We've already asked, 'How good is your UK geography?' The view from up here is spectacular. WHAT TO WATCH ... Can You Name These World Cities Based on Incredible Aerial Photos? This quiz … These emotions are stirred time and again when flicking through the pages of author Benjamin Grant’s stunning new book Overview. For one thing, you’re generally going to be in a moving airplane with crappy windows, or you’re going to be in a choppy helicopter. by khands Plays Quiz Updated Mar 9, 2017 . 32 different Satellite Image Quizzes on JetPunk.com. Geography Quiz / Countries by Aerial View Random Geography or Country Quiz Can you name the country depicted in each aerial photograph? These are 10 of the most up-and-coming holiday destinations of 2018; Here are the world's 10 best holiday destinations ; Only 4% of people can ace this tricky general knowledge quiz – can you? Let us know how you did on Facebook or Twitter. AERIAL VIEW QUIZ We have aerial views of major cities, rivers and natural wonders. Quiz: Guess the famous film based on one image? of. Aerial photography is not particularly easy to do. Press 'Fly!' TV. We've found 28 of the most famous and awe-inspiring landmarks ready for their close-up – … Football quiz: name the stadium from the aerial view Today's questions are enjoying looking down at what's below Gregg Bakowski. There is a big chance that your city can be viewed, just insert a name of a city or a place and try aerial view! Aerial View is a website that provides you the opportunity to view aerial photos of amazing places all over the world. You'll need to get in to bird's eye mode to conquer our latest geographical quiz. Do you act this age? Begin Quiz. Places can look surprisingly different when looking down from the sky. Check out our popular trivia games like Satellite Images Quiz #1, and Satellite Images Quiz #2 The gift of flight has given humanity a bird’s-eye view of the world which never ceases to astonish. Considering the cost of plane and helicopter fuel (if you have your own), this also makes waiting around for better lighting somewhat less of an option. Feb 5, 2019 - Gazing down at both natural and manmade environments is truly astounding, but it can also be disquieting. Take a detailed look at places from above, with aerial imagery in Bing Maps However, things get trickier when the camera zooms in. Wed 29 May 2013 07.29 EDT First published on Wed 29 May 2013 07.29 EDT. Can you guess all of them? The world is peppered with hundreds of amazing monuments and natural wonders that most of us would recognise without any trouble. Vincent Laforet's fabulous new book of aerial photography, AIR, is in shops from Dec 1. and have even tested you on naming world countries from their outline, but this quiz comes from a completely different angle.