Causes, Sources, and Solutions for an Electrical Hum Lights and other fixtures I live in a rural part of North West New Jersey. The hum I hear is largely omnipresent but only indoors. I live in the UK in a quiet road and thought it was a wind turbine that was making the noise as it started about the time the turbine started to be used, so i complained to the local council but when the turbine stopped being used, the noise to my dismay carried on and it really begun to affecting my sleep and quality of life as i started to listen for it all the time. I go outside I hear nothing. JeanMarc. Dave you can make a novel of the responses about natural gas pipelines in teh forum. Left Bergen Cty in 1994. Has anyone ever solved the mystery culprit? Often it starts at a certain time, usually between 2200-0100 but it also can be present throughout the … As others have described, it sounds like a diesel engine idling in the distance. My middle child can hear it to but no one else in the family can. I have read with interest all the comments posted and feel compelled to give you my experiences here in France. example). Most of the time, the in house hum is very bad, ear pressure, insomnia, pet was on Prozac, pool water vibrates and has standing waves, on and on. Sometimes I can hear it in the car. Usually lasts 1-2 min stops…1 min…and starts again….all night long. As some have suggested, perhaps the layout of the house is acting as a giant resonator. I suggest you find others and get it into the news media. Anyhow, it continued off and on for quite some time…. It can range from a leak to water pressure problems and multiple factors in between. The odd thing is we checked this house out 3 times before we decided to buy it & never heard any issues. However, a lot of problems can give rise to this issue, including piercing sounds that will resonate through your home each time a can is flushed. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 4 months ago. I’m leaning more and more to some sort of hydraulic resonance in the water mains. most people don’t notice anything.. so we are the lucky ones…. Princeton, Colorado at a natural springs place, too. In my case,the humming started last year ,late Feb. thru March then went away. All seem to parallel the lines from Cdn. I have since moved and I still hear it in my current house. I’ve got it too. I am not plotting Canadian hum locatins vs high pressure pipelines, only monitor reports. Now the phone has a loud hum. That’s the best I can describe it. It gets much worse at night. In fact, it shows very little now concerning Gas or Hazardous type pipelines. Stay in touch. This hum goes on all day and night, sometimes louder then quieter, then pulsing, then changes it’s sound completely. And the News……I never read or watch it. Authorities don’t want this out! A few transformers and power lines in the area. I’m surprised I stumbled upon this after I googled low frequency hum in house, I thought it was just me but I’m glad I’m not alone. Also, on the same forum you can find a map of hum I have assemble for USA locations. Steve, I just happened to think of something you would be extremely interested in seeing. But data, science, literature search, certainamonunt of expertise in the field and allot of personal work has to be done to get there.. Where are you located. It not only is an auditory nuisance but it effects the Central Nervous System. The low frequency hum mentioned by everybody here. influence other folks. At times, I think it’s gone and then…it’s back again! In west hartford center (conn) the hum at night is unbearable. Cottonseed oil is the edible oil which is used for cooking as well No too soon for me. And proofed by tsting. So, to answer your question, I don’t know if they are hearing the hum and I am not about to engage them in conversation. I would contact your congressman and make a stink about this. They have been exploring possibilities for drainage. After reading some of these threads I would of never guessed! So after midnite, they add as much compression horsepower as they need to push the gas to wherever it’s going. If this is correct about the gas lines being responsible for this noise it may explain why in the early AM the noise level increases as heating demands increase. Hi, I am a bit backed up readying for a filing on the hum to the gov’t . What town in PA. I’ve heard it in State College. These organic oils are combined in single or mixed combinations I live along Lake Ontario in Ajax, Ontario, not far from Toronto. Did you see teh article in the New Haven register about the gas lines and sound waves? Olive Oil. Remind me, Marc. Live in coastal town in MA. Others have also heard it in our house. for the data map (A copy is on the hum forum- yahoo in the files section last updated end of 2011) These are the points that out of thousands of reports in the US identify their location. There is a major gas pipeline near my house in West Rogers Park, Chicago, but the NPMA gas pipeline site won’t detail exactly where it is. Susan- I am in Brookfield CT and the new lines from Maine into MA have reprots all along them (Chelmsford Ma is one). At least now, we know we aren’t alone in the experience. I beleive some places there may be some reasonance of geological structures that might be heard in dead silence outside, needs allot more invetigation. I am the only one in the house that hears it. Conclusion,must be a localised source ,but what can it be?. I assume your around Orlando, more and more hums being plotted on a US hum map I am collecting of hum vs high pressure interstate pipelines. Ever since winter started I haven’t stopped hearing the same hum you all have described. The I looked up the frequency (Hz) of the electrical sub-station that is located approx 150 metres from my house. Louder on second floor in our bedroom. The ones that are causing this, know this and they know people just can’t make time during the day to do anything about it. Started to ramp back up first few days of June, and continues to worsen. So it’s not electrical in nature. At first I thought it was an engine outside, but it carries on for hours at a time. One that is global is http://www.thehum. I can’t hear it in the walls either. Not the electrical. There’s a map of all identifiable hum type reprot locations I can find on the internet of the hum and you’ll see on the map their correlation to the high pressure interstate gas lines. I can hear the small electric motor strain when there is like a frequency surge?? At that time it seemed to be at night, but would cut off, almost like it was switched off midday, after which it would start around 7ish again. Humid means hot, means the electric power plants are using much more gas (not necessarily in Chicagoland but anywhere the gas goes that passes throguh your area.) It's been going on for weeks. We have propane for hot water/stove and a well and septic field. not being able to sleep etc. Corners of walls are the worst, like a diesel engine. I assume the hum sounds like an idling diesel, possibly feel tingly vibrations.There are forums on a couple if these. I also live in Titusville, Florida and this low frequency hum is driving me crazy. I posted on 5/1/10 at 6:19 p.m….have since had the water company turn off the water and do the flow pressure test – the miserable sound is still there. The neighbors called the power company. So that would lead me to think the noise is not from gas lines here where we live. Steve, Steve, this hum in my house has started driving me crazy again the past couple days. At one time suspected that might due to my next door installing sensor, thermal camera which might emit EMF radiation. A friend sent me this link – not sure it will open in this format. – if you understand how gas transmission systems work they vary on demand and at night they even pump up the storage capacity and underground storage facilities for next day demand. Constant humming noise in house. The sound system folks understand this stuff better than me. I don’t know if I can be convinced if the noise from these under ground lines can be so air born. I have some thoughts on why it’s louder during the day but I don’t want to sound paranoid, which is stupid because this is serious stuff. It seems the water pipes were causing the humming sound. This year, surprisingly enough, it has been better than the previous two years and I am sure it is due to the warmer weather we are having this time around, but I am dreading for when January and February roll around again. Its driving me crazy. Is there a way for us to meet up for coffee? Scientists have confirmed the cause of a strange humming noise that emanates from the Earth and has baffled people for more than forty years – and was even a … SHUMANN RESONANCE IS ON THE RISE. I wanted to write to you and let you know that I am also experiencing the “hum” here in Las Vegas. -The hum is outside my body I did notice the noise the other day at my Mother’s house who lives just around the corner. The power company came out and actually changed a noisy transformer in our yard. What appears going on here in CT USA is the base problemis the lines. Lakotah When the heat kicks on (forced hot air) it drowns it out so that’s welcome relief. The sections that hold the channels set up may likewise should be checked for free screws, curves, or breaks. I was woken up tonifht at 2:30 am by intense hum and I cannot go back to sleep. I live in Frankston, Victoria Australia and have had this noise for about the past 5 years. Turned off the toilets and water supply and electrical panels on various different occasions to see if it’s plumbing or electrical but the sound continues through all of my tests. 2. Whether it’s gas lines or shumann resonance as someone suggested, it’s horrible and definitely causing me to lose sleep and peace. I also have a new baby so I cannot take much more of this. Having dismissed traffic noise and all but one industrial source, our current prevailing theory is that it is some sort of localized phenomena involving RF and power line noise. It did not. 4. And as you say, we are cast to live in the shadow. Turned off all the electrical appliances around the sofa (printer, hifi etc) still heard humming. We vacillate between thinking it’s an outside source that our home unfortunately vibrates ( this week’s top choice) and a dampened power mains or some power source vibrating through the wiring in our house. It is the water pressure which So, you are not alone. Regardless of the sometimes popular name of “banana miracle diet,” the banana diet is not a miracle or some I will try the water trick but I am skeptic. The Navy uses low decible sounds for communications which have killed whales and dolphins. Hi Sofie, no it doesn’t bother my Mother, she can’t hear it and neither could the Plumber I had come out (Don’t ever use Larkin they suck). It's driving me crazy. I believe my husband was told the water mains are not concrete, thus he feels the pvc city pipes are cavitating, causing the rumbling noise to rebound within the system. This house has some sort of pressure regulator installed by the previous owners. It has been interesting to learn the true extent of this modern day problem and my sympathy and understanding go out to all you folks having to endure this burden. Have you had someone come look at your furnace? so we all in the same boat.. though i was going mad!! It is comforting to know that others hear this hum as well but I really find it is effecting my sleep. The issue of home low frequency hum is discussed on several blogs. A mains hum is a term used to describe the audible sound of alternating current. Open to ALL reasonable suggestions! Not every day but 5 days a week at least, and night time especially. Efforts were also made to send for the powergrid technician to measure Emf @ the electrical substation located next to our flat. FFT analysis (engineering term for measuring frequency- fast fournier transform) and home made vibration visualization testing proves some sort of ILFN (pool water vibrates). I searched on Florida Gas Transmission compressor stations and found many articles but heres one. Clearly no expert, I’m wondering if the dry air that comes into place in the winter can affect the noise power lines generate (? Trust me, I understand how this phenomenon makes you crazy, almost to the point of tears, but there is help. Thanks and best of luck. Anyway I thought I might start a new comment to get away from these columns but it looks as though it may get lost somewhere on this blog, so disregard comment #11. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! I rang the doorbell and the instant she opened the door, I heard the source of our mystery hum. As I type this it’s 0312 hours and “the humm” is strong and loud. I just purchased a home built in 2000 in Las Vegas. This noise started for us about 3 years ago. Although my small impcted resiidents believe we know the source. We do not have smart meter in my region of CT. My opinion, maybe they have a high pitch localized hum, but not the extensive hum we are chasing everywhere. I went thru this at teh beginning and actually found it in every home in my area and even had a couple say “oh I’ve been hearing that but thought it was a trck”. I just got home fro New Jersey. It does sound to me like it comes from the attic thru the vents. Steve, I live in Enfield. Clicking, Knocking, and Clanking. I am helping people in New York force FERC and Millenium gas to look at what is going on here in CT with teh hum caused by Iroquois gas and Spectra Algonquin. Contact your congressman and refer him to Connecticuts Rep Murphy. Tom My advise is to keep a fan or air filter that makes some noise running at least at night .This will ease the discomfort.This is not sound that you hear but rather it is microwave in the atmosphere from the likes of cell towers,radar for weather forecasting,FM and AM radio waves ,TV signals etc.There is so much Radio Frequencies in our atmosphere that its killing our bees and us. This leads me to believe there is a simple solution as I didn’t hear the noise when I first moved in….whatever can start can also stop. I started hearing it suddenly one night in May and I thought it was due to winter – perhaps a neighbour had bought a diesel heater or something – but I now hear the sound further afield than my own neighbourhood. Listening will give you an indication if it’s there or not but not if it’s worse than a mile away.. OUtside the strength of the sound waves is much greater, but you need a structure to reasonate to get the hum. We thought the hot water heater; but we heard the sound with the hot water heater was not engaged and there was no demand. Humming caused by water pipe vibrations causing all sorts of low frequency bass like wooing noises. Also, contact FERC’s Environmental Dept and complain to them. I finally decided, much to my dismay, that it was in my head. It can hear it quite clearly in my bedroom, the living room, the office, all over the house but as soon as I step outside, I can’t hear it. The vibration actually hurts my ears, but I’m the only one aware of it. I have lived in Vegas for almost two year and have lived in two homes here….experiencing the “hum” in both homes. Like everyone else, it begin in the night and escalates in hum by the 3am to the point the whole house is vibrating…not one room to escape from it. Very perplexing because I had the water heater guy look at my gas water heater. Well, guess what? This humming, droning, throbbing sound can change from day to day, and/or from moment to moment. Since then I have had a continual humming noise in my house and sometimes it is very loud. i also live in ct near ri border. It's been present 24/7 for many years. The volume of the hum was measured at … Not drugs or anything, a clean kid. City, county, won’t pay us any attention as right now we are in the number of one complaint. I’m not sure if it;s the hum that actually wakes me up or not but once awake is hard to fall back to sleep. How can I identify this? Yes you are the author of that map. Now I may not have too. An investigation must be demanded. It has been proven in clinical trials to make a big difference to your skins condition – especially when it comes to reducing the appearance of scars and stretchmarks. Other human health issues of Vibroacousitc dieases likely. .”..*, Freshest piece of content on our personal web site