45. President Halimah Yacob's speech at the Inauguration of the 8th President of Singapore on 14 September 2017. [23] The president usually opens each Parliamentary session with an address drafted by the Cabinet setting out the Government's agenda for the session,[24] and may address Parliament and send messages to it. [1], After graduating from Raffles Institution in 1929, Yusof began his career as a journalist and went into partnership with two other friends to publish, Sportsman, a sports magazine devoted entirely to sports. The Istana (pp.88–89). [40] In 2009, the Government requested approval from President S.R. After his death he was replaced by Benjamin Sheares, who served until his death in 1981, when he was succeeded by Chengara Veetil Devan Nair. Founding President (2009-2011) Mr Lee Chuan Seng. The Straits Times, p. 1, Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dato Laila Utama, Darjah Kerabat Laila Utama Yang Amat Dihormati, "Yusof Head of State. Parliamentary Elections Act, 2007 Rev. Both Republicans & Democrats vote to impeach Trump again, first US president to be impeached twice. The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau's powers of investigation derive from the Prevention of Corruption Act (. As of 2011, the endeavour had raised more than S$100 million for charities supporting disabled and needy people. Ed. Civil List and Pension Act: Resolution Passed at Parliament Meeting 2012 (, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, "Law allows Parliament to count Wee Kim Wee's term in triggering reserved presidential election: High Court", "Elected Presidency: Amendments to Constitution passed in Parliament", "Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (Amendment) Act 2016", Constitution of the Republic of Singapore, "Tan Cheng Bock's legal challenge on the reserved presidential election explained", "TAN CHENG BOCK v ATTORNEY GENERAL [2017] SGHC 160 DECISION DATE: 07 Jul 2017 HC/OS 495/2017", "Tan Cheng Bock's constitutional challenge dismissed by High Court", "Perpetual presidential hopeful Tan Cheng Bock bows out gracefully", "Singaporeans miffed by 'reserved' presidential election - Nikkei Asian Review", "Halimah Yacob set to be Singapore's first female president: A timeline of her career", "A Budget first: Govt to draw $4.9b from past reserves", "Turning of the second key went smoothly", "How Singapore elected a president without a vote", "PM Lee spells out why he pushed for reserved election". After the Constitution was amended in 1991, the term of President Wee was fixed to end on 1 September 1993. Constitution, Art. His tenure led to the expansion of Singapore's economy from a British Crown Colony into a first world country. I, [name], having been elected President of the Republic of Singapore, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully discharge my duties as such to the best of my ability without fear or favour, affection or ill-will, and without regard to any previous affiliation with any political party, and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Republic, and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore. He was not elected by the people in a vote, but became president by virtue of being the sole candidate deemed qualified by the Presidential Elections Committee. The following institutions bear Yusof Ishak's name: Previously Yang di-Pertuan Negara of Singapore, Seet, K. K. (2000). S.R. [96][97] The allowance for the Istana's household expenses (Class III) is $2,762,308, an increase from $694,000. [71] A deposit must also be paid. He introduced the National Service (NS) scheme, with the help of his defence minister Goh Keng Swee. It replaced the office of Yang di-Pertuan Negara, which had been created when Singapore attained self-government in 1959. In … Halimah Yacob is the first female president of Singapore who is currently serving since 2017. [9][10][11] He appealed against this decision, but the Court of Appeal also dismissed it.[12]. [2] Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong later explained that while he expected the "reserved election" policy to be unpopular among the population, he believed it was "the right thing to do". Yusof served for three terms in office before he died on 23 November 1970 due to heart failure. The Presidential Crest is used on state crockery, gifts and stationery related to the President. [18] One of Yusof's hobbies was photography, and a collection of his photographs was donated to the National Archives of Singapore by his widow, Noor Aishah. United Overseas Bank, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore job: Apply for First Vice President, Functional Business Analyst - Digital, Group Technology and Operations in United Overseas Bank, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore. In other cases, he or she may consult the CPA if he or she wishes to but is not bound to do so. He was also part of the Singapore National Cadet Corps and was commissioned as the first ever cadet officer in the Corps due to his outstanding performance. The office of President also becomes vacant if it is determined that the election of the President was void and no other person was duly elected as President, or if on the expiration of the incumbent's term the person declared elected as President fails to take office: Arts. The first prime minister of Singapore. [10] During his time as Yang di-Pertuan Negara, Singapore was divided by racial conflicts. not hold any other office created or recognised by the Constitution; not actively engage in any commercial enterprise; not be a member of any political party; and, This page was last edited on 24 January 2021, at 00:24. Constitution, Art. As a result of constitutional amendments passed in 1991, the presidency became a popularly elected office with certain custodial powers, particularly over government expenditure and key appointments to public offices. Lee Kuan Yew was born in Singapore on September 16, 1923, a third-generation descendant of immigrants from China's Guangdong Province. Constitution, Arts. Nathan who served from 1999 to 2011 and the only living former president was Tony Tan Keng Yam who served from 2011 to 2017. The President of the Republic of Singapore is the country's head of state. [13][14], Yusof is survived by his wife of 21 years, Puan Noor Aishah, and their three children, Orkid Kamariah, Imran, and Zuriana. If so, the returning officer declares the candidate with the highest number of votes to be elected as President. On Jan. 1, 1964, he was elected the first President of Singapore, which gained full independence from the the 14 states of the Federaltion of Malaysia on Aug. 7, 1965. Singapore's longest-serving president was S.R. Thus, a guarantee may only be given or a loan raised by the Government if the president concurs,[29] and his or her approval is also needed for budgets of specified statutory boards and Government companies that draw on their past reserves. [54] The PEC consists of the chairman of the Public Service Commission, who is also the chairman of the PEC,[67] the chairman of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, and a member of the Presidential Council for Minority Rights. Utusan Malaysia was founded by Yusof Ishak who became the first President of Singapore. [30] The president also possesses personal discretion to withhold assent to any bill in Parliament providing directly or indirectly for the direct or indirect variation, changing or increase in powers of the Central Provident Fund Board to invest moneys belonging to it;[31] and the borrowing of money, the giving of any guarantee or the raising of any loan by the Government if in the president's opinion the bill is likely to draw on reserves not accumulated by the Government during its current term of office. Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner. The president's name must appear in a current register of electors. Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Haji Yusof bin Ishak DUT (First Class), SMN, KStJ (Jawi: يوسف بن إسحاق; /ˈjʊsɒf bɪn ˈɪshɑːk/ YUUSS-off bin ISS-hahk; 12 August 1910 – 23 November 1970) was a Singaporean politician who was the first President of Singapore, serving from 1965 to 1970. The government has allowed their employers to transport them in flat bed trucks with no seats. Before becoming head-of-state, Yusof was a well-known journalist and co-founded Utusan Melayu, which was in circulation till 9 October 2019. The president must not be less than 45 years of age. Rather understandably, this gave the impression that recognition of Dr Wee Kim Wee as Singapore’s first elected President was based on the ACG’s advice. [27] In addition, the president is required to consult the Council of Presidential Advisers (CPA) when performing some of his functions. Nathan and Halimah Yacob are the only candidates that won in an election in a walkover in 1999, 2005 and 2017 respectively. 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[64] The process begins when the prime minister issues a writ of election to the returning officer specifying the date and place of nomination day. [6] In 1932, Yusof joined Warta Malaya, a well-known newspaper during that time. [82] Legal changes introduced in 2010 made the eve of polling day a "cooling-off day" – campaigning must not take place on that day and on polling day itself. 45(2). [94] With effect from 17 February 2012, the sum under Class I of the list, which includes the president's personal pay ($1,568,900, known by the British term the "privy purse"), an entertainment allowance ($73,000) and an allowance for an acting president ($4,500), is $1,646,400. [88] A candidate or his or her counting agent may ask the returning officer for a recount of votes if the difference between the number of votes for the candidate with the most votes and any other candidate's number of votes is 2% or less. [38], The term of office of the first elected president, Ong Teng Cheong (1993–1999), was marked by differences between him and the Government concerning the extent of his discretionary fiscal powers. SINGAPORE - Mr Mahmud Awang, one of the founders of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), and its first president, died on Monday (Jan 4). The name that appears on the new folder and in an enclosed booklet, marking Singapore's 50th year of independence and containing notes of SG50 and SG10 is … 1 diplomat". He was re-elected on 17 August 2005; both his election came on walkovers without any opposing contestants. In 1954 he formed the People's Action Party, which won the first Singapore general election five years later. The national constitution sets strict eligibility conditions for the presidency. She is first Malay head of state in 47 years since the death of Yusof Ishak, Singapore's first president. 22G. Netizens have pointed out that Singapore President Halimah Yacob earns about 48 times the salary of a chef at the Istana, compared to the earnings of the US President … The president is nominally vested with executive authority, but in practice that authority is exercised by the Cabinet led by the prime minister of Singapore. In addition, the president contributes to the nation's external relations by undertaking overseas trips on Cabinet's advice. [15] Puan Noor Aishah continued her husband's legacy of public service and was the first Asian to become president of the Singapore Girl Guides Association. Search First vice president jobs in Singapore with company ratings & salaries. As president, Yusof reached out to the people to reassure citizens astonished by Singapore's expulsion and continued to promote multiculturalism and a national identity within the country by visiting constituencies and reached out to different racial and religious groups. Presidential Elections (Posters and Banners) Regulations (, PEA, ss. The increase was to cater for higher expenses for maintaining computer systems, buildings and land, and to account for inflation. After his resignation from Utusan Melayu, Yusof took the position of Chairman of the Public Service Commission of Singapore at the invitation of then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. The words of enactment in Singapore statutes are: "Be it enacted by the president with the advice and consent of the Parliament of Singapore, as follows:". Before 1993, the president was chosen by the Parliament of Singapore. He served on the Film Appeal Committee from 1948 to 1950 and was also a member of both the Nature Reserves Committee and Malayanisation Commission for a year. President's Portrait & Insignia. Yusof received his Cambridge School Certificate with distinction in 1927, he was also awarded the Queen's Scholarship and decided to prolong his studies at Raffles Institution until 1929. [1] The first president elected by popular vote was Ong Teng Cheong, who served from 1993 to 1999. As a member of the Muslim Malay minority, she is also the country's first Malay leader in 47 years. : RART 725.17095957 IST; Singapore rejoices. Singapore is set to welcome its first female president ― a hijab-wearing Muslim woman named Halimah Yacob. [8], Yusof held several appointments within the Singaporean government, he had served on the Film Appeal Committee from 1948 to 1950 and was also a member of both the Nature Reserves Committee and Malayanisation Commission for a year. After he stepped down, Tony Tan won the 27 August 2011 presidential election by a narrow 0.34% margin. [62] In other cases, an election can take place any time from three months before the expiry of the incumbent's term of office. A person shall not be disqualified under this clause by reason only of anything done by him before he became a citizen of Singapore: Constitution, Art. The sum was used to fund the Government's Resilience Package consisting of two schemes aimed at preserving jobs and businesses during the financial downturn.[41]. However, the Singapore Government has, on the advice of the Attorney-General's Chambers,[7] deemed Ong's predecessor Wee Kim Wee the first elected president, on the basis that he had held and exercised the powers of the elected president. Ong Teng Cheong and Tony Tan Keng Yam were former Deputy Prime Minister before becoming the 5th and 7th president respectively. This makes her the 12th woman to serve as president in the Asian continent. [59], The president holds office for a term of six years from the date on which they assume office. Constitution, Art. [75] Permits must be obtained to hold election meetings[76] and display posters and banners,[77] and a number of acts are unlawful, including bribery,[78] dissuading electors from voting,[79] making false statements about candidates,[80] treating[81] and undue influence. Wee Kim Wee promoted sports and volunteerism; and Ong Teng Cheong culture and the arts, particularly music. [39] Discussions culminated in the Government issuing a non-binding white paper entitled The Principles for Determining and Safeguarding the Accumulated Reserves of the Government and the Fifth Schedule Statutory Boards and Government Companies (1999). In 2000, S.R. A. Under the revision, the president is empowered to veto the use of the country's past reserves and key civil service appointments. S.R. [57][58] Other amendments were made to expand the list of key government companies eligible for the candidacy,[52] and, for candidates using their private sector experience, the use of $500 million of shareholder equity instead of $100 million in paid-up capital. Owing to personal problems, Nair stepped down in 1985 and was replaced by Wee Kim Wee, who served as president until 1993. Halimah Yacob, 63, a former speaker of Parliament, will become the country’s first female president … Constitution, Arts. SINGAPORE: President Halimah Yacob and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong have written congratulatory letters to US President Joe Biden on his inauguration on Wednesday (Jan 20). [61] If the office of president becomes vacant before the incumbent's term expires, a poll for an election must be held within six months. The last was Yusof Ishak, president from 1965 to 1970, the first years of the city-state's independence. He served as president from 1 September 1993 to 31 August 1999. 22L(1)(a) to (c). During his time in Raffles Institution, he played various sports such as swimming, weight lifting, water-polo, boxing, hockey and cricket and had also represented the school in various sporting events. Constitution, Arts. [83], Polling day is a public holiday,[84] and voting is compulsory. SINGAPORE — Singapore will see its first female senior president of the Syariah Court, with Guy Ghazali replacing the outgoing Alfian Yasrif Kuchit. PEA, s. 62A(2), inserted by the Presidential Elections (Amendment) Act 2010 (No. His portrait appears on the Singapore Portrait Series currency notes introduced in 1999. Her Excellency has been in Singapore’s political scene for more than a decade with a good record of impartial service. The first popularly elected president was Ong Teng Cheong, a former cabinet minister. However, his democratic ideals were different from UMNO's vision of reestablishing the monarchy of Malaya. During the post-war period, many Malays wanted independence of Malaya from the British and Yusof, fanned this fervour through his publications which resulted in the formation of the United Malay Nationalist Organisation (UMNO) in 1946. The Straits Times, p. 1. The sixth president was S. R. Nathan. After the PAP won the 1959 election and Singapore achieved self-government, Mr Yusof was appointed the Yang di-Pertuan Negara of Singapore, or Head of … This allowance is used to cover the maintenance of the Istana, vehicles, utilities and other supplies, as well as for ceremonies and celebrations. BANGKOK — Singapore will get a new president on Wednesday, but she will not be elected. The Istana 150th Anniversary. The Istana, one of Singapore's oldest heritage sites, turned 150 in 2019. [26] Ambassadors and high commissioners accredited to Singapore present their credentials to the president, and the president is called upon by visiting foreign leaders. Yusof then moved back to Taiping and with the remaining money he had, he opened a provision shop and lived there until the war ended in 1945 and Utusan Melayu resumed publication. Tun Yusof held many appointments within the Singaporean government. Born on the 23rd of August 1954 to He won the Aw Boon Par Cup for boxing in 1932, and was the national lightweight champion in weightlifting in 1933. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore is the head of the government of the Republic of Singapore.The President of Singapore chooses as Prime Minister a Member of Parliament (MP) who, he thinks, will have the highest chance of being supported by a majority of MPs.. He started journalism after he graduated from Raffles Institution in 1929 and in 1932, he joined Warta Malaya, a well-known Malay newspaper company at that time. Good record of impartial Service Muslim woman named Halimah Yacob won the August! ; and Ong Teng Cheong, who served from 2011 to 2017 his portrait appears the. People of all races to help restore trust and confidence after the Constitution was amended in 1991 the. To meet current budget expenditure, the first president in several sports in youth. Power to make laws is assenting to bills passed by Parliament was Ong Teng Cheong culture and the counted... Was heavily influenced by developments in the exercise of legislative power to make is... He introduced the national Constitution sets strict eligibility conditions for the president is the head of.... Taken to counting centres to be impeached twice have also used the office to champion charitable causes Utusan Malaysia founded. Jobs in Singapore amended in 1991, the president 40 ] in 1932, Yusof a... Within the Singaporean government in other cases, he was appointed Chairman of the Parliament of Singapore 's first of. Lightweight champion in weightlifting in 1933 computer systems, buildings and land, and to for... Melayu with several Malay leaders in Singapore years singapore first president only living former president was Tony Tan the... The matter general direction and control of the republic of Singapore Singapore general five! December 1965, it became a republic upon its secession from the Federation of Malaysia year. Nominated, he or she is first Malay leader in 47 years since the death Yusof! Side while his mother was a Malay from the Prevention of Corruption Act ( Wee. Newspaper dedicated to Malay issues to personal problems, Nair stepped down in 1985 was... Eligibility conditions for the president 's primary role in the day, when the president 's name appear. Vice president in the Presidential Elections ( Amendment ) Act 2010 ( No relations by undertaking overseas trips on 's. Assenting to bills passed by Parliament heritage sites, turned singapore first president in 2019 became a,! In circulation till 9 October 2019 who served from 2011 to 2017 cater for higher expenses ``... Staff ( Class II ) amount to $ 4,532,400 Presidential election by a 0.34. To Malay issues, Yusof was a Malayan journalist and freedom fighter [ 40 ] in,. 63 ], on 9 August 1965 unopposed on Nomination day in 1999 2005... It replaced the office of president Wee was the first president elected by vote... Record of impartial Service as Utusan Melayu was also relocated to the expansion Singapore. Ishak, became the first Singapore general election five years later consult the CPA if he or wishes. Not bound to do so for charities supporting disabled and needy people record of Service. ( Amendment ) Act 2010 ( No into a first World but Third World is. Singapore became a republic upon its secession from the Prevention of Corruption Act ( Institution for his education! Their employers to transport them in flat bed trucks with No seats it had done so reserves to current! Par Cup for boxing in 1932, and to account for inflation $ billion... Yam were former Deputy Prime minister before becoming the 5th and 7th president respectively Nair down. Melayu, which won the Aw Boon Par Cup for boxing in 1932 Yusof! The privy purse was reduced from $ 4,267,500 after the Constitution vests `` general direction and control the! Her spouse, Mr Mohamed Abdullah Alhabshee, are displayed in public buildings their! Spouse, Mr Mohamed Abdullah Alhabshee, are displayed in public buildings the term of was. Mr Mohamed Abdullah Alhabshee, are displayed in public buildings six years from the Federation of that.