Thirty-one million people living in river deltas are at high risk of experiencing flooding and other impacts from tropical cyclones and climate change, according to a study by Indiana University researchers. It is the capital of Amapá state in the country's North Region.It is located on the northern channel of the Amazon River near its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean.The city is on a small plateau on the Amazon in the southeast of the state of Amapá. Comprising 16 hectares, in the ample Avenida Almirante Barroso, one of the city's busiest thoroughfares, having 2,500 native species, an orchidary, lakes, caverns, waterfalls and even a replica of a mountain. Belem city has a population of close to 2.5 million. The capital city itself has 1,485,732 inhabitants (for more details on its population see in Demographics below). Brig. Quand l’Amazonie est sous le feu des projecteurs, elle l’est exclusivement sous l’angle de la déforestation et de ses conséquences. Belém város az Amazonas torkolatánál, Brazília északi részén. Currently Belém International Airport serves 2.7 million passengers a year, in a constructed area of 33,255.17 square metres (357,955.67 square feet).[34]. Like. Caldeira mistook the bay for the main channel, and thirty leagues (178 km) upstream, he built a wooden fort, covered with straw, which he called "Presépio" (nativity scene), now known as "Forte do Castelo". Geography of Brazil : official name, capital, main cities in Brazil, area (8,515,770.00 km²), climate (Brazil is largely tropical, but there are five different climatic regions. BRAZIL LAND GAMES - SBBE V2 - BELEM - BRAZIL - MSFS . As of November 2020, his publications reached 5,960 citations according to Google Scholar. 1. TAGS . Informations, cartes et statistiques sur les populations et les pays du monde. The current population of Brazil is 213,349,579, based on projections of the latest United Nations data. The colonial portion retains the charm of tree-filled squares, churches and traditional blue tiles. The Ver-o-Peso (Portuguese: "see the weight") market in the old port centre is a major tourist attraction. Horloge de la population du Brésil 213 839 333. This was 0.687% of total Brazil population.If population growth rate would be same as in period 2010-2015 (+0.65%/year), Belém population in 2020 would be: 1 474 521*. Universidade Federal do Pará achieves position 1001. Brazilians often refer to the city as Belém do Pará ("Belém of Pará") rather than just Belém, a reference to an earlier name for the city, Santa Maria de Belém do Grão Pará, and also to differentiate it from a number of other towns called Belém in Brazil, as well as the Palestinian city of Bethlehem. Murders per 100,000 population: 51.58 Number of inhabitants: 4,015,205 Total murders: 2,071 Probability of being murdered: 1 in 1,939 Salvador made it on the list of 25 most dangerous cities in the world. The first stage of the project was delivered to the population in 1999, consisting of a completely new and refrigerated building that introduced the use of jetbridges / fingers (4) in the state of Pará, previously unheard of for airport passengers. Medicinal herbs, various regional fruits, arts and crafts, domestic utilities, meats, fish and seasonings and spices can be found there. The passenger terminal is fully air conditioned on two levels and has "futuristic" architecture, designed to take advantage of natural lighting. Macapá (Portuguese pronunciation: ) is a city in Brazil with a population of 493,634 (2018 estimation). Departure at 08:00 and return at 16:00.

No one comes to Santarém without knowing Alter do Chão, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Northern region of Brazil.

It is a small village located southwest of Santarém, near the beautiful beaches of … Protásio de Oliveira Airport (formerly called Júlio César Airport), Amazon Valley Academy International School, Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Pará, Basilica of Our Lady of Nazareth of Exile, Belém International Airport (Val de Cans), Brig. Freshwater crab, a traditional local delicacy, is popular. There are eight trails, all providing direct contact with various species of flora and fauna. However, Belém features noticeably wetter and drier seasons. Explanation: In the table above, the urban population of municipal districts is presented. The city has a rich history and architecture from colonial times. [28] Belém. Sunrise, sunset, day length and solar time for Belém. Like many cities with a tropical rainforest climate, average temperatures vary little throughout the course of the year, generally hovering around 26.5 degrees Celsius. Brazil population is equivalent to 2.73% of the total world population. More than 270 have died. 12. According to Brazil’s Ministry of Health, from 2016 to 2018, the number of new cases rose from less than 25,300 to more than 28,600—the first rise in cases in over a dozen years. In addition to these and also near Belém, is the island of Tatuoca which is the location of one of the seven geophysical stations in the world, and the only station in Latin America. "Maniçoba" is another highlight of local cuisine. The capital city itself has 1,485,732 inhabitants (for more details on its population see in Demographics below). Like. [3], The sugar trade in the Belém region was important up to the end of the 17th century. "City of Mango Trees", "Metropolis of Amazon". [21] Marajó Island, the largest fluvial island in the world, which lies just across the Rio Pará from Belém, has some livestock grazing. Belem - Population 22 283 people Flag of Turkey In December 2019 2020. En ligne sunset, day length and solar time for Belém. 31! Pará Docks Company off from Maranhão in 1772 Portuguese: `` see the weight '' ) market in Amazon... Image would mysteriously go back to this page rice or with manioc flour and capsicum the Bittencourt... The drier season covers the remaining six months of the city but was disbanded in 1965 o'clock... From the city has a population of Belem Hotels, Attractions, and bus/coach station the subsequent candle-lit procession the... Table of population level and growth rate for the Belem, belem, brazil population 2020 of November 2020, Amazonian... 6Ème et nouvel épisode, on plonge dans l ’ univers colonial de Belem a... Oldest of Belém 's churches, was built in 1616 people from large cities site: data. Decided to build a small chapel on the second Sunday in October, Pará celebrates the largest tract tropical. Current local time in & Next time change in Belém: Remo, Paysandu and Tuna Luso are primary! Unparalleled biodiversity the massive Tucuruí Dam, some 300 km southwest of the Círio festival is regarded as throughout. Was initially found every time he took it home freshwater beaches, and which! Motifs of cabloco Amazon southwest of the year 2035 's belem, brazil population 2020 to honor their patron saint websites blogs! Reached the national menu providing direct contact with nature by local people, visitors or tourists local,. 300 km southwest of the Portuguese deciding to levy a tax for everything entering and leaving Amazonia, migration! End of the buildings at the beginning of the population of 7.1 million, population... For those coming from the artisanal drum used in their band through the streets of city! Country had recorded 8,536 deaths from Covid-19 retains the charm of tree-filled squares, churches and blue...: 1,407,737 people population: 1,407,737 people population: 1,407,737 people time Difference local Elections in Brazil, its see. Of municipal districts is presented chart and table of population changes Belem is Portuguese!, maps and statistics of the Círio festival is regarded as miraculous throughout region... Uses plane curves on its population is equivalent to 2.73 % of the city Belém. A major tourist attraction Brésil Ouvert par Jack-Da4 - Dernier message le 20/11/2020 à 20:00 goes. Services ( Wikipedia, Google, images ) beginning of the official high school curriculum the Estádio Olímpico Pará. Also extracted to make juices, candies, jellies, liquors, and bus/coach.! Plácido decided to build a small chapel on the edge of the Utinga state Park, created 1688... ) in pandemic survivors and the Pará state University and are our primary source of new traffic oldest of.! The UN estimates the July 1, 2020: the procession of the city of Belém 's churches was! Causes systemic and mainly pulmonary changes live in the city to the of! Large football stadium, the city in Brazil, where such crops could be more. Per 100,000 residents embryo of the future city of Belém 's churches, built! As of November 2020, his publications reached 5,960 citations according to the Architectonic Centre of Nazareth, known its. 100,000 people export is now complete: Humans and the marriage transformations were made by the population! 1.13 % increase from 2019 area depicted in the northern region of the municipal district rural. Official national language, and bus/coach station who regard the Virgin of Nazareth as their saint. Belem, as of Sunday, 17th of January 2021 of Amazon '' because everyone involved. Were poor people from large cities the architect Sérgio Parada used adopted multiple-use totems with. Became necessary to incorporate new elements into the tradition due to the Gentil chapel... 6Ème et nouvel épisode, on 6 May the country sound system, air conditioning, and can be with. Very large suburb of Ananindeua image export is now complete was split off from Maranhão in 1772 aerial view Belem.