We did have a couple boaters go out today and catch a few fish, from Trout to Redfish and even a Catfish. Light wind, no rain and mild temps. “One crew member opened it up and there was a squirrels’ nest in one of them, you know, chewed right through the suit,,, >click to read< 07:40. Book asap! 504-342-2368. May 17th, 2020 . They also went to Lake John where they fished and caught 47 trout. Good trout biting this morning. Trout, trout, trout: reports coming in from Little Lake! Timage imagehe weather isn’t looking too great for the next couple of days, but if it isn’t too windy and there is no lightening you should give it a shot. Come visit us at We have some shrimp in the tanks right now. Williams from, Fox 8, The BIGFISH Report Thursday @ 9:30 and Tony Puglia of, Puglia’s Sporting Goods. Call to book your charter today!! Want to book a fishing trip with Captain Jack or another amazing captain? Not only trout..Crabbers are suffering, fisherman are suffering and shrimpers are suffering. Everyone fished all over not just one particular spot. If I were coming fishing tomorrow, I would go around Lake John, South of Lake John (behind shrimp Lagoon and Shell Lake), Little Lake and Bay Andrew. Book a Charter. They ended up with 35 speckle trout, 7 Redfish and 7 sheep-head. Thank you !! Tommy Perkins, Gary Mayatt caught a limit of Redfish in Lake Amadee. All ticket proceeds go to the church. We had a couple brave souls go out and catch a few fish. BBQ pit – all for just $159 a night. We had a blast & couldn’t stop reeling in the reds! One of our favorite new angler caught 30 Trout in the Grave Yard and 1 Redfish close to oak river (he remains nameless cause he was … Continue reading “LETS GO FISHIN’”, The fish are biting…. He has a wonderful, funny personality. They fished the Lake John area and braved the wind and came out on top! Leave comments about your stay, your charter, your experience…we would love to hear about it. Stay tuned for tomorrow nights report. Capt. Capt. Come on down and catch some fish! Want to go fishing. Calvin had a charter with Dexter, Dom, and Dan. He has a great personality. It looks like the next couple days are going to be optimal for duck hunters. We have A FRESH LOAD OF beautiful live shrimp! They are almost finished. Well late this evening the gentleman came in and I was right. They also caught a few sheep-head and several drum. Lodging available this weekend. Come check out our bait shop before heading out into the water. This weekend is looking awesome, as well. Come on down to Sweetwater..the Marina that loves their customers…and has it all to offer them! . We have new tackle in! All you need to bring is a chest to bring your cleaned fish home in. Yesterday they had a charter also and caught 20 Redfish. Remember…we offer non-ethanol fuel, maps, gps chips, live bait, tackle, propane, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, bug spray, nets and anything else you may need to have a wonderful day out on the water. !”, Today was a tough fishing day, but some made it possible! Capt. Lake. Remember…we offer non-ethanol fuel, maps, gps chips, live bait, tackle, propane, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, bug spray, nets and anything else you may need to have a wonderful day out on the water. 504-342-2368 ‍♂️ Call Monday- Friday 9-5. ”, “Spectacular day at Sweetwater Marina!! Im sure many of your favorite spots are producing. Four Horse seems to be the place to fish on the south bank, for speckle trout mixed with a lot of nice red fish. If you get an opportunity, come on down. Lots of customers came in with speckled trout! join in on some of the action. Jack. Look at the beautiful Trout that just came across our dock!!! However, Captain Jack told them some good advice…”it wasn’t the spot..it was just when the fish decided they were going to bite.” To prove himself and betting the two gals..they went back to their original spot, and the fish were biting! Today started a little slow this morning but one of Sweetwater’s favorite customers brought in the catch of the day.!! Call to book your charter today!! Everyone had a blast!! reds. We are in the most convenient location, which is right You should get down here to Sweetwater. With the water coming up tomorrow, they should definitely bite. If you are going trout fishing tomorrow, head towards Round Lake, Lake Amadee and Lake Robin..those waters seem to have a few more fish. There is some good news, we have had over 10 boats a day with decent amounts of Speckle Trout. They had an awesome catch-n-release day. Haven’t had any reports on trout this week, but Capt. A couple of them had limits of reds. Due to the oil spill had not heard anything from them but got my first email today. Don’t forget to ask for the “Sweetwater Special” it includes, 1 pack of dead bait, 1 bag of ice & a boat launch for $20.00. That will be the start of 5 days straight of perfect weather! The winds are looking light..around 5-10 mph. The wind was calm and people caught some fish. The rain held off for all the anglers today! Little Reginald was casting at the dock waiting for his dad and friends to pick up the boat after a long day of fishing and Reginald caught a Redfish at Sweetwater Marina. 504-301-4545. We will try to get some photos..we know we have been depriving y’all of them a bit. (for those who don’t know what free lining means…. Today the fishing was a good bit better than yesterday. He has a wonderful, funny personality. “Anecdotal Information” is what the professional fisheries people call it, usually dismissively. A little past Stone Island had some good action too. We enjoyed having you at Sweetwater Marina. We are located in the most convenient location, which is right across from our marina. Call to book your charter today!! Capt.Jack left out of Sweetwater with Mr. Preston Havens and crew they headed to Fourhorse where they caught 40 trout!!   Don’t forget we have Tony here to take care of cleaning all your fish for you! Ranking of the top 21 things to do in Charleston, SC.   , I know it’s going to be cold Sunday, but the Saints fever will keep you warm  Geaux Saints!!⚜️. Capt. The north side of Lake John was the big producer of trout and redfish. They ed the . A year ago the Mississippi Limestone play of Kansas and Oklahoma looked like the big new thing. Want to know where the fish are or need someone to clean you fish? Williams & himself tomorrow night, on Fox8 news. Jack took a crew out Saturday they caught 19 reds, 2 trout, and 3 sheepshead. They caught 42 trout in Lake John and 20 Redfish Oak River. Want to come fishing and don’t have a boat? Capt. The … Continue reading “Dispite the weather”, This is the beginnings of a beautiful day! customers happy with our service. I am going through Biloxi and spending the night. A lot of people I talked to today said it was tough catching fish. It is definitely worth coming fishing this weekend at Sweetwater Marina! info, please call Kelly at 504-342-2368 Monday- Friday from 9 am – 5 pm. When shells are removed 50 pounds of shrimp flesh is the result. We enjoyed having Mr. Terry and Butch from Tennessee here at Sweetwater Marina and looking forward to them coming back soon. As usual, the King family always has a great time fishing and launching at Sweetwater Marina. Redfish are everywhere in the interior marshes of Delacroix. Reds are in full action..like we said! Live bait, ice, tackle, drinks, snacks, fuel (no ethanol), prime lodging, charters, Sweetwater gear & more! We have the fastest & best service! See you tomorrow after 9am! Boat sheds available, just a few left, call for details 504-342-2368 Multiple crews had limited out on trout today Black Bay was the hot spot. Seafood certificat​ion – who’s really on first? Chip, Aaron, Brent, and son Jack went to Stone Island today and caught 11 Redfish, 7 trout & 2 sheephead. Today, we had a few customers come in with nice numbers of speckled trout & a … Continue reading “Windy day, with success!”, Captain Jack went out today with his buddy Wesley! Everyone said the fish were biting but getting them in the boat was a different story. EVERY week…  had their limit of Redfish and 2 drum from their favorite Four Horse spot. Capt. your experience…we would love to hear about it. If you want a ride to and from your vehicle, we can do that. Call to book your charter today!! The best catch of the day was a redfish!! *Come stop in the bait shop and see what we have… You should be!! Ladies and gents…Valentines day is coming up…February 14th. The speckled trout should be biting tomorrow once the wind lays down. WE WILL HAVE LIVE SHRIMP!!! Trout have been being caught in Little Lake again, around the Bayou Long region (where the water is absolutely crystal clear), in Shell lake, Shrimp Lagoon, Fourhorse, all behind Lake John and on the other side of Bayou Terre Aux Boeuf…you name the spot and they are catching them there! Our bait shop also has ice, fuel, tackle, and snacks so come visit us at Right across from our Marina. Once again, some great fishing down here in Delacroix! have plenty Fresh Live Beautiful Shrimp. Call Kelly to book yours. Right across from our Marina. It just sucks that us sportsman’s that enjoy our great outdoors and/or make a living off of it..just have to watch it go away so rapidly..it’s scary! side of Lake John was the big producer of trout and redfish. Buddy), Freddy, and Dennis. And while your here just ask and we will show you our lodging. for their 67 Sheep head and 4 man limit redfish. Biloxi Freezing & Processing, Inc. (BF&P) we’ve not only sustained our business, we’ve dominated the marketplace. Or you can send in your pictures and we will post them! Don’t forget to tell the ladies hi  Some hotspots for speckled trout, prior to the cold front, was Fourhorse Lake, Round Lake, Lake Campo, Potto Cabalo, Bay Shallow and heard some out of Lake John. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop … Try for … Continue reading “Live shrimp restock!”, Attention guys: we do not have live shrimp or dead bait for tomorrow! A few other went out toward Lake … Continue reading “SWEETWATER!! despite the water spout with in site of Sweetwater Marina, was great. Answer 1 of 13: Thanks in advance for suggestion, more details the better (parking, how to access the dock, preferred type of shrimp) We had 2 boats fish out of Lake Robin killing the trout, they almost limited out today. All the guys had a great time and couldn’t wait to share some of their pictures with us. Don’t forget we will be selling bowls of jambalaya Saturday at Sweetwater Marina and selling tickets for Gracie girl for Queen of the Delacroix Boat Blessing! Call us here at Sweetwater to check prices, book lodging, charters, etc. 50 years. It has been coming through all summer long and now all fall. Don’t forget to look for Capt. Pretty slow day down at Sweetwater. The water will warm up a bit and clear up. Nobody went home empty handed. We won’t have problems tomorrow. This is a few pictures form a couple of Sweetwater Marina’s most faithful and loyal customer!   . Want to know where the fish are or need someone to clean you fish? It was a pleasure to have him here at Sweetwater Marina. Call Monday- Friday 9-5. They had a lot of success today.  We also have dead shrimp! NILS STOLPE: Of gumballs, the American Sportfishing Association and fisheries management, Towards rationalit​y in fisheries management. BBQ pit – all for just $159 a night. Love the gulf shrimp there! Can’t wait to see ya at Sweetwater Marina, the Marina that loves their customers. Better get your fishing in, before Thursday. Beautiful day at Sweetwater Marina….. need your fish cleaned call Tony!! On their way Just wake up and fish. !” SWEETWATER!!! They caught a limit of reds and 6 speckled trout, before the weather set in on them. A few anglers reported they caught their limit of Redfish, and we also had an angler, with a load of sheep head, come across our fish cleaning table. Everybody Loves Shrimp . Overall, the fishing today was about a 5 on a scale of 1-10. rom New England and flew down to come fishing with Norman. Peyton Lee and his dad, of Picayune MS lodged at Sweetwater Marina with Mr Greg of Bayou Plumbing. … Continue reading “TROUT! Then, you all can get back in your fav fishing spot here in Delacroix. We have beautiful live shrimp. I hope to see you down here. However, that is not the story for tomorrow. I spoke to several anglers who said you didn’t half to go far to get the fish. See you tomorrow after 9am! We haven’t heard that from anyone else. will be Friday, it’s going to be start of better fishing conditions.⛈☃️☔️☀️, Don’t forget we have all you need for a successful fishing trip; live bait, ice, non-ethanol fuel, snacks, drinks, and tackle. The weather was finally nice again. As far as live shrimp, we ended up getting a delivery this morning. We had an angler come in from Black Bay with 72 Trout, and other fisherman say Black Bay is the place to be for Specks. Don’t forget we have; non-ethanol fuel, ice, snacks and tell the the ladies HI . The show will air tomorrow sometime on the Fox 9pm news! If I were going trout fishing, I would concentrate in Lake Robin and Lake Amadee. The weather is looking beautiful for tomorrow. Jack … Continue reading “ We have new Sweetwater Marina shirts! We tried buying some shrimp from places around, and they all said they have limited live shrimp for themselves. Just wake up and fish. Need a hand carrying your shrimp to the boat? Call Kelly to book yours. ****Ready to go fishing  ? There are 90 certified organic farms in the … He took the same group out Wednesday morning and caught 42 trout and their limit of reds. I could lie and say it was a 10, but thats just not how we roll at Sweetwater. No reports from Lake John today, unexpectedly; Captain Jack thought we would hear of some reports from that area. We are expecting even better reports tomorrow..for trout. We … Continue reading “TROUT!! One had 22 trout. And while your here just ask and we will show you our lodging. They had a great trip. The wind issue doesn’t seem to matter for the reds, but it does suck to fish in the wind. A small deposit will hold your reservation. If you are interested in a charter or lodging please call 504-342-2368. Very reasonable rates. t chance of rain tomorrow, but the good news is very light winds. Others fished around Lake John with dead and artificial bait. They went scouting for trout and ended up catching some really big ones! We are the most convenient, comfiest, most reasonably priced place around! Most people did well today, but Captain Jack was having a rough day..starting with a dead truck battery, locking himself … Continue reading “One Mediocre day in a Bayou of great days”, Great news, if you like to catch speckled trout! They threw back probably 20 rat reds. The redfish seem to be biting pretty good still. They ended their trip at Lake John where they caught 4 reds, a drum, a bass, and a freshwater Catfish. We had a few boats go out and catch some nice redfish and a few bass. The humidity is low with the cold front that pushed in this weekend. A staggering loss to U.S. fishermen and U.S. seafood consumers. Mr. Hal & Kyle from Meridian, MS caught 13 trout and 6 redfish in Little Lake. John, Shrimp Lagoon, & Shell Lake. Remember to come see us at Sweetwater Marina, the marina that loves their customers! friends caught 51 trout in Four Corners. Adventure Landing. If you would like to rent one, please call 504-342-2368 Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm. Don’t pass up on these limited weekends that are still available. On Captain Jacks charter today, he took out Mr. Lloyd Guillot, his son and his sons two friends. See ya this weekend! My View: The need for real science in Magnuson by Carmine Gorga, The Real “Seafood Fraud” Mislabelin​g Miscreants – Further Thoughts on Oceana’s “fight seafood fraud” Campaign. 504-342-2368 or for more information. As we are writing this, Captain Jack just spotted a 6 point standing next to the road right before you get on the Twin Span…and he made me insert that into this post! They had a great trip and we … Continue reading “Sweetwater”, Today a family came down that has never been fishing down here before. Storage . Also, it would be greatly appreciated, if you tagged us in pictures/post about your experience here in Delacroix/at Sweetwater, or you can send in your pictures and we will post them! The places to go to have been Little Lake, Shell Lake and Lake John, and when you come back with an ice-chest full, get Tony to clean them for you. Calvin took a crew out and they had 50 trout before 8:00 and caught some redfish later in the day. We don’t know how many were thrown back..it’s crazy how many reds there are. Can’t wait to see ya at Sweetwater Marina, the Marina that loves their customers. Call to book your charter today!! Vehicles. We also have … Continue reading “Red-fishing perfect kinda day!”, Capt. They fished with popping corks, for the most part. it’s wasn’t a pretty day, but for a few the hard work paid off. So come visit and tell the ladies hi. One group, a husband and wife, came in with 50 speckled trout..yes 50!! Want to come fishing, and don’t have a boat? We have a COUPLE ROOMS LEFT FOR THIS WEEKEND! Oil from BP's out-of-control Gulf of Mexico oil spill could threaten the Mississippi and Alabama coasts this week, U.S. forecasters said, as public anger surged over the nation's worst environmental disaster. Whatever you to make your fishing trip a success, we probably have it in our baitshop, including maps and helpful tips from Mr. Ronnie and Tony. Patsy Kriebbe booked a charter to take their grandson Nicholas out for a fun day of fishing with Capt. Need to rent lodging or book a charter? We will have plenty of live shrimp and we would love to see you, so come on down to Sweetwater, the marina that loves their customers. Neglected safety gear on fishing boats endanger fishermen – If it’s not maintained, it’s likely not going to work December 28, 2020 Canada “It’s one thing to go out and buy all this for your vessel, but if it’s not maintained it’s likely not going to work for you when you need it,” said Matthew Duffy, a safety adviser with the association. This weekend was pretty awesome at Sweetwater Marina, and this week is looking like it’s going to be a good one also. The best news of the day, is that angles went out to Stone Island and the catch speckle trout, 1.5 to 3 lb trout. Coden Alabama Seafood.