lists Below Choose Fork Spring Rate 497mm (No Spacer Needed) We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. ShockBoost Bike Suspension Oil: A high-performance, premium quality suspension oil developed with professional mountain bike athletes and mechanics in Whistler, BC. CC stands for closed chamber, sometimes refered to as twin chamber or bladder fork. The manual says you may have to pump the forks several times in order to accommodate the full 450 ml. Availability: 4 in Stock. On most KYB and WP forks there is no Equalizing Hole in the inner (chrome) fork tube. ( p.3) – Removethespring. Fork Cartridge Rod Parts. By Kris Keefer. Staff member. Some later model Husabergs will also used these fork [example pictured are from 2013 KTM 350 SX-F (EU) ] Check your owner manual for the model of the fork that is on your motorbike. The Triumph dealer in Saskatoon Saskatchewan says use 10 weight fork oil in the Trophy SE. is the fork oil just "KTM WP fork oil"? Convert your WP XPLOR forks into KYB AOS Spring Forks - Maintains the flex of the original inner and outertubes that has been designed for KTM/Husqvarna & GasGas frames - The KYB feel combines perfectly with the KTM/Husqvarna character, giving it a very smooth feel, eliminating the harshness . SETTING OIL LEVEL ON KYB AND WP UPSIDE-DOWN FORKS (when oil level is given in mm) On open-chamber upside-down forks there is a gap between the inner and outer fork tubes (between the fork bushings). Dutch motocross rider Wim Peters had … FEATURED. Step 7: SUCK IT UP. Quick View. Usage: Fork oil; Quantity: 1 Litre; Motul Fork Oil Factory Line Very Light 2.5W is a hydraulic fluid designed for racing applications. Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil $11.99 $15.82 – $15.83 You save 24% . Likes 3,231 Location Lake Havasu City, AZ. Older design forks with just damper holes could be improved ( better compression resistance) with thicker oil So i would go with 120 mm for WP forks and 180 mm for Paoli and 5 w oil I have a syringe and small metal tube which fits through the bleed holes, so i can change oil level easily, and haven't really noticed much change in suspension feel with more or less oil. snydes Moderator. THIS IS SAE 4 WEIGHT FORK OIL SPECIALLY MADE TO SUIT WP FORKS WHICH RECOMMEND A 4 GRADE OIL. It would be any comparable brand of the same weight, but the the weight they specify I do not know off the top of my head. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Showa Fork Springs. WP Suspension GmbH is a manufacturer of components for motorcycle suspension systems based in Austria.