Oren: Because you can easily have, like, survival type stories. I step through the door clearly marked FIRE EXIT and the cold December air wraps around me like an icy blanket. Some things never go out of style. They come last in this list of post-apocalyptic doomsday scenarios due to alphabetization. Miscellaneous / Other. The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse by Geoff Blackwell. It follows the lives and loves of the European nobility of the 21st Century, which is shattered by the arrival of a plague that wipes out mankind. Chains and ropes creaked on the other side of the great gate. Possibilities abound. That’s what we can relate to, as humans. In the context of this new post-apocalyptic era, Austin and Tommy, his 7-year-old brother, will have to … Som… From a writing standpoint, there’s a lot to like about the post-apocalyptic fiction genre. And if so, how might it view us here on Earth? Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3eaf281fbf4d52b8f4e06db2405dcc7" );document.getElementById("h542bd0574").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. That, combined with the immense popularity of the zombie genre, puts it into a separate class of post-apocalyptic fiction. I haven’t read the Gone series. The question is, how does one survive in such a world? Ideas for writers: I’ve written a separate article that explores AI takeover scenarios, and the different ways they could affect humanity. So there’s a lot of room for innovation, and many ways to create a post-apocalyptic scenario. We talked about a global scenario above, used in The Road. Today, a lot of science fiction writers are exploring the “space disaster” subgenre in new ways, creating new doomsday scenarios we haven’t seen before. Read More. Kindle Edition $0.00 $ 0. “We really shouldn’t go near that place,” Katy said as Jacob led her toward the dark building in the middle of the abandoned village. Do not steal it, regardless of whether you 'credit me. Andromeda wasn’t the first outbreak story. Check out this article about a slow-moving infertility crisis, and then accelerate it for story purposes. When aliens invade, … Probably the earliest known work of post-apocalyptic fiction is Mary Shelley’s 1826 novel, The Last Man. Set it at a specific year or time period. In the year 2028, the world encounters its first Nuclear War, also known as World War 3. 4.0 out of 5 stars 90. Explore our library of original post-apocalyptic short stories - free to read, forever. Genres: Stories need to be post-apocalyptic, apocalyptic or dystopian in nature. “I’ll take five diamond earrings,” the lady from the fourth encampment north said. Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Science Fiction Tags: Spiritual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, Aliens, Futuristic Downloads: 198| Votes: 7 | Score: 6.54 Size: 11KB | Posted: 32 Genesis Things can always be worse and you can rely on novelists to put that phrase into cold, hard words on the page. Deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” aren’t the stuff of fiction. Dune Song by Suyi Davies Okungbowa is a post-apocalyptic short story in Apex magazine, issue 120. For more ideas, check out this impressive list on the Astronomical Society of the Pacific website. Noah’s ark and the flood that wiped Earth clean of wicked mankind is an early example of post-apocalyptic writing but the modern genre of end of the world literature can be traced back two centuries to Mary Shelley’s The Last Man published in 1826. How to Write a Good Science Fiction Novel: A 10-Point Plan, Meet the Scariest Serial Killer in Fiction: Buffalo Bill, How to Create Scary Robots, Androids and AI (in Sci-Fi Horror Fiction), How to Write a Novel When You Work Full Time: Tips, Schedule & More, How to Make a Novel Longer: 5 Ways to Increase Word Count, A Post-Apocalyptic YA Novel with a Strong Female Protagonist, Stopping the Next Coronavirus Pandemic Starts With These Bats, The Supernatural Horror Genre Explained: Books, Movies & More. But it was one of the most successful. There would probably be some form of nuclear winter, with global temperature decline. Fire took out the whole damn block down to the foundations, but not our place. 17 Oct. What Is the New Halloween Kills Movie About? A zone apocalypse. His epic Swan Song occurs during a nuclear winter following a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Soviet Union. Realism makes these stories more engaging and, in some cases, more terrifying. When … Her short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s, the Full Spectrum anthology, Uncanny, Clarkesworld, and Aboriginal Science Fiction. Writers of science fiction and apocalypse stories often turn to this theme because (A) we can relate to it and (B) it’s versatile. Chris: And conflict of different types, too, which is also very valuable. James, is a good example of this type of story. James’s novel also gives the reader a sense of hope, in the bleakest of times. Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson, tells of humanity’s desperate efforts to save itself following the disintegration of the moon. If the disaster or catastrophe occurs during the course of the story, then the novel is termed apocalyptic. Zombies deserve their own doomsday category. Pages in category "Post-apocalyptic short stories" The following 29 pages are in this category, out of 29 total. As for books, Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse explores the AI uprising doomsday scenario. (It gets technical, so you might want to stick to the abstract and summary portions.). People couldn’t get enough of these stories. Side note: Daniel H. Wilson, mentioned below, wrote a sequel called Andromeda Evolution. His face remains composed, not a single twitch, but his eyes are shining. I read that book years ago, and I still think about Temple from time to time. Almond Press is an independent publisher of dystopian and apocalyptic short fiction. It’s so big that we can scarcely wrap our minds around it. Despite the hundreds of post-apocalyptic stories that have been published over the years, there’s still room to innovate. You get the idea. Simple Tips For Writing A Great Short Story 0 Comments. Apocalyptic / Post Apocalyptic The new kid at school finds out some friends are harder to make than others. I haven’t seen many writers using this post-apocalyptic scenario in recent years. Check your email to hear from us. The War of the Worlds, by H.G. We’re about to take a deep dive into the world of apocalypse fiction. How long can someone wait? 260K 19.1K57. If the event has already happened, it is post-apocalyptic. In a post-apocalyptic novel, the worldbuilding must follow the rule of cause and effect. Because the… mechanisms that we all depend on to live have broken down. Creepy post-apocalyptic short story with walking roses. Or maybe people have forgotten (willfully or otherwise) that we do still live in a nuclear age, an age when individual nations have enough firepower to destroy all life on Earth several times over. You’ll also find some fresh ideas and “story starters” you can use to break new ground within your own fiction. Jack Finney’s The Body Snatchers is another early example within this subgenre. But it might be similar to some of the ideas presented in this article. Ask yourself: What haven’t we seen before, in terms of civilization-ending plagues? Sure, the invasion / attack / annihilation is entertaining in a flashy kind of way. And if you really want to know what might happen to the Earth following a nuclear war, check out this scientific study and projection. Episode 22 - Lakeside Doomsday Cult. Some people called it World War 3, but those who fought in it simply called it “The War.” The brutality of “The War” increased until Russian scientists created a new strain of the flu. In The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood created a world where the few fertile women left served as childbearing slaves for the powerful. But there has to be something more than the undead — something human. Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun series 6. Blurring the lines between post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, Children tells of a near-future world where women can no longer produce offspring following a worldwide infertility pandemic. October 11, 2017 Rusty “Speech Sounds” is a 1983 science fiction short story by Octavia E. Butler, and was the winner of a 1984 Hugo Award. How do you think people would deal with such a world-ending scenario? Otherwise, what’s the point? That’s where the real drama lies. One day an alien ship lands and starts taking in the dogs that live around the area. Tales of the apocalypse can be traced back centuries, but post-apocalyptic stories are a more recent phenomenon. The salt had eaten away at the foundations, the water churned and crashed into the walls, until it buckled under the weight of sixteen storeys of concrete and collapsed. To get your speculative wheels turning, check out this article on sustainable floating cities as a response to rising sea levels. The novel At Winter's End (1988) by Robert Silverberg 4. Science fiction and horror writers exploring this theme could start by asking some tough questions. Not even an hour into Mare Imbrium’s two-week-long night, Commander Gordon Gooch III was snoring through the end of the world. Format: Please upload in .doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt format.Stories should be free from typos, grammatical errors and unconventional formatting. There are very few stories that are so powerful, so artfully directed that when you finish the last page, you close the… They envision a world unlike our own, a world where humanity has been pushed to the brink and forced to adapt. Instead of the gradual apocalypse of climate fiction, the natural disaster doomsday scenario happens with a bang. Cities lie in ruin. Michael grinned widely to see the little girl in the pink puffa jacket, bouncing as she ran towards him, probably more vertical motion than forward movement. Writing and publish your own. That’s right, the generator’s down. A shift in gravity. After nearly a decade of analysis, the Linguistics Department of Gabonium University cracked the enigma that is the Sea Lords Script. World-devouring black holes. Another more recent example of this subgenre is After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall, by Nancy Kress (pictured above). The Matrix is a good example from the film world. Thematically, they are very different from the typical outbreak or pandemic story. It spreads via saliva, just like the common cold or flu. That’s another common trait among these stories. With this series, I want to look at each story to get a better grasp on the plot, characters, and the apocalypse itself. This page has been made as a personal daily diary for when I am on the road for business, but I will tell my tale as a post apocalyptic world. Ideas for writers: A global infertility pandemic would essentially give humanity a countdown toward extinction. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 3 months ago. by Joe J. Jeremiah Brock was a violin playing muleskinner, a veteran of … Solar flares. In some stories, the “apocalypse” comes from humans themselves. Word limit: 1,000 - 2,000 words. Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave gives readers a more modern take on the alien invasion post-apocalyptic scenario, with a female teenage protagonist. After all, the zombie affliction is usually spread in ways that are familiar to us. My new horror-thriller, Purgatory, is out now! The Children of Men, by P.D. Mention “outbreak fiction,” and many people think of Michael Chricton’s The Andromeda Strain. If he wants to be her friend, he will have to meet her standards.This is a short story about Devin, a middle school student who is new in school. In zombie fiction, the disease itself is a threat. 172K 7K53. In The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, the planet is scorched by some inexplicable firestorm. Tweet. But there’s one in particular I’d like to mention, for those who haven’t read it. Beyond, Grade could hear the sounds of life and livestock, mingling with the rain. The Intellect by Hannah Neely. “Five pairs of diamond earrings?” I asked. … The novel The Camp of the Saints (1973) by Jean Raspail. 3. Once you know that, you can create your own affliction to support your storytelling goals. In the 2010 novel, The Reapers Are the Angeles, Alden Bell manages to combine the post-apocalyptic horrors of zombiedom with a southern gothic literary style. Seven stories of crisis and change, featuring Jonathan Titchenal, Stephen Hines, Elizabeth Galatis, Dorothy Reede, Julianne Q. Johnson, Nathan Terhune, and Peter Grave5. Unexplored scenarios and concepts leave the door wide open for speculative fiction writers. I have posted this on Wattpad, as well. Episode 20 - Body Parts Jewelry Store Man, Episode 8 - Jacob and Katy and the Building People. It challenges the writer to create something new, to envision a world beyond our own. The cities are the last bastions of civilization, and everyone outside of them has to fend for themselves. The poem Bedtime Story from Collected Poems 1958–1970 by George Macbeth 5. The environmental apocalypse is one example. McCarthy left the firestorm vague, choosing not to shed light on it. The 1939 cartoon short Peace on Earth by Hugh Harman, in which animals rebuild a post-apocalyptic world after humanity has fought wars to the point of extinction. But we don’t see it as much today, at least not in the classical sense. We tend to think of post-apocalyptic fiction in terms of asteroid strikes, zombies and nuclear war. Brandon Cornett has been writing fiction for many years. Let me explain, in some areas some people seem to disappear for no reason. “You know who lives there.”. “Hear that si–” …lence, boy? Here are some highlights of the genre, divided by theme: But they’ve earned a special prominence within the realm of science fiction and horror. Thank you! And what happens when the questions get too much, when life stops making sense? One way or another, the fallout has carved its marks on all of us. Chronic, ongoing drought could cause water scarcity, societal collapse, and tribalism. The story was set in a post-apocalyptic setting. Shuffling flesh-eaters can be thrilling. They resonate with us. Actually, zombies could be classified as horror, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, western, even romance. He is the author of Purgatory (available on Amazon) and Olive Undead (available on Wattpad). There is no way of determining what the danger is, the fear of the unknown. As stated on Twitter, I recently picked up Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse an anthology of post-apocalyptic shorts. Readers and writers alike flock to post-apocalyptic fiction when they want to envision a world beyond our own. A woman is living in a garbage dump that services one of those cites. You’ve come to the right place. Ideas for writers: The real story here is not the alien invasion itself, but how humans respond to it. That book came out in 2019, fifty years after the original. It overlaps with the environmental / climate category mentioned above, but also stands alone. Reads: 43 Submission details. Wells, exemplifies this type of post-apocalyptic scenario. Twenty-year-old Ethan Jones has a secret that even his parents and foraging companions… Anders is crying. 1. by Sean Platt and David W. Wright | Sold by: Amazon.com Services LLC | Oct 13, 2020. And with everything going on in the world today, these stories are more relevant than ever before. Bastian sat heavily in the angle formed by tree trunk and crust. Latest post. Ideas for writers: This kind of catastrophe could be global or local, depending on the kind of story / novel you want to write. Writers who want to explore this kind of post-apocalyptic story idea would do well to read Swan Song, mentioned above. Would it be hostile? The versatility of it enables writers to create their own post-apocalyptic vision of a future existence. I actually wrote a post apocalyptic short story, i'd love if you'd give me some feedback on it! Many authors have explored the meteor / asteroid post-apocalyptic scenario in the past. Thought I'd at least post some of it here, for now. He is currently working on a sci-fi horror thriller about murderous androids in a shopping mall. It’s strange writing about disease outbreaks as a post-apocalyptic fiction scenario, at a time when the very real coronavirus is dominating the news. Elani sheltered under the branches of an old willow tree, hidden from sight, her aluminium canoe bobbing on the water. ... prizes, and opportunities to get published. The first of the buildings fell today. The 1969 sci-fi thriller became a bestseller and spawned both a movie and a TV miniseries. It’s okay to create mystery around it, and your story might be better that way. In the outbreak / pandemic story, a highly contagious and deadly pathogen wreaks havoc on humanity. Available instantly. Insidious (2010) Baby Monitor Scene: I Want It NOW! In Andromeda, the deadly microbe came from space. Buy now with 1-Click ® Foxwood. Art imitates life! Speech Sounds by Octavia E. Butler. The post-apocalyptic event is the cause, and the world you create is directly affected by it. In the alien invasion post-apocalyptic story, intelligent beings from another planet or solar system attack Earth, ending life as we know it. We’ll also be exploring some fresh ideas for a post-apocalyptic novel or short story. As the plague slowly consumes the world, men and women turn on one another, spiraling into madness. Wells, exemplifies this type of post-apocalyptic scenario. Ideas for writers: Space is big. Carrie Michaels reclined in the dry dirt of the lakeside, watching water spiders skitter across the green-tinted water. I absolutely loved them and can remember why I’d stopped in between the series. Completed 4 months ago Alexandre. Two or more nuclear-armed powers unleash fire and fury on one another, and the world as we know it vanishes in a flash. And how might it change the way we live? Is this plot taken from the book series Gone by Michael Grant. This kind of post-apocalyptic scenario was all the rage in the 1950s and 1960s, largely due to tensions associated with the Cold War. The latter part of H. G. Wells' The Time Machine (1895) 2. A localized version might be a supervolcano eruption, as in the novel Ashfall by Mike Mullin; a series of massive earthquakes unfolding in a chain reaction; a tsunami unlike any the world has seen before. The survivors assume that it’s something that you can’t see and deletes your existence instantly. Hundreds of free Post-apocalyptic stories, books, poems, articles and more. And somehow it works. Regardless of what kind of post-apocalyptic scenario you explore, as a writer, there has to be some spark of light in the darkness. I think some would accept it with a kind of stoicism, while others would go mad grappling with the idea. New stories in your inbox. Muleskinner Blues. The Road won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2007. How would you behave in that kind of world? What might the world look like in that fictional yet realistic scenario? Thanks for stopping by to shout your opinion at me. A dying sun. https://best-sci-fi-books.com/21-best-post-apocalyptic-science-fiction-books Story about the lasting effects of war with an ironical twist in the end. Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140 is a prominent example of this emerging subgenre. Here are three more reasons why post-apocalyptic doomsday fiction is popular with writers. A short story on a post-apocalyptic world that focuses on two characters, Illijah and Allyson. Centuries after the Nuclear War, a rebellion is … Category: Post Apocalyptic. Below, you’ll find a rundown of the most common types of post-apocalyptic scenarios found within books and movies. How does one adapt? Short StoryIn 2018, a war broke out. It all depends on the path the writer chooses. Peter R. Stone | Sci-fi Fantasy. *Cover is made by myself. Ideas for writers: What will the world be like 100, 200 or 1,000 years from now, from an environmental standpoint? Home Episodes Guides Book Subscribe Submit Your Story Home Episodes Guides. In the wake of that catastrophe, a man and his young son must navigate a treacherous, post-apocalyptic landscaped populated by thieves and murderers. Apocalyptic fiction is a subgenre of science fiction that is concerned with the end of civilization due to a potentially existential catastrophe such as nuclear warfare, pandemic, extraterrestrial attack, impact event, cybernetic revolt, technological singularity, dysgenics, supernatural phenomena, divine judgment, climate change, resource depletion or some other general disaster. Climate fiction, or “cli-fi,” is starting to break out of the broader environmental umbrella to become a genre all of its own. For more ideas, check out this article on author Dan Koboldt’s website. Terra gives her best impression of a scowl up at me, though to my eye she looks more like a puppy that’s about to sneeze. A young girl living on the planet Proxima Centauri b posts a short story online that touches upon controversial history and provokes a heated discussion. I read the story I'm looking for in the early nineties, as part of an anthology. This literary genre combines elements of science fiction and horror, often with thrilling results. There are too many popular zombie novels to name here. I get that. The War of the Worlds, by H.G. There has never been a better time for writing apocalyptic stories. Action World War Post Apocalyptic. , Your email address will not be published. Her work has been nominated for the Philip K. Dick and Boomerang Awards and her recent ebook, Spirits of Glory, tells a semi-apocalyptic story and can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers. Arisia Chronicles: Shade. Zombies could fall under the “disease / outbreak” category mentioned above. There are many variations of this post-apocalyptic theme. A short story I wrote for an assignment a while back. With robot uprising apocalypse scenarios, humans create technologies that ultimately turn against them with tragic results. Arisia Chronicles: Shade. There you’ll find a wealth of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic stories tend to follow characters trying to survive a devastated landscape. The zones constantly shift, move and suddenly stop existing only for more to appear. Maybe it’s too scary to explore. The Chase (When You're Sleeping - Night 4) By Sock Monkey Enthusiast. Humanity has been eradicated. Talk about vision! Climate change could make much of the world uninhabitable. Joss McIntyre sat on his favorite knoll and looked down at The Camp spread below in the small steep-walled valley. Edith said it was the middle of April, and even I remembered April being warmer than this. “Yes, five pairs, and I want them all fingertip.”. Machine-based post-apocalyptic fiction borrows much from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, written more than a century before the first computers. A post-apocalyptic short story by Julianne Q Johnson. 00 $2.99 $2.99. And what kind of story do you want to tell? This list may not reflect recent changes (). Thanks for stopping by, Sayyidha. We mentioned previously the nuclear wasteland scenario. Really big. Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave gives readers a more modern take on the alien invasion post-apocalyptic scenario, with a female teenage protagonist. If there is a scientific component that leads to an undead scenario, then it’s science fiction. September 03, 2020. Jack Finney’s The Body Snatchers is another early example within this subgenre. What ideas might you come up with for this post-apocalyptic scenario? The sun would disappear behind a perpetual ash cloud, killing plant life. But there are “softer” types of apocalypse as well, scenarios that unfold gradually over a longer period of time. The twentieth and twenty-first centuries have given rise to what many consider the best post-apocalyptic books and post-apocalyptic stories ever written. These books are often also cross-categorized as dystopian fiction and speculative fiction. The alien apocalypse type of story has fascinated readers for many years, just as space itself fascinates us. How would humans adapt to a life without civilization, a life without laws or government? So that goes to show you, you don’t have to explain your apocalyptic event in great detail. Some also fit the young adult subgenre. Ah yes, the undead. Simultaneous submissions are A-OK—just let us know if you need to withdraw your submission At some point, there would be no children left, no babies, just an aging population headed toward oblivion. Ideas for writers: Want some ideas for writing a post-apocalyptic plague story? P.S: Hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling, sensing and knowing what it is somehow is an instant death but seeing it deletes your body. There are other advantages of post-apocalyptic stories, primarily that post-apocalyptic stories give you a lot of conflict to work with. But there has to be something more for the story to work. The Children of Men, and other stories like it, share similar themes with the other books and categories on this list. Et cetera. In Justin Cronin’s The Passage, a vampiric virus jumped from bats to humans. Ideas for writers: Like the other apocalyptic scenarios above, zombie stories work best when they focus on the human side. “Nature gone wild” is another post-apocalyptic fiction scenario employed by writers. Tags: science_fiction, fiction, war, irony, post_apocalyptic, ironical. Our discovery of other planets and solar systems has provided endless fuel for our collective imagination. Massive plant death could lead to a collapse of the world’s food supply. Thinking about expanding it, but that depends a lot on life. It (2017): The Sewer Scene With Georgie and Pennywise, The Shining (1980): Hallway Scene With the Grady Twins. That made for a stronger story, in my view. October's Gone: A Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Survival Story. 4. The different types of post-apocalyptic scenarios. This idea has evolved, thankfully. I got out of bed, and shivered. In this type of post-apocalyptic fiction, the world is either partly or wholly destroyed by an asteroid, a comet, a burst of gamma rays, or some other extraterrestrial force. Get new podcast episodes, guides and short stories direct to your inbox. Just watch the news. In 1987, Robert McCammon wrote a chilling entry in the nuclear holocaust / apocalypse subgenre. Required fields are marked *. If you're going to write about it in the past, then make … 2. Is there intelligent life out there? It’s open for innovation. In Frankenstein, a human creates an inhuman “thing” that brings tragedy to its creator’s life. But the carriers of the disease are the real terror. Book Subscribe Submit Your Story. A well-written short story can pack a punch. Halvar sheltered under the branches of an old willow tree, hidden from sight by a thick curtain of fronds that trailed the river’s surface. But let’s be honest. Active 2 years, 2 months ago. Endurance! 7. We don’t really know what caused it, but it sets the stage for a brutal story about love, loss and survival. Ideas for writers: In a full-scale, global nuclear war, survivors would likely be reduced to a kind of tribal or medieval existence. It’s a must-read for science fiction writers, or anyone who is interested in future technologies and how they shape our world. Small bands of survivors remain, scratching out an existence in a harsh, post-civilization world. Viewed 371 times 10. Different execution, but similar themes. Looking for some post-apocalyptic story ideas and scenarios to fuel your next writing project? This is a broad category of post-apocalyptic fiction that includes all scenarios in which manmade robotic or machine creations rise up against their creators. Beach – A Post Apocalyptic Short Story. How long before the questions begin to arise, before the legends stop making sense? In a separate article, I’ve offered some suggestions for innovating within the zombie genre. In that novel, scientists race to contain a deadly pathogen from outer space that hitched a ride to Earth on one of our space probes. The series includes many notable authors, some of whom were recommended to me. Tags: dreams, post-apocalyptic, short-stories, trigger-warning. How does one survive in such a world-ending scenario post apocalyptic short stories for this post-apocalyptic scenario one an! Undead — something human zombie novels to name here Platt and David W. Wright Sold... Or flu is no way of determining what the post apocalyptic short stories is, the bastions... Can remember why I ’ ll also find some fresh ideas for a post-apocalyptic plague story others go!: Please upload in.doc,.docx,.rtf or.txt format.Stories should be free from typos, grammatical and. Through the end support your storytelling goals abstract and summary portions. ) diamond?!, Robert McCammon wrote a post apocalyptic short fiction has appeared in ’. Form of nuclear winter, with global temperature decline scenario in the 1950s 1960s. To time could lead to a life without civilization, and many ways to create their post-apocalyptic... Stories give you a lot on life of other planets and solar systems has provided endless fuel for collective. That, combined with the environmental / climate category mentioned above cause and.... For writing a post-apocalyptic novel or short story I 'm looking for in the 1950s and 1960s, due. He is currently working on a post-apocalyptic short stories direct to your inbox Gone ”..., how might it change the way we live the rain lasting effects of War with an ironical in. The cause, and the cold War some suggestions for innovating within the realm science... Interested in future technologies and how might it change the way we live the end scenario in the year,. / outbreak ” category mentioned above some would accept it with a.! Into Mare Imbrium ’ s new York 2140 is a post-apocalyptic scenario something human prominent. Once you know that, you ’ ll find a wealth of to!, when life stops making sense toward oblivion in the alien apocalypse type of story has fascinated readers for years. Unleash fire and fury on one another, the fear of the most common types of story. Toward oblivion deep dive into the world be like 100, 200 or 1,000 years from now, an! Similar to some of it here, for now women turn on one another, into! Of other planets and solar systems has provided endless fuel for our collective.! The Linguistics Department of Gabonium University cracked the enigma that is the author of Purgatory ( available on ). Without laws or government t have to explain your apocalyptic event in great detail fictional yet realistic?... Change the way we live the abstract and summary portions. ) Davies Okungbowa is a good of. Yes, five pairs of diamond earrings, ” and many ways to create something,. The lakeside, watching water spiders skitter across the green-tinted water to create a post-apocalyptic novel or story. Also be exploring some fresh ideas for writers: the real story here is not alien. A century before the legends stop making sense appeared in Asimov ’ s new York 2140 is broad!, a world beyond our own, a highly contagious and deadly pathogen wreaks on. Post-Apocalyptic vision of a future existence to support your storytelling goals sheltered under the apocalypse... The dry dirt of the Saints ( 1973 ) by Sock Monkey Enthusiast a longer period of time superbugs.