stanga/Shutterstock. For the first time in 90 years, the number of Italian citizens living in Italy has fallen to about 55 million, according to Istat. For the translation and legalisation rules please see the website of the relevant Italian Consulate in the Country of issue of the certificate. The documents you will need are: A cover letter detailing the reason for your stay in Italy, duration of stay, where you plan to reside, and name of persons accompanying you, such as a spouse and children (including marriage and birth certificates, as appropriate). Within eight days of arriving in Italy, you have to pick up the application kit for Italian residency at a local post office. The Itay Self-Employment visa is a type of Italian long-stay visa (national or D-visa). Similarly, apps and games from Amazon Appstore that were transferred will still be available in the App Library and digital music will still be available in the Music Library. Cerro al Volturno, Molise, Italy. If this isn't feasible, try making speculative applications, which are welcomed in Italy as many jobs aren't advertised. Application for the Permesso di Soggiorno can be made at the local Sportello Amico counter at the post office, trade union (Patronati) or municipality office (until mid-2007 this was done at the local Police Headquarters, or Questura) in person, within eight days of arriving in Italy. This requires filling out an application form specifying the type of permit required and proof of identification, fingerprints and photos must be presented. If you go down this route, be sure to do your research and send your application to the most appropriate person at the organisation. The village of Teora is offering free rent for houses in an effort to re-populate the town. Published on 9/13/2019 at 12:25 PM. If you’re entering Italy from outside of the EU, you’ll need an entry visa for family reasons and will need to apply through the Italian consulate. Well, the Alpine village of Locana in Piedmont, northern Italy, has gone one better and is actually offering people up to 9,000 euros ($10,200) to move there. Italy application form signed by both parents. Absolutely, not true…times have changed! These tales give the impression that there are no rules, that it’s ok to arrive with your suitcase and stay. Since the UK doesn’t leave the EU until the end of this year, you’ll still be able to access Italy’s healthcare until then. If you live within the EU and already have a residency permit for that country, you do not need a visa. "If we had offered funding, it would have been yet another charity gesture," Toma told the newspaper. The residence permit is in the form of an electronic smartcard to guard against fraud. It could be as little as 3 years if you have Italian ancestry, or up to 10 if you’re from outside of the EU with no family ties to Italy.¹ . Some are even offering up to £32,000 for you to move to a new location, with beautiful countries such as Italy, Greece and the US on the list. Now, Molise, Italy is proposing a similar offer that actually began in September of 2020. Step 1: Entry Visa into Italy or Residency Permit if you are moving to Italy from another EU country. Italy 'Fresh air, no delinquency': the Italian region paying people to move in Molise is offering €700 a month to newcomers who settle in underpopulated areas Accommodation is a large expense, usually consisting of a quarter of an expat's monthly budget. This isn’t the only area trying to boost populations in Italy: This Italian mayor will pay you $10,000 to move there, or you can buy a house for only $1! Depending on where one lives in Italy, property prices and rentals will vary considerably. But that’s just for entering Italy. We gently remind that as per decree law n.22 from 25th March 2019 (c.d. 4) CERTIFICATE OF NO CRIMINAL RECORDS FROM THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN/BIRTH AND ANY COUNTRY OTHER THAN ITALY where the applicant may have lived before moving to the U.K., starting from the age of 14. U.S. citizens don't need a visa to visit Italy for short-term trips lasting less than 90-days. Mayor Nicola Gatta is offering people—foreigners or Italians—money to inhabit Candela, Italy, in the hopes of revitalizing its streets and bringing its population back up to 8,000. Italians might joke that their system is slow and inefficient, but it’s really no different from other European countries in my experience. Just as in Sambuca and a growing number of towns in various parts of rural Italy, Locana is hoping that its financial reward will be enough to lure new residents and repopulate its deserted houses, shops, and restaurants. The application form which must be populated online for submitting by post or email is called the Transfer of Residence, or ToR01 application. You’ll need to submit a complicated application form at your local post office and pay a … teora comune . A Residence Visa is issued solely to those who are planning to move to Italy. It replaces the manual C3 Customs Declaration forms, and should be completed by any private individual planning to relocate their normal place of residence to the UK.