He has immense strength that Gintoki fears a lot, one shot Ougai very casually. 4: Kamui: I place him higher than Housen, because I think the amount of reinforcements Gin needed to defeat him is higher than the amount he used to defeat Housen, still sun is a thing, so I think this is pretty debateable. Abuto and Mutsu would probably lose to the Joui 3, and Ougai should be closer to Housen, and Hedoro even higher. Uh I don't think this kind of ranking can work with Gintama. Oboro may refer to: . Jiraia, Jirocho, Sougo/Nobume, Ougai, maybe Ikemon(i think he and his sister get often underestimated), maybe Abuto and maybe Yato mode Kagura(both are also very hard to place). 4. Zenzo is Gintoki's equal according to Sorachi, and Jiraia is clear 6th at least. But just for fun: 1- Utsuro 2- Kouka 3- Umibozu/Housen 4- Gedomaru/Hedoro 5- Gintoki/Takasugi/Katsura/Kamui/ 6- Mutsu/Jirocho/Oboro/Zenzo 7- Nobume/Sougo/Kagura/Jiraia 8- Hijikata/Isaburo/Kondo 9- Abuto. According to sorachi gintoki, takasugi, katsura, Oboro, and zenzo are equal in strength. His palm thrust was powerful enough to heavily injure Gintoki not just once but twice. Jirocho only defeated Gintoki because Gintoki was at his most vulnerable state (that is, blind rage). He is also the first disciple of Utsuro), Hakkei Martial Art, acupuncture points and paralysis/poison needles ignores conventional durability, Speed: At least Hypersonic (Can match the likes of Gintoki or Takasugi), Lifting Strength: Unknown (could be like Gintoki's), Durability: City level (Can survive after withstanding a deadly attack from Gintoki), Stamina: Very High Stamina (Fought against many Samurai like Gintoki, Katsura and Takasugi. 7. And Housen ? 4. I dont think it is possible to make a ranking like that for Gintama, since all characters have the potential to beat the other, especially when it comes to sword vs fist. Yep Umibouzu comes first no doubt. Also he once fought againstGintoki Sakataduring in the Amanto War but wasn't able to kill him. Kagerou vs Oboro. He was trained in the Tensho School, where he mastered the use of poison needles, acupuncture points and the Martial arts Hakkei. 10: shokaku/ jirocho/ batou/ sougo; these are all characters who showed skill close to that of the joi 4. 8/9/10+ In I dunno what order is but I think its: Jirocho, Jiraia, Ougai, Oboro and takasugi(Maybe Zura?). Oboro(朧?) Long ago deep in the mountains of Japan, an ancient tribe of warriors and mystics, the Oboro-shu (朧衆The Oboro Tribe), helped protect Japan from evil in its many forms, guarding various artifacts of great importance to the battle against the dark forces. Understanding the relationship between Takasugi and Gintoki. Kagura should move up a tier, she's basically Sougo's equal. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 4 Navigation Oboro has medium length white hair and blue eyes. Video of Gintama - Gintoki vs Oboro Intense Fight! Why are Jiraia and Jirocho ahead? Kagura isn't shit to Kamui unless she goes Yato mode, without it she isn't much stronger than Gintoki. And Utsuro who is immortal. Takasugi vs Oboro and Oboro's past is revealed. Throw in Mutsu and Abuto imo too. Un día cómo hoy, pero de hace 4 años se estaba estrenado la adaptaci... ón anime del arco de Rakuyou, uno de los arcos más icónicos de Gintama. Seeing him at the brink of death, Utsuro (at that time Yoshida Shouyou and still part of the Naraku), calling himself the reason for Obor… 5. 5: Housen: Like above, decently stronger than Gintoki. Japanese destroyer Oboro, two destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy Fiction. As for the primary difference, Tororo Kombu is usually produced by the machine and comes in thread form, while Oboro Kombu are very thin, dry sheets of kelp, which are made by artisan’s hand labor. -Vice Admiral Vergo, Donquixote Doflamingo's Head subordinateVS.- Oboro,the current leader of the Tensho School and the strongest assassin within the Master Swordmanship: He wields a shakujō staff with a hidden blade inside, along with a Katana which he seems to be very skilled with. Oboro(朧) is the current leader of the Tensho School and the strongest assassin with in theNaraku Faction. Oboro, located in Port Jeuno at (E-6) at the bottom of the stairs; offers various weapon creation, reforging, and augmentation services.. This is a subreddit dedicated to the anime and manga *Gintama(Silver Soul)*. 9 Yagyu 4 deva, Saigou, Pirako, Sacchan : Strong human but i doubt they can go Yato level, 10 Normal Shinra/Dakini Tribe: 2 of the 3 strongest alien tribe, Sorry if some character missing. Welly Nex Toy Car Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gintama Gintoki Shinpachi kagura Tae Toushirou Fig. Which is the strongest alien tribe.I don't include sakamoto because he can no longer using sword. So from the very beginning of the series, we’ve been trying to understand the entire dynamic of these two complex characters, Takasugi Shinsuke and Sakata Gintoki. Jiraia should be at Gintoki's tier, or a tier between Gintoki and Nobume. 7: Gintoki: The strongest human in the series. A ne… Hosen - Pure beast. It is impossible to rank correctly these five imo. Utsuro - Immortal, fuckfather supreme, ultimate swordsmanship. A practitioner of hakkei is supposedly capable of inflicting serious harm to an individual by disrupting their chi or energy flow with their own, causing injury or death. 32. (Just opinions of course, as I said nothing is set in stone). Oboro, The Deadly Assassin of the Naraku Organization vs. Hisoka, the Former Number 4 of the Phantom Troupe- Both at there best- No Morals- Bloodlust 6. Intelligence: Genius in combat, Mastery of Hakkei martial art. Oboro IS equal to the Joui 3, it was shown that several times, and Sorachi said that Zenzo = Gintoki. is a major recurring antagonist throughout the Taimanin Arc of the Mahou Kaiju Series. But is he really a fighter ? Standard Equipment: His Shakujō Staff and Katana. The place was set on fire and Oboro crawled outside with his last breaths. In the anime, he was seen in a long-sleeved light-purple kimono shirt and pants with a pair of sandals. And Tae then ? 2: Kouka: The only other altana being, while she is still a Yato. Gintoki's at his most vulnerable when he's completely enraged. Eventually, the Oboro would study and practice the ways of the Iga shinobi, and combining the Iga Ninja Arts with their own martial and mystic ways, the Obo… Select the follow options to be taken to the corresponding place on the page: Creation of Job Specific Weapons and Augments. Gintama Animation - Gintoki VS Takasugi (part1) HekrapbetnekM. Like seriously nobody even as strong as him. and these too katsura vs takasugi sougo vs takasugi kagura vs bansai kondou vs hijikata jirocho vs oboro gintoki vs kagura's father He is one of the major antagonists of the series, starting from Ikkoku Keisei Arc. He wears black vestments with an inverse Latin cross located near his neck. Perhaps due to Kagerou and Oboro's outstanding abilities, they were banished from Amatsu by the Feudal Lord who has grown fearful of them. It was said they have equal strength. added by Ionelia. 328: 12 "Hope" Umibouzu - Survived a one-to-one death match with Utsuro, (also as I remember he broke Utsuro's neck, chopped off his arm, and crush his heart with his bare hand?) 3: Umibozu: Has his title for a reason, only one that was able to seriously damage Utsuro. However, as Takechi reveals to Sakamoto, one more battle took place as Sadaharu was rushing Umibozu to safety: Takasugi vs. Oboro. 6 Nobume-Zenzo-Jiraia-Oboro-Abuto-Kagura(2 year after)-Benizakura Nizou-Gedoumaru: Strong but not as strong as the above, 7 Hijikata-Katsura-Tsukuyo-Juubei-Saito-Kagura(before 2 year)-Bansai-Nizou: Pretty sure Above normal Yato. He may be stronger due to his strength being a gag though, you never know. 6. Takasugi, Zura (see his fight vs Shokaku) and Oboro are equal to Gintoki. Oboro was the leader of the Tenshouin Naraku who, in Gin's childhood, would lead a group to capture and kill (before anyone knew about the alien stuff) Shouyou. In the after credits, three scenes, with Sakamoto, Katsura, and Takasugi respectively, replace Gintoki with Pakuyasa. *La infancia de Kagura y Kamui *La reunión de los 4 joui. This results in him being targeted by the defeated boys' older siblings and accidentally putting his only friend, Katsura, in danger. Did you really put Sougo ahead of the Joui 3? Gintoki's bokuto is actually quite deadly, because of what its made of. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sougo shouldn't be ahead of Nobume, both of them were perfectly equal every time they fought, and he doesn't compare to Shokaku and Batou in terms of raw offensive power and stamina. He later joins the Sunset Ravens after being captured and interrogated by them. Multiple characters can share the same rank too. 10.Şub.2013 - Bu Pin, Hal B. Noire tarafından keşfedildi. Kagura(maybe one higher, but i'm not 100% sure about that), Tsukoyo, Asaemon(like mentioned), Hijikata, Kondo, Isaburo, Sakamoto, Saito, Grandpa Yagyuu and maybe Kyuubei(another one hard to place). Batou may have been bodied by gin, but it was kind of a bad match up. I think when he says that he means they’re around the same level but the point is that Jirocho isn’t even at their level (although he’s definitely one of the stronger characters in the show). Sougo is the strongest samurai, he can keep up with kamui and even 2 year after kagura. 1 Umibozu- If only Utsuro isn't immortal, he can win easy. Oboro vs Gintoki and Takasugi? He is one of the major antagonists of the series, starting fromIkkoku Keisei Arc. 1. He wears the same yellow jumpsuit as his teammates which was stitched up the middle along with a pair of sandals. He did a draw with him. This causes him to be reckless, like when during school training, he defeats some boys and mocks them for being useless rich kids. Oboro, a character in manga and anime series Gintama; Oboro (Basilisk), a fictional character in the anime and manga series Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls Oboro (Utawarerumono), a fictional character in the series Utawarerumono Oboro (Spriggan), a … Gintoki lives with Kaguraand Shinpac… Zura is implied heavily to be on Gintoki's level, but not once was it said that he's even stronger. Gintoki defeated Jiraia in the rematch despite being slowed down by his earlier injuries, and Jirocho only won the first time because he took advantage of Gintoki's out-of-control emotional state. She is known prominently as the arch-nemesis of the Strongest Taimanin Asagi Igawa. Decades have passed since then. Watch Gintama Season 4 Episode … Was able to fight many Shinsengumi/Mimawarigumi officers, and later fought against Gintoki, Hijikata/Kondo). She is the current director of the police department, succeeding her late boss Sasaki Isaburo. [60FPS] for peminat-peminat of Gintama. Took out Gintoki within seconds. *Kagura vs Kamui *Kamui vs Gintoki *Umibouzu vs Utsuro *Katsura vs Shokaku *Gintoki vs Batou *Takasugi vs Oboro *El romance de Kouka y Umibozu Sin duda alguna, un … Why is Ougai ranked below Gintoki? This is "Gintoki+Takasugi vs. Oboro" by icy-sparkle on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. When introduced, he is shown to be disillusioned with his wealthier samurai peers and his own family as he goes to a prodigious military academy. Jirocho and Jiraia are easily stronger than the rest of their tier, and should move up a place. Sougo shouldn't be compared to Katsura and Takasugi, and the latter two are considered to be Gintoki's equals. This is gonna be a long one, so please bear with me. Gintama 306 Gintoki and Takasugi vs Oboro Part 1. 0 Kouka- No real feats but She is Yato and Immortal, just imagine Utsuro as a Yato. Heck we even saw that Sougo is pretty much dead even with Nobume and sure as hell below Gin and Co, the rest is also absurd. He also wears a forehead protector that covers his whole head, a rebreatherand a sash around his face with eyeholes cut out. He have great relfexed as well as he manage to block both Hijikata"s front attack with Kondo"s from behind at the same time. 5. He is an evil persona ofYoshida Shouyou. But the Yato have been stated to be the strongest race whereas the Dakini one of the 3 warrior races, and the above characters are more serious .That in my mind gives them the edge plotwise. Putting her at Gintoki-level already puts her way above average Yato level anyways.