After the time-skip, Shusui appears to be Zoro’s “go-to” sword as it tends to be his choice when he uses Ittoryu. 9 days ago KingFrieza Just like all other spoilers, "One Piece" fans should try to temper their expectations with this latest set of Chapter 1001 details. Plus the 4 Scabbards didn't manage to pierce Kaido's scar. Next. I don’t see how Law would be able to hurt Kaido or BM. Zoro is way too dominant in that relationship. ... Like Sir Percy in The Scarlet Pimpernel, Don Diego avoids suspicion by playing the role of an effete dandy who wears lace, writes poetry, and shuns violence. Regular. Zoro's problem with Ussop (and why he wanted him to apologize) wasn't because he fought Luffy, it was because he … The subject of this article is sometimes called Roronoa Zolo. Amazon Lily Arc. Because Zoro seems to be more popular than Luffy. Here’s to you, your family, and your business in … Crews like the Roger pirates or the Rocks pirates are legendary and one of the reasons is at least three powerful haoshoku haki users. Last edited: Dec 16, 2020. On the ship, he normally either trains with weights or sleeps. Image copyright Alamy. I mean, come on. Don't you think that Zoro get lost all the time? Report Save. Spoilers like this one should always be taken with a pinch of salt. His Dream of Becoming World’s greatest swordsman would have died then and there. [Discussion] Does Zoro and Sanji like eachother? View this post on Instagram. Dec 31, 2020 #23. Sanji was trying to get Luffy to leave to save him and the rest of the crew (while sacrificing himself), it was not a selfish act, like Ussop challenging Luffy for the ship. While Zoro was technically untrusting of Drake for being a former Beasts Pirate, I like to think it might’ve been a two pronged choice on Oda’s part. Dec 31, 2020 #23. When has the scale ever been like this in op ? That is to say, I really, really like the idea of Zoro having a reoccurring female rival who serves as a reflection of his promise to Kuina while existing on the opposite side of the law, but Oda kind of fucks that up in execution, because that’s not the role that Tashigi plays. And what are your favourite chopper/zoro moments. The Scabbards haven't shown any feats like Zoro's in terms of the scale of destructive attacking power. Laxus does have all the nukes, but zoro ain’t gonna stand there like a duck and get hit. He then swiftly touched Zoro with his hand, making him vanish. When did you realize you love them? Zoro has a stern, serious and distanced personality, but, unlike Robin, he often reacts in a goofy and exaggerated comic style due to his gruff, impatient attitude. When Zoro says “I … But not everyone is thrilled with the choice on offer. Zoro fans talk about him and so do the haters all the time. Blother I am Whitebeard! roronoa zoro and nico robin one pieceLove me like you do by:me rozalina coban Would even be particularily interessant when it comes down to imagine how his swordsmanship duels were going on with Mihawk back in the day with Mihawk being more the power-type(Power vs Speed) … Zoro News 11 September 2020 No Comments. ˚Roronoa☠Zoro˚ Who is Zolo in Love with ? I don’t see big durability feats in any of the SN’s that can be compared to yonkou level. *Theory by Shanks. In this show, everyone knows Diego would love to do what Zorro does, but thinks he does not have the skill. Zoro landed in the ruins of Shikkearu Kingdom on Kuraigana Island in the Grand Line, the same island Perona was sent to. for 1000 chapters Zoro proves he’s a stronger swordsman by beating his opponents. Kidd doesn’t seem versatile enough and Killer hasn’t shown anything impressive at all. Gurarara ‍☠️. So I think the chance of my theory becoming true is like a 20-30%. He woke up having been bandaged ridiculously by Perona. US election 2020: The voters who don’t like Trump or Biden. Like all of its predecessor Kitetsu swords, this one is said to be cursed. We’re a team of people who win and lose together (we prefer winning!). vs: New look Fitch posted over a year ago: view results | next poll >> Roronoa Zoro More Polls. Estamos quase chegando aos 1500 seguidores e bom, por isso quis postar hoje essa foto, que é do primeiro cosplay que eu fiz na vida. Oda has not shown love interest of any straw hats.But according to me zoro will end up with Captain Tashigi She reminds him of Kuina . I think this is pretty interesting and plausible theory, though Mihawk is like so obvious to be Zoro’s last enemy. The dedication for this cosplay definitely pays off because the picture looks exactly like Zoro when the shirt comes off. Hoops team cancels season after coach accused of abuse. Zoro is on everyone's mind so it is expected to see him on top. Creamed Porridge Baby food :) He often wields Shusui with his right hand, the Sandai Kitetsu with his left, and the Wado Ichimonji in his mouth. Many people wonder what is in the eye of Zoro. Thank you for choosing us as your supplier—it’s truly an honor. Honestly i think Zoro would win this. Brook in thriller bark mentioned there were multiple type of swordsmen including power types like Zoro or speedtypes like him or Hakuba and i think the speed type fits more Shanks there. While Zoro just does not seem to fatigue, and is incredibly durable. But hey, there’s this thing called a plot twist, and this thing tends to make stories great. Roronoa Zoro Do you like Zoro's old or new look? It’s been revealed since like the beginning. Pick one: Old look. Kuma then remarks on Continue this thread level 2. We would love to see zoro in a love relation. koike88 Well-Known Member. As 2020 comes to a close, we’d like to say how grateful we are to do business with you. Drake is a Marine and he is asking Zoro, a pirate, to consider him an ally. Compared to that, Tashigi is just a weak sword-nerd that Zoro treats like a kid. Which of Zoro's swords/Katana do you like the best? Roronoa Zoro,1 also known as "Pirate Hunter" Zoro,8is the combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates, and one of their two swordsmen. We’ll start with this exclamation about the Three Sword Style. I think Luffy’s fate with marriage is highly unpredictable. Zoro falls to the ground but barely manages to make it back to his feet. Kuma says that Zoro must take all of Luffy's pain if he really does want to take his place saying that the experience will kill Zoro as he is close to death. Besides, she’s also allowed to like more than one person so it doesn’t matter that much regarding whether she likes Zoro too unless she’s hyper-monogamous. Zoro found by Perona. Are you saying that Zoro thinks theres some kind of point system corporate ladder of swordsmanship that Zoro just has to climb by following vague rules and Bam, Zoro will become WSS? Anonymous said: Here is Chopper/Zoro fans. Just because Zoro is cool, does not mean he should have it, in that case let's just give every cool person that power. But in terms of IQ far outshines both. My favorite part of chapter 998 is a minor, but great interaction between Zoro and Drake. The only thing she has going for her is that she looks like Kuina, the girl that beat Zoro's ass over a thousand times. This felt like a fun rabbit hole to go down, so here we go. Why do you like them? Answer: I like them because they are cute. Like Do you think Zoro in his head is aiming for What exactly does Zoro think being WSS means? He rejected the pirate empress herself. There are Many instances shown in Anime , why Zoro Respect Luffy, * We cannot Deny the Fact that Luffy actually saved Zoro , If not he would have been Dead. Part of the Does Zoro like series. We saw so many theories like Zoro’s eye contains Asura…As it is shown many times whenever Zoro uses any powerful technique like ASURA (some kind of red light appears from his left eye ) so it is assumed that his left eye possesses some kind of demonic power. In the final stretch of an already contentious election, Trump and Biden supporters are making a last push to show their backing and convert any undecided voters. Likes: Fenaker, Biff, Marimo_420 and 4 others. 1 Gianfi Well-Known Member. Zoro cutting open Kaido's scar is definitely achievable. Zoro’s offense =/= Yonkou Zoro’s defense <<<< Yonkou Same can be said for Luffy. If there truly is no zoro vs king (whose a yc1 btw!) I like Tashigi but they'd make a terribly awkward couple (or at least boring), I think he should build a sibling relationship with Tashigi and he and Perona can be Mysterious-quirky lovers, I just can't get on board with Mysterious-shy, I'd rather Zoro never have anyone. Thread starter Legend Slayer; Start date Jan 24, 2015; Legend Slayer Active member. Kuma asked Zoro about where he would like to go, while removing his glove. Health care coverage may sound like the most obvious of wishes, but over 53 percent of respondents also wished they had a four-day workweek. 14. share. Ted Cruz under fire over 'citizens of Paris' tweet Do you think Zoro's past should be explained in some point in one piece? It’s LUFFY. Since 2011, Zoro has been working hard to make it easy for our customers to purchase everything they need to make their businesses go. Kuma sends over a sample to Zoro and Zoro suffers intense pain from that small sample. Original Poster 2 years ago. Zoro wins mid-high, cutting that meteor in half will do laxus in. See more. While only 9.3 percent of employees said they currently had this perk, it's a benefit more workers in the United States may be reaping the rewards of soon. Misc. then zoro is going straight in vs 2 yonko can that really be put down to 5 day training with enma ? Everyone knows that. Law has serious stamina issues. Zoro then sticks his arms into the giant mass of pain. 6 Time To Get Serious. is an eCommerce company that sells business supplies, equipment, and tools—but we’re much more than just a website. The only work he is seen doing regularly is hoisting the anchor using his great strength. I mean even before the poll even really started, everyone was taking about they can't let Zoro win and everyone should vote for Luffy because he is the MC. Let’s over analyze some interesting interactions between Komurasaki and Zoro.