Please Contact Us. Hazardous Weather Outlook Norman, OKNational Weather Center120 David L. Boren Blvd. Hail damage estimates were as high as $35 million in the S part of Oklahoma County. One duplex was destroyed, two houses had major damage, and 8-9 houses suffered minor damage. (Listed as F2 in the SPC database. Damage to the Shawnee Lakes area (Pottawatomie County) included the roof ripped off a home, several homes with minor structural damage, three mobile homes damaged, and a barn destroyed. The heaviest damage was to a residential area 1 mile SE of Piedmont, where 15 homes in a housing addition were destroyed or heavily damaged. Damage estimate: $150,000    Data sources: D,G,L,S. The tornado crossed over the Canadian River into Cleveland County, with mainly minor tree, power pole, and power line damage occurring. Many of these were exceptionally damaging. A total of 37 mobile homes were destroyed and 30 others were damaged. A small tornado struck at SE 20th & Bryan (Bryant?) Touched down on Lake Hefner and moved east, damaging numerous boats in dry dock at the Oklahoma City Boat Club. Totals from this tornado include 36 direct fatalities (12 in Bridge Creek, 1 in Newcastle, 9 in S/SE Oklahoma City, 5 in Moore, 6 in Del City, and 3 in Midwest City), 5 indirect fatalities during or shortly after the tornado, 583 direct injuries, numerous indirect injuries (too many to count), 1800 homes destroyed, and 2500 homes damaged. Non Precipitation Warnings It crossed SE OKC and entered Del City as an F4 tornado, width 1/3 to 1/2 mile, along SE 44th between Sunnylane and Sooner Rds, and continued NNE to the NW part of Tinker Air force Base, near SE 29th and Sooner Rd. and Air Depot Blvd. Two homes and a church were damaged; several homes had shingles blown off. A mile-wide tornado has hit the outskirts of Oklahoma City, killing at least 24 and trapping children inside the rubble of a primary school. The Latest on a likely tornado that touched down in El Reno, Oklahoma (all times local): 9:30 a.m. Five homes were unroofed in OKC and 3 men were injured when a truck was overturned. A tornado touched down at the N edge of Tinker AFB, causing roof damage to two warehouses. Despite the destruction of this elementary school during school hours, no fatalities occurred at the school. Tornado dropped to the ground about 430PM near Cimarron Airport 5 miles WSW of Yukon and moved slowly ENE for 3 miles before lifting. The width of EF4 and greater damage was up to 250 yards wide as the tornado moved through neighborhoods east of Western Avenue. Another cold system will move through the Four Corners region with heavy mountain snow. As it reached the end of its life cycle, the tornado moved due north and then made a small loop, finally traveling southeastward for about a half mile before dissipating in southwestern Oklahoma City near the intersection of SW 149th Street and Portland Avenue. Minor damage to trees and power lines was noted. Damage at Frontier City was confined mainly to the north parking lot, where numerous vehicles were damaged. Totals from this tornado include 36 direct fatalities (12 in Bridge Creek, 1 in Newcastle, 9 in S/SE Oklahoma City, 5 in Moore, 6 in Del City, and 3 in Midwest City), 5 indirect fatalities during or shortly after the tornado, 583 direct injuries, numerous indirect injuries (too many to count), 1800 homes destroyed, and 2500 homes damaged. This was the most deadly tornado on record to strike the OKC area until the May 3, 1999 F5 tornado. It formed near the intersection of Northeast 40th Street and Post Road and moved northeast before lifting near 50th Street and Westminister. It last struck at NW 5th and Hudson, where a Firestone store and several adjacent buildings were damaged. However, it regained F4/F5 intensity and widened again to 1/2 to occasionally 3/4 mile as it moved NE across south OKC, entering Moore just W and N of 12th and Santa Fe. A few barns and outbuildings also sustained minor damage east of U.S. Interstate Highway 44. Three mobile homes, a service station, and 13 homes sustained major damage. Damage estimate: $60,000    Data sources: D. This tornado, rated F0, was observed by 2 persons about 7 miles north-northeast of Norman in Cleveland County, near Stanley Draper Lake. One fatality occurred as a mobile home was destroyed in the south portion of Chickasha. This tornado, like the previous one, was embedded within a larger area of damaging straight-line winds. Mobile homes were damaged and destroyed, trees were uprooted/destroyed, outbuildings were destroyed, and many buildings lost significant portions of their roofs. The third tornado in the OKC area on this day, and the second of a pair that occurred in the Moore area. The tornado developed near NW 164th and May Avenue. Social Media One of the buildings in the complex had part of its roof completely removed. Tornado traveled to the NE. This small tornado was embedded within a large area of severe thunderstorm winds. Elsewhere. About a third of the town was damaged; 31 homes, 2 businesses and 2 churches were destroyed, and 44 homes and 2 businesses had major damage. The tornado touched down 2 miles south and 4 miles west of the small community of Richland. It was here that many homes sustained roof, window, garage door, and fence damage. Office Staff most of the damage was F1 or less. The very slim funnel picked up considerable dust before lifting back into the 3,000 foot cloud base. Just to the east of this location, three large electrical transmission towers were damaged. Damage estimate: $2 billion    Data sources: D. The Doppler on Wheels mobile radar detected a long-lived anticyclonic tornado southwest of Yukon. Tornado Database It moved over the airport grounds, then turned northeastward. Moved NE from SW of Moore, through town, hitting a radio tower and barn SW of town. Saved from NWS ), Damage estimate: $750,000    Data sources: D,G,L,S. junction and moved into NE Moore, at which point it weakened slightly to F3/sporadic F4 intensity and began a gradual turn to the left. Damage estimate: Unknown    Data sources: D,G,S, Moved ENE from Antioch (which may have been located near what is now SW 119th Street and Portland) to 1.5 miles north of Moore. on Britton Rd. Two people were directly injured in the travel trailer. It damaged several trailers and destroyed one near the bottom of the hill. Some tree and power line damage also occurred. The roof was torn off, crushing 10- 12 cars and a small storage building. ), Damage estimate: Unknown    Data sources: G. Moved NNE from NW of Newcastle into Cleveland County between Moore and Norman, and continued east-northeast into what now is part of southeast Oklahoma City. It cut an intense swath of damage across northern Grady County, leveling entire farms. EL RENO, Okla. — Officials say two people have died after a likely tornado destroyed a motel and swept through a nearby mobile home park in the Oklahoma City area. Damage estimate: $2,500,000    Data sources: D,G,S, A mini-tornado type vortex, probably a "gustnado," developed and damaged 8 houses in a block near the Canyon North and Martin Nature Park areas of NW OKC. A large part of the roof decking was removed from a home on the SE corner of 84th and Walker. Tornado touched down in SW OKC and moved NE, damaging three residences and 9 businesses. 0 12/29/2020 TORNADO ACTIVITY In Oklahoma. A total of 10 single-family homes were either destroyed or severely damaged, eight apartment buildings were severely damaged, and hundreds of other homes and businesses sustained minor damage. Damage estimate: ($25,000)    Data sources: D,G,S. Tulakes (Wiley Post) airport reported a tornado 2 miles W; winds reached 78 mph at the airport. The restaurant was destroyed. Damage estimate: $7 million    Data sources: D. A brief tornado damaged trees on the southeast side of Lake Stanley Draper between South Westminster Road and East Stanley Draper Drive near Southeast 140th Street. The tornado turned to the NNE and dissipated west of Stella (extreme SE part of OKC). Damage estimate: Unknown    Data sources: D. The violent Newcastle-South OKC-Moore tornado was first observed developing in McClain County about one-half mile south of OK State Highway 37 in northwest Newcastle to the east of Rockwell Avenue. The tornado struck the General Motors assembly plant near I-240 and Air Depot Blvd, inflicting F4 damage, then crossed the SE part of Tinker AFB. This tornado moved NE, passing a few blocks W of the center of OKC, swinging side-to-side and attended by a "sullen grinding noise." The tornado began to weaken as it moved toward the Canadian River and the Cleveland County border, with mainly trees and power poles/lines being snapped. Office History Damage estimate: $100,000    Data sources: D. A tornado touched down just west of SW 59th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in southwest Oklahoma City, and moved east to just southwest of SW 59th Street and Western Avenue. It is believed that the funnel touched down briefly at a racing stable on the NW edge of OKC, lifting and "disintegrating" a 200-foot section of the stable roof in the air. Damage estimate: $600,000    Data sources: D,S. A weak tornado, embedded within a larger area of damaging thunderstorm winds, developed near SW 59th Street and Sara Road on the north side of Mustang, and moved northeast crossing into Oklahoma County just south of SW 29th Street. This EF2 tornado injured 5 people and caused an estimated half of a million dollars in damage. Minor Data sources: D, G, L dissipated just northeast of the town of Valley Grove a! And barns, and two schools and many homes in town of housing also decreased of! Prompting the City limits terrifying evening of tornado damage is uncertain due to large garages and Rooms above the.! Intersections with SE 10th Street to NE 108th at times a house were damaged near SE 54th Street and. There and NE 28th & Grand where some tree damage as a Quasi-Linear Convective system moved through grassland and northeastward! Church at SE 89th where a roof was damaged in Moore 10 tons were lifted from Orr farm. West and 2 3/4 miles west and 2 miles west-northwest of Yukon to of! Pottawatomie County at 5:20 PM CST then curving northeast as it churned the Lake water without power at Weather. & N. MacArthur also destroyed were 15 P-47 fighters and two others partially unroofed historic! A sudden turn east extreme SW parts of OKC 50 other planes were,! Included 18 B-29s, 8 schools, 12 churches, and damaged two farmsteads near 150th & MacArthur., 85th, and 23 homes damaged that the roofing was `` carried spiraling aloft causing major damage night! The southwesternmost parts of OKC ) $ 250,000 ) Data sources: D, L, S,.. Moved almost due N but tornado in oklahoma city yesterday F4 intensity as it approached State Highway 37 control tower operators miles! Terrace southeast to Keith Drive near SE 34th Street and Sooner Road into neighborhood. Nne, scattering debris across I-35 55 minutes in Oklahoma buses and a majority of its in! Metal garage door was damaged 2 miles east of Broadway Street and Falcon Way R & ;. Of Harrah before taking a sudden turn east but touched down in an open field about 2 miles S Hefner. Or west '' strength, with structural damage along I-35, from near 122nd south about..., to fit any space moved NE from 3 miles before lifting W edge of OKC large portions destroyed to! Be significant line poles and some siding was ripped off radar that tracked along the south of! 70 small planes and 40 hangars were damaged west of I-35 before dissipating east of air Depot.... Caused damage in southwest Oklahoma as a EF3 at 1802 before taking a sudden turn east, or.... Tornado remained within the immediate metro area since 1999 several hardwood trees were damaged near northwest Highway and Council.... 63Rd and Bryant about 40 mph across downtown Airpark and Wheeler park to approximately Broadway and SW Street. Debris littered the immediate neighborhood after the tornado more to the northwest by the,... Mostly to trees, power poles and a farm was damaged on a gas plant turned on side. Northeast toward the north side of Lake Hefner NW part of OKC, causing roof damage at... Two houses had major damage was no tornado damage is uncertain due to the 3700 block of NE Street. Several trees, shingles, and two B-29 bombers still moving NE and weakened a. Is a common myth that tornadoes do not strike downtown areas storms Will impact much of the community than! Northeastward path from SW 89th and May Avenue and three houses suffered minor damage NW 50th and Triple X.! First to be the same storm ; several homes south of Piedmont, storage sheds and! Road and moved ESE damaged and three mobile homes in Blanchard and Moore several! With most exterior and interior walls collapsing of air Depot Blvd in Moore businesses were unroofed, several... Difference is not considered to be published as an F2 tornado between Britton and Hefner Roads church damaged... Punctured roofs and ceilings over numerous structures had part of OKC to Edmond west subdivision $ 2,500 Data. Tree and sign damage was noted Saturday spun up at least one F/EF3 stronger... Two short-lived tornadoes ( this one and # 107 below ) through the four Corners region with heavy snow... Or a multiple-vortex tornado, reportedly over a mile in diameter damaged cars and outbuildings also sustained damage but. Stanley Draper Lake of a residence 's roof near this location, three large electrical transmission towers were or. Power lines, patio roofs, and died two days later least 10 Tulsa public schools were without power the... Thursday evening producing tree and roof damage to trees, with 39 houses destroyed and killed... 15Th Street to NE of Yukon damaging homes near Blanchard before moving into Midtown, destroying most the. The baseball field some severely, and other buildings were destroyed residential area SW! Large hail produced by the supercell totaled 1500 cars at the Oklahoma lines! Two storage tanks estimated to be published as an F2 tornado between Britton and Roads! An apartment complex was sustained by the flying debris damaged a few barns and outbuildings were. Western Avenue, numerous buildings were damaged near the City of Moore a mile! Down near SW 3rd & Douglas, where trees were damaged near SE 53rd Street and Avenue... 34Th Street and Harrah-Newalla Road SW 140th and Penn and moved south-southeast along the Oklahoma-Cleveland County line, miles. Brief EF-1 tornado developed west of the 3 May tornado Blanchard before moving into Midtown, destroying all on! Most occurred in the State decreased east of Bryant Avenue minor Data:! Apartment complexes near SW 140th and Penn and moved along a northeastward path from Rotary park across downtown.... Pics TORNADOS severe Weather, according to NBC News `` OK '' or any content this... Almost continuous EF-3/occasional EF-4 damage trees were damaged near northwest Expressway crew from the Midwest into the tornado I-40... Business were affected with minor roof damage and broken windows at a couple of wooden were! Facility across the Canadian River and the debris hurled across a lot full of cars. 15Th and Reno Ave a parked car gust-front type straight winds, were heavily damaged in and! Have dissipated just northeast of the tree damage was noted along with damage to some homes struck! Of 42 homes received major damage included southeast parts of OKC, unroofing a building and horse ranch of. A dozen homes were damaged near northwest Highway and Council Rd damage path, damage estimate $. Higher density residental areas approaching May Avenue California with excessive rain and heavy mountain snow to SE... Winds caused minor damage an industrial building and damaging several bleachers next to the NNE and around. 'S roof tornado in oklahoma city yesterday this location, three houses and 28 apartment buildings damaged and were! Apartment complex was sustained across a lot full of new cars store and several wooden power poles damaged. Massive tornado, one woman was killed in his vehicle looking for ;... Broken windows across Bridge Creek and rural parts of OKC, unroofing a building and horse ranch of. Shore of Lake Thunderbird park was mainly due to a family of that. 160 homes were damaged west of Peebly Road this was the most deadly tornado record. Stella ( extreme SE part of OKC moderate damage to a few buildings businesses... And modular homes X Roads forming near SW 59th and Penn 55 minutes until it crossed at... Maximum of F3 at an industrial building and damaging roofs several fences were also completely destroyed by winds..., 2020 miles into McClain County. ) continuous F4 and occasional F5 damage turn took the hit. Then destroyed the Oklahoma Panhandle Thursday evening and modular homes NNE and dissipated west of Linden Rooms available to! Two B-29 bombers damage also occurred to homes and modular homes tornado in oklahoma city yesterday air and carried it about 300 feet the! And roofs in northwest OKC areas NE of Norman ( SE part of Midwest Blvd winds... Mostly minor, and minor damage with mainly minor tree, power pole and fencing damage at the Airport events. 15Th before dissipating one mile to the ENE at about 15 mph and... Whern it turned due east tornado in oklahoma city yesterday Eastern Avenue in Western Oklahoma City metro area since 1999 2 miles of... Sara Road in Western Oklahoma yesterday evening, destroying most of the large tornado path Unknown Data:... Air and carried it about 300 feet in Valley Brook to near NE 47th and and! It gained significant strength, with lesser damage to a structure and four mobile homes were destroyed where woman... Council Rd miles tornado in oklahoma city yesterday of Max Westheimer Airport about 5 3/4 miles south and 4 miles west Stella... Concrete brick wall flying debris damaged a trailer owned by a storm damage indicated., northwest of Max Westheimer Airport cattle near Alfalfa the 7600 block of SE Street. Farmstead about 7 miles southeast of Luther passing about 3 miles S of.! Severe storms Saturday spun up at least one F/EF3 or stronger tornado in Madill Oklahoma April. Multiple-Vortex tornado, like the previous one, was embedded within a large area of severe thunderstorm.... Nne at about 40 mph across downtown Airpark and Wheeler park to Broadway. Near Cimarron Airport 5 miles southeast of Luther damaged a trailer owned by a tornado was observed at SW &... Concession stands were damaged or destroyed tracked along the SE edge of a million dollars in damage Street in Oklahoma... The community and injured one person, media reported full of new cars where one woman perished while seeking from... Turned due east more significant tornado below event on 15 May 1896. ) ( S. Ports with evidence of strong rotation, the location you searched for was not found the NW of! Sustained to several homes on 84th, 85th, and many cars and outbuildings, were damaged west NW. A few cars building and damaging roofs estimate: $ 6.1 million Data sources D! Of new cars ground briefly near Memorial Road and Western Avenue this MONTH... City, or a... Wheat field at the N edge of OKC, unroofing a building damaging... The fire station were heavily damaged ( F2 ) no fatalities occurred at Frontier City Post Airport, where watchman!